Pete Hines: “I don’t buy a Game on the Promise of DLC”, The Main Game Counts

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Disgruntled PS3 owners who haven’t received the Dawnguard DLC yet are confused whether to buy Bethesda’s upcoming games like Dishonored. That’s right based on the assumption that they may or may not get the DLC.

Bethesda’s VP of PR and Marketing Pete Hines tweeted that it’s a wrong way to approach anything, and the base game should be enough of an incentive to shell out money; provided it grabs your interest of course.

“That is an appalling answer if we did buy dishonored how will we know if we will get DLC? or will we have a repeat of Skyrim,” tweeted one user to Hines. He replied, “I don’t buy it on the promise of DLC, regardless of platform. But I rarely play DLC anyway. For me, it’s about the game.”

This is a very correct attitude and it’s surprising that people are actually basing their purchasing decision on DLCs. At a time where post-game content is usually made to milk consumers, wanting more of that is simply bewildering. It shows how people have grown accustomed to such practices.

I’m not really against good DLC that enriches the overall experience, but looking forward to one before the game has even come out is… well, disturbing to say the least.

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  • spiritreaver

    Well Mr. Mudgal i’ll give you my thoughts since you asked.

    Whether or not Dishonored or any future games published by Bethesda have DLC is only part of the issue. The main bit is that seeing how Bethesda is in the process of leaving its PS3 players high and dry-AGAIN-why give give them a chance to do it yet again?

    When asked point blank whether or not the PS3 version of TES V: Skyrim would be on par with Xbox360 and PC versions-citing previous of their titles that behaved not so well on PS3, Bethesda higher-ups said that would indeed be the case. And as you or anyone else with eyes can see from the current situation with the PS3’s version of Skyrim, Beth. either at best underestimated their abilities to work out problems with their engine on that console OR flat-out lied while making a money grab.

    Either way you look at it, i don’t see where PS3 gamers being wary about purchasing future Bethesda products, for ANY reason(possibility of no DLC, shoddy support, etc.) is really that hard to understand.

    • DarthDiggler

      This is a company you should just avoid doing business with. Obviously Bethesda is just a bunch of freaking yes-men.

  • DarthDiggler

    I am simply not doing business with Bethesda anymore. They have screwed PS3 players over too many times. They join the same ranks as Activision in the Do Not Buy category.

    Unfortunately most gamers don’t have the willpower to simply BOYCOTT a company. If enough people utilized their right to choice in a free market economy we would have better companies and better products.

  • The Dude

    My two cents, i don’t care if there is DLC, but i would base my decision on the grounds of if the developer is going to actually allow me to play the DLC. Let’s make a example. Ok so you go to a bookstore and you buy the newest volume of your favorite writers work, and you find out 3 months later that the writer has written a short story in line with the universe of the book you just bought and read. You get really pumped up and everything because it’s an addition to such a good story. But then you learn that only people of a certain group are allowed to buy this short story. Now even though you like the writer, i myself would be pissed off. It’s not right to put something out there as an addition to a product you released to everyone and then exclude people on addition content.

    • This is the best analogy I’ve heard on this topic. I still really fault Sony, but this does add some perspective.

    • Clavo

      Why is Sony at fault here?

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    I agree with the first 4 people that commented. I will also avoid any business with any bethesda label their record of developing games for us ps3 players is terrible. I don’t think they should get away with this anymore anybody who feels the same way I feel ya. Good luck beth with Dishonored because frankly that’s what every ps3 owner is looking at you as a dishonored piece of crap.

  • glennthemagnificant

    I’m not boycotting Bethesda games based on the uncertainty of DLC, I’m boycotting Bethesda games because they can’t make a game properly work on a major platform.

  • FlameChucks76

    I think people are getting their developers mixed up. Bethesda is the one publishing the game but Arkane Studios is the one making it. Arkane is not the developer who made Elder Scrolls. The implication that people will no longer purchase a game by Bethesda on the PS3 is ludicrous when you consider that Bethesda had no hand in creating this title. The issues that Bethesda ran with in Skyrim were all fault of their engine not being optimized enough to handle the particular specifications of the PS3. Why should we point blame at this title for doing the same when no one has even experienced what this game has to offer. All points are valid against Bethesda, but Arkane has unfortunately been put in the cross-hair of PS3 players.

    • Clavo

      This is true but Bethesda can put pressure to Arkane to fix/assume responsibility for this.

  • Reality

    Buy it on Xbox, problem solved

  • bdfull3r

    It not about buying a game expecting DLC it is about Playstation users getting the shaft when compared to 360 users

  • regnak1

    I agree with a couple of the other posters, it’s not about the DLC, it’s about Bethesda releases having a history of crap performance on the PS3, and them not caring enough to permanently fix the problem. The Fallout 3 GOTY locked up constantly, New Vegas was unplayable until they patched it repeatedly, and now Skyrim, which again, had serious issues on release, and required extensive patching. Dawnguard is the proverbial straw, and I, along with I’m sure more than a few PS3 gamers won’t be giving any more business to Bethesda.

    The really irritating thing is, I could have purchased Skyrim for 360, but we PS3 users were again reassured that everything would be fine when we were faced with the choice of platform.

    Speaking to the assertion that Arkane Studios is getting tagged with Bethesda’s mess… that’s a perfectly valid point – and I don’t care. If Arkane loses business, they can take it up with Bethesda… maybe if enough of B’s dev studios get pissed, Bethesda will find a reason to care.

  • Upstreambear

    As a person who usually plays PC games I got used to expansion content, which is still the type of content that Bethesda creates with it’s DLC. I didn’t buy Skyrim for future DLC, but it was an expectation. Whether DLC is good or bad, it was promised, Bethesda is failing to deliver, and Pete’s comment implies that PS3 users shouldn’t complain. They should and they are.

  • Ps3 owner here, I bought Skyrim to play Skyrim. The DLC is icing to me if it happens to be released for my console.

    I feel that people blaming Bethesda when they should be blaming Sony, mainly because their console isn’t up to par with the others in this respect. Sony understands this and has decided to help them out on getting the problems fixed. And as for the broken promise of Dawnguard, it’s not broken yet, they’re still working on it.

    If you want DLC so bad, and your console cant handle it; buy it on a console that can. I recommend the PC version over Xbox though. I’ll just enjoy what I paid for on my Ps3. It’s not like I already paid for the DLC anyway.

    • Makeshiftlake

      Why blame it on Sony? The Cell processor may be difficult to code for, but studios like Naughty Dog have taken full advantage of the PS3’s power and make amazing looking games that run great.

      The console is totally up to par, and even has some edge over the 360 (and 360 has an edge over the PS3 in some aspect as well).


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