Phil Spencer Explains Why Final Fantasy 14 Isn’t on Xbox One

“It’s business”.

Posted By | On 21st, Sep. 2015 Under News

Final Fantasy 14_Heavensward

Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn, Square Enix’s popular MMORPG, is currently available on PS4 and PC. Compared to its initial release, it’s had quite the reception and even its new expansion Heavensward was positively received. So why isn’t it on Xbox One?

Xbox division boss Phil Spencer didn’t have too much to say on the matter when talking to IGN. “It’s business.” However, he added that when it comes to exclusive deals for third party titles, “You see us doing less of it now–[I’ve found] it’s not something I’m a huge fan of.”

Though Microsoft does have timed exclusivity over Rise of the Tomb Raider, Spencer has commented in the past that such third party deals will become less and less as time goes on despite the company being on good terms with third party developers.

What are your thoughts on this, especially considering how integral fans of certain games like Call of Duty, which now has a timed exclusivity arrangement with Sony? Let us know in the comments.

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  • XbotMK1

    Phil sidestepped the question without telling the “true” reason why FFXlV isn’t on Xbone. Microsoft doesn’t want crossplay outside their own store. It’s because of Microsoft’s greed. It’s a monopolistic and anti consumer business tactic.

    Phil is only saying this because Xbone doesn’t have the dominant market share like the 360 enjoyed early in it’s life cycle. Buying third party exclusives is the easy but expensive way out, but when your Xbox division is broke (bleeding money), you have to rely on in house development. Phil Spencer is acting like Microsoft is for the gamer when the only reason why they’re focusing more on first party now is because they’re forced to. Every big exclusive on the Xbone so far has been third party besides Forza. If you compare that to the amount of first party exclusives on the PS4 like Little Big Planet 3, Killzone Shadowfall, The Last of Us, Knack, Infamous Second Son, Driveclub, The Order 1886, MLB The Show, and Bloodborne, it put’s Microsoft to shame.

    Both companies are providing extra perks when you buy upcoming multiplats on their own particular console, but Sony never relied heavily on timed exclusivity like Microsoft has in the past. It seems like every time Phil opens his mouth, he’s trying to point fingers at Sony or trying to take the heat off himself to put it on Sony. Sony isn’t the one who has relied on buying third party exclusives this gen. Microsoft is and Microsoft has only themselves to blame. Sony has Street Fighter V. If you compare that to Dead Rising 3, Sunset Overdrive, Titanfall, Ryse, Scalebound, and Tomb Raider, Phil can’t point the blame at anyone.

    • Poneros

      Neither platform wants crossplay.

    • XbotMK1

      FFXlV is on the PlayStation 4, just so you know.

    • Starman

      who the fk cares … most of us play it on pc anyway ….so stfu already …

    • XbotMK1

      Then why are you constantly defending Xbox One? There is no reason to buy one when you have a Windows 10 PC and a PS4. lol

    • papasmurf

      Nobody cares what you think .you are a biased fanboy who spouts lies

    • Zubairu

      War thunder is crossplay with PC on PS4

    • red2k

      Fable Legends is on Xbox. Anyway i dont like playing other plataforms particulary with PC they have advantage.

    • Psionicinversion

      its more crossplay with ps4 and x1. they dont really care if its crossplay with pc

    • XbotMK1

      Microsoft cares which is why they aren’t allowing FFXlV on Xbox One silly.

    • Psionicinversion

      FF14 is crap anyway. just another boring swords and magic MMO

    • Psionicinversion

      only crossplay with each other but they do allow it with PC

    • Guest

      Sony appreciates your ongoing, unwavering, blindly fanatic support. Your check is in the mail for this post.

      PS: Don’t forget to upvote yourself using the bots we gave you too.

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    • red2k

      Why you dont mention the EA acces controversy with Sony?? Do you have amnessia? You have a wrong definition about what is a monopoly but i think you put the term there only because its Microsoft and in your “programed mind” you completly forget that Sony is a company too with his greed prectice.

      If you develop your own “IP” like (Sony) and put it as exclusive content for your console, excluding the posibility to open to the free market, that is monopoly and Sony is the best making that kind of bussines being always the center of the whole economic equation.

      Look for example Scale Bound, Microsoft can develop his own IP if they want but they prefeer contract a external developer to do it. By definition thats is not a monopoly, they are opening a offer to the developers and they are selecting the best offer for mutual interest. They are open their own IP to the free market and selecting the best offer in order to achieve the best deal possible and share responsabilities in the development of a game generating revenue for two diferent companies thats not MONOPOLY.

    • Tech junkie

      Were you molested by a Microsoft employee?

      Speaking of Anti consumer. Didn’t Sony already shut down MLB the show 2014 servers at an unprecedented 13 months sooner than any other major title?

      Didn’t Sony install DRM Malware on your PC leaving a giant door for attacks on your PC from other Malware producers. And what did you have to do to get said Malware on your PC. Simply insert an audio CD distributed from Sony.

      Not to say Microsoft is perfect. If you are going to spread your propaganda at least make sure you aren’t calling the kettle black.


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