Phil Spencer Promises Impressive Xbox One Cloud Demo

And more F2P titles for the XB1.

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The Xbox One’s Cloud capabilities were one of the most major talking points about a few months back, and according to Microsoft, this was going to be one of the features that gave their new system a real push in the market. However, since it was shunned by almost everyone in the industry, Microsoft has not spoken a lot about this feature.

Phil Spencer, VP of Microsoft Game Studios, however, says that Microsoft will be demoing this feature soon and that a lot of details for it will be released when they do so.

“Feel like next demo we do of cloud has to be running code and impressive,” Phil Spencer said on Twitter when asked about Cloud. “Lot’s of questions about how real and I want to answer.”

“The demo has to answer questions people have about how real the impact of cloud can be,” he continued in another tweet.

Spencer was also asked if their will be more F2P games for the Xbox One, to which he replied in the affirmative. “Good success with F2P on 360 will mean things come to XBOX One,” he said. “We’ll announce closer them their launches.”

Stay tuned for more updates.

Source: Twitter

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  • Psionicinversion

    Going to give the Xbox a MASSIVE performance boost… look out sony, all your ponys are going to get put down!!

    • Big Ron

      A massive performance boost, you always need to download first LOL

    • Psionicinversion

      hey didnt you know that 1GB of textures can be compressed to 50KB, power of the cloud!

    • Big Ron

      Who did tell you that nonsense?

    • Psionicinversion

      mr sarcasm told me :d

    • Big Ron

      Ah, ok. He must be a part of Microsoft. 🙂

    • Guest

      Yep, you still believe in the cloud BS I see☺

  • Gamez Rule

    Meanwhile while MS plays catch up and talks sh*t about The Cloud

    PlayStation Now offers the first ever streaming game service on consoles
    powered by our exclusive advanced cloud-based technology. Gamers can
    now play games the same way they stream TV, movies and music…instantly.
    Starting with PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, and expanding to PlayStation Vita, BRAVIA TV’s and other Sony and non-Sony devices, PlayStation Now will be available on the electronic devices gamers use most.

    “People said it was impossible to stream video games at high quality with
    low latency. We did it anyway. They said there was no way for a small
    company to build the world’s fastest interactive entertainment network.
    So we did that too. We even won a Guinness World Record for it”

    “It isn’t easy. It requires custom hardware. Dozens of software systems. And a world-class team to put it all together. But you know what? It’s worth it. Because, when you find yourself playing a PlayStation game within seconds of pressing a button, without downloading or installing anything, on a device that was never designed to do that, it’s nothing short of magical”

    • Psionicinversion

      see the cloud works, MS is hardly playing catch up…. anyone can go and buy what someone else has done and was failing prolly cus it didnt have the money to keep going so sony got it cheap, but abit of hardware in and call it PS Now… copying

    • shinitaru

      You do know that Sony and Valve have had cloud services for a long time, right? Just like MS to take what everyone else has been doing for free for years, call it an MS exclusive then start charging people for it.

    • Gamez Rule

      Yes, 100% correct. Sony was using cloud before even having Gaikai. Maybe he didn’t know that☺

    • Psionicinversion

      MS is gonna kill with cloud power its going to own so i thought id put my feelings about this in rhyme… cloud power i say hoorah, what you say focus on the cloud power… hoorah, sony going down say boo ya, listen up, listen to the cloud, were all following MS were all so proud, cloud gaming is where its at… adding power so the console is not so flat, sony was going up but know there going down, fanboys are smiling soon theyll only have a frown, i say hoorah, come on cloud power i say hoorah!!!

    • shinitaru

      I’ve learned from experience that trying to explain the realities of latency and bandwidth issues is a waste of time, so I wont bother

    • Psionicinversion

      yeah i know all about it its just alot of the fanboys on here talk so much rubbish and harp on about framerate resolution etc over the X1… if they were real gamers they wouldnt care about that stuff theyd care about the games they play. If nothing on X1 takes there fancy theyd get the PS4 as it is currently better, or if they love halo or whatever else is on the X1 thats exclusive then theyd get the X1 and shouldnt be made to feel like cr@p about it so i come on here to have a laugh cus im talking just as much rubbish as everyone else.

      Seeing as sony fanboys are becoming so elitist about frame rates etc the PC gamers do have the right to come in and tear it up in here showing how pathetic both consoles are. Sure we pay more, well alot more sometimes for a good rig mine cost me £1800 3 years ago which included a monitor and 5.1 speaker system but i can do so much more with it which i do.

      The unified memory of both consoles will have a slight blow if what ive read about the maxwell architecture from nvidia, its got virtual unified memory where the GPU can use system ram and the CPU can use GPU ram pending on what is best for the use at the time. Not sure how itll make any performance increase unless the CPU can pull data directly from the GPU instead of it having to be copied to ram first shaving off valuable time maybe increasing performance

    • John D

      There is no games on pC that look better then The order 1886. No amount of spinning or tech mumbo jumbo can say otherwise. Why would anybody want a PC when games on consoles looks better. LMFAO

      Also for your information the pS4 CPU and GPU can use the GDDR5 Ram simultaneously. So that Maxwell comment is pointless.

      From the get-go, we have a problem: The APU in the PS4 is unique. It pairs an 8-core Jaguar CPU with, essentially, the Radeon HD 7850. The best AMD APU currently on the market (the Richland A10-6800K) has about one third of the processing power of the PS4′s GPU. There are no 8-core Jaguar parts on the market — only the quad-core Kabini A6-5200, which is paired with an even weaker GPU than the A10. Kaveri, when it comes to market in January 2014, will be a closer match — but the PS4 will still have around twice the graphics grunt.

      The other big problem is the 8GB of GDDR5 RAM, which has an utterly insane peak bandwidth of 176 gigabytes per second. There is no way to build a PC with such a configuration. In the PS4, the RAM is used by both the CPU and GPU in a HSA 2.0 configuration, providing a sizable speed boost – an option that isn’t available to the PC world until Kaveri launches. It’s important to note that even if we could slot some GDDR5 RAM into a PC motherboard, it would probably be much more expensive than conventional DDR3.

    • Gamez Rule

      Well for a console classed as pathetic, it’s funny that PCs are soon to follow how PS4 works☺

    • Psionicinversion

      There arent any games that look better atm because we are constantly held back by consoles. There werent any true dx11 games till very recently and most were stuck on dx9/10 becuase the consoles were, theres no point in creating a multiplatform game and putting alot of expense in making differing version of API work well when you can focus on optimising one for all platforms.

      GDDR5 isnt that insane most high end graphics cards sit at about 280-320GB/s, when DDR4 comes out itll be 100+GB/sec but spose having full system speed running at 176GB/sec is prolly better.

      Like ive said before AMD will never make an APU available for PC’s like the PS4 because they will be competing with there own products which is business suicide unless they go all in at some point and only focus on APU, even then it would be far more powerful than the PS4 if they stuck a full fledged 8 core steamroller in (future version) coupled with an hawaii XT GPU and 12-16GB stacked GDDR5 having 1TB/s bandwidth (see Volta) well would be GDDR6 by then but that die size would be insane. Yeah GDDR5 is still expensive for the ram.

      APU with HSA will be for tablets, non gaming laptops, all in one PC’s etc stuff where ultimate power isnt needed

    • you do understand that gddr5 is used on graphics cards right? the only thing sony is doing is using it as system ram.

      so technically a pc can have 8gb of system ram + at least 2gb of gddr5 on the graphics card. so essentially the gpu will only be used for more graphical intensive computations.

      remember also a pc is running way more task then the ps4.

    • Gamez Rule

      How are consoles ( pathetic )?

      My PC GPU is much better than yours, does that make your PC GPU pathetic?

      As for unified memory the PS4 is using a better complete system RAM that’s only found in GPUs and also much faster than any DDR RAM on the market. Is that pathetic. In fact is it pathetic in the way it works so little to no bottle-necks affects the console unlike PCs. lol

      Fact is the PS4 is playing games at high settings when compared to PCs, and for the price of performance that’s far from pathetic☺ ( Remember most so called gaming PCs using STEAM are not even as good as PS4 specs ) look at their survey (( ))

      A ( gaming PC with 16GB RAM, high CPU, High GPU ) will always be able to play games at higher resolutions BUT that’s because you can change settings, ect ( consoles cannot do so at that level of freedom ) BUT that’s a good thing for developers as they can push more out the consoles hardware that way. Far from pathetic I say☺

    • Psionicinversion

      Yeah i know all about steam and most people on there are prolly kids with rubbish PC’s or people who dont mind getting by on medium to high settings, in fact there the prime target for consoles.

      Yeah my GPU will be more pathetic than yours but i see mine as more than good enough and plays absolutely everything at 1080p ultra details at 60+fps, the only way id need yours (780 is it?) if i was gaming at 1440p and above. 1080p is to low of a resolution to tax the high end GPU’s of today especially when there being designed for 4K gaming.

      It would be interesting to see a good PC port of say the order to see how a PC stacks up to it, but itll never happen. The reason i think why there arent settings changes on consoles is becuase all the kids who think there console is amazing would put the settings to high for what it can power then have massive frame drops and poor performance so its better to take it out of there hands, also yeah they can be alot more specific on the levels of everything. Maybe pathetic was a bit wrong to say but they do hold us back. in a a few years we’ll be held back again by them as they cant push the PC so far as to make the console version look like trash, well also itll make other PC’s look like trash to i spose.

      Its the reason why im quite defensive about Star Citizen because itll be a game showcasing what a PC can do some people say its easy space is empty but say an asteroid field even though they can texture copy say 5 asteroids to make an asteroid field its still got power the physics of it cus i doubt theyll be stationary, volumetric particles of dust coulds, when you shoot an asteroid dust comes off etc etc, so yeah were all hoping he doesnt stunt development just for the PS4 and yeah X1 at this point has no chance of running it

    • Gamez Rule

      “1080p is to low of a resolution to tax the high end GPU’s of today especially when there being designed for 4K gaming”

      Not at all. Example, Metro Last Light on very high quality settings at 1920×1080 using a SAPPHIRE R9 280X TOXIC Edition GPU drops to 10FPS? That GPU is still classed as a High End GPU.

      Also at same settings but using a GTX 780 Ti dropped from to 24FPS. 1080P is STILL taxing GPUs hence why people turn the settings down. Even while using my 7990 using the game maxed out I was still showing 25fps.

      “It would be interesting to see a good PC port of say the order to see how a PC stacks up to it, but it’ll never happen”…

      Hence why I stated before.. You can have all the power in your PC, but that don’t matter when games are only on a console.

      “Maybe pathetic was a bit wrong to say but they do hold us back” …

      Consoles do not hold gaming back. IF your PC was so powerful why rely on consoles☺ Oh that’s right not every PC is more powerful than PS3 let alone PS4

      Fact is games are made on PCs then placed onto consoles, but to say that Consoles hold back PC gaming is an excuse. You should get better ports from consoles nowadays admittedly , but look at CRYSIS when that had nothing to do with consoles when it was 1st released? That was poor coding at best, it was the PC developers that held back that game, and many more could be added to that.

      As for Star Citizen, he is a PC developer, that game will push PC hardware, BUT it will not be as good as people want it to be ( Hype kills most games ) and IF that came out and was crap, would consoles be to blame..Nope.. But IF it came to PS4 later PC gamers like yourself would blame consoles lol ( when in fact it was the devs ) and not consoles

    • Psionicinversion

      I have faith in SC, i love space games always have its just most of them that ive tried were complete rubbish. i played EnB till that got shut down by guess who…. correct EA cus they wanted the servers to put the sims on, then played Eve for about 5 years but that got boring cus id done most stuff, also when your in a roaming gang for a 3-4 hour roam and you need to log off in that expensive ship in the middle of enemy territory when ya got jerry on ya tail can get stuck or die.

      star wars doesnt interest me (not much of a space game?) Star Trek to get a decent ship you need to pay real money and as far as i could tell you cant earn them, at last from the middle ones.

      Didnt like Black Prophecy not sure of any other. No mans sky looks good although if its about same time as SC well no brainer really.

      I know the best and most fanciful graphics arent the be and end all but i think itll be really good and if it is a game the CR would want to play then you know its not going be boring. Its not aiming to be something everyone will want play, its aiming to be a space sim through and through and if ya dont like it, well thats your problem – thats the moto i reckon so will be good 😀

      “Hype kills most games”

      Thats part of the reason i think the order wont be very good. There hyping it up way to much already, itll get to the point where itll be god status and they youll play it and itll be rubbish. Same as a film like Prometheus for example i went watch that 12 midnight on release day and id hyped it up in my head so much i watched it and thought hmm it ok its kinda good but thought it could of bin better. Also also stapling up her stomach, come on its like next time you get your stomach cut open grab a stapler and your ready to go!. But then a film im not to bothered about i go watch and its so good cus i have the room to give me the wow factor

      edit: Dont mean the order will be rubbish just that you could hype it up in your head so much that when you play it its a bit of a let down because theres no room to be wow’ed if it makes any sense, i could say the same about SC but im not wow omg its amazing cus ill see it take shape through the alpha and beta so itll keep me more level

    • Psionicinversion

      hasnt MS had cloud services for decades with e-mail and stuff?

    • Gamez Rule

      Nope. Completely different.

    • shinitaru

      Nope, cloud services are defined as a remote system that emulates a local function

    • Gamez Rule

      Yes they are having to catch up. That’s just the way it is ☺

      Thanks to Sony we know have Cloud gaming, game streaming technology, gaming on demand, remote play, video game and software advertising and distribution service plus much more all under one place.

      So good news for gamers as will we see PS-0ne games / PS2 / PS3 / PS4, via the cloud service Sony supply ( while MS has nothing )

    • you do realize that microsoft, amazon, and google rule the cloud space. where is sony’s footprint in the cloud? does sony provide cloud solutions to businesses?

      so technically since the first xbox my friends list was stored in the cloud so to say since it carried over with me to my 360, then the so called saved games to the cloud on the 360. leaderboards are all stored in the cloud so to say.

      also i think game streaming is cloud gaming. that all started with on-live being the first to test it.

    • Gamez Rule

      “does sony provide cloud solutions to businesses”

      Yes they do. Sony may use some servers with their own cloud based systems, but they still own cloud ( like gaikai, it’s own cloud based TV services as well a music, games, ect)

      “Sony Business Solutions Corporation” = ( private cloud services which are one of its brand lineups to maintain high reliability and reasonable cost to support future needs. Sony Business Solutions was looking for a server product with high flexibility and efficiency for providing easy-to-use services to its customers )

      Sony was looking for ways to maintain its quality of services without increasing cost while supporting future developments and technical issues and has chosen a Cisco server, Cisco Unified Computing System (“Cisco UCS”) as a core solution and has also enhanced networking around it. FlexPod configuration with NetApp has been chosen as storage for significantly improving flexibility and efficiency.

      Now even MS stated this to the BBC … “Kurt DelBene, in charge of Microsoft’s Business division, says Amazon’s
      and Sony’s problems “haven’t dampened the enthusiasm of our customers for the cloud” ( Sony has cloud and before MS )

    • Get it right they provide a media cloud solution.

    • Gamez Rule

      Gaikai = cloud based = owned by Sony.

      So not only do they use other servers to provide a cloud service of their own, they also own their own cloud based solutions

    • We know that, but as i said where is their cloud solution for business? Yeah they aquired they didn’t build. But yea they own a cloud based video game streaming service. They want to launch entertainment in the cloud. But as a business solution i see nothing. Microsoft on the other hand built azure from the ground up.

      So you proved nothing. By mentioning the purchase a gaikai. Show me where it says they provide a cloud solution for business.

    • Gamez Rule

      I already did show you that Sony provides a cloud solution for business☺ And just because MS built ( building to be correct ) Azure doesn’t mean anything as Amazon is better and cheaper out the two, hence why devs that make Xbone games used Amazon cloud rather than MS own cloud system☺

      “So not only do they use other servers to provide a cloud service of their own, they also own their own cloud based solutions like I clearly pointed out” = correct and factual

      While Azure is still being built to the needs MS see fit. ( Gaikai is up and running ) and that’s all what counts for gamers needs

    • actually this is how you show something.

      microsoft vs amazon cloud price:

      “Microsoft (MSFT) has reduced the pricing of its cloud-based storage to counter the recent price reductions announced by Amazon (AMZN) Web Services (AWS). According to Microsoft, the new Windows Azure pricing makes its storage cheaper than AWS.”

      that’s how you show something.

      so if sony is a major cloud provider why aren’t they mentioned with microsoft, amazon and google? if they had such a cloud presence why they couldn’t give respawn the servers they needed for titanfall?

      i’m asking post a link where it says sony provides cloud solutions to businesses worldwide. post a link that says sony is a major player in the cloud.

      besides their aquisition of gaikai, and their entertainment cloud, show me please. don’t just write it. show me a link where it say devs are using amazon cloud over microsofts.

      mostly you are talking out the side of your neck.

      “Microsoft isn’t worried by its rival’s aggressive move, however, as a representative of the company told GamesIndustry that it was already offering cloud features through its Xbox Live service and would continue to improve this aspect.”
      now provide some links to back up your arguement.

    • Gamez Rule

      Wait, you can’t do your own homework, come on, just look it up. Azure cut prices as they were ( more expensive ) to start with, and have to keep cutting prices to try and match Google and Amazon.

      Sony Business Solutions =

      The Weather Company Selects Sony Media Cloud Services’ Ci Platform for Global Video Collaboration, Production and Distribution =

      Sony’s Media Cloud Services Company =

      Sony IT Solutions. From video capture, User Generated Content, MAM to Cloud services, Sony offers customised future-proofed solutions with a low total cost of ownership that fit your needs; whether you are a one man band, a small business or a national broadcaster =

      There are many more ( Gaikai = ) another example for gamers.

      And Azure is not being used by Ubisoft either, ( Watch-Dogs ) as example will be using Cloudscaling if needed as that is a better option than Azure for their developers as it’s up and running unlike Azure that is not finished as yet. =

      As for MS, they first stated ( 300, 000 severs at launch ) so then when launch takes place ( where are the 300, 000 severs at launch? )… Not finished..MS even admitted this..

      MS comes out and states…

      “Xbox One will be available in 21 markets in November this year 2013 and additional markets later in 2014”

      BUT THEN comes out with …

      “However, all states will be able to use the Xbox One by the year 2015”?

      Two different things stated by MS, but what we know is this.. people are STILL waiting ( while Sony has done what they said with cloud gaming using PlayStation Now )

      MS also stated: “The states that will not be able to use the Xbox One have been determined by Microsoft to not be prime locations to launch the system; therefore, they will not be supported at launch. However, all states will be able to use the Xbox One by the year 2015. ((( This date is not final” )))

      How long do people have to wait. Hence why Ubisoft and other game companies are using different cloud based solutions like Gaikai, or Amazon AWS which has been doing this for years, and developers know this☺

    • So as i said that is all about media. And the thing with ubisoft that’s for their company cloud. But i bet that ubi will be using azure servers to host xbox one games.

    • Gamez Rule

      Not all about media, and there was an article that Amazon AWS will host that game. Time will tell.

    • Yeah time will tell, but get a clue Microsoft provides the azure cloud for free to the devs. Will amazon be free for the devs, probably not.

    • Gamez Rule

      Devs have got to use Amazon for free in sum instances, and devs only use free Azure when making games to MS, not multi-plat games, hence why developers choose other places that support better pricing, features, availability, ect

    • So back to what i said. Azure is dedicated to xbox live. Meaning dedicated servers for games. Sure some instances, where as azure will always be free for the devs to use.

      I already provides the link where it says azure is cheaper then amazon.

    • Gamez Rule

      It’s not cheaper over the long run, hence why developers use already what’s in place.

    • How is it not cheaper over the long run? You Internet people really surprise me sometimes. The prices will go back and forth over the long run.

    • Gamez Rule

      Because Azure is not available to all the places needed where as Amazon AWS is up and ready world wide

  • Gamez Rule

    Meanwhile …. Entering PS Plus on 5th March: while people wait for clouds

    Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition
    Tomb Raider
    Brothers A Tale of Two Sons
    Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD
    Smart As

    • shinitaru

      Are you sure about that? We had Smart As last month

    • Gamez Rule


    • shinitaru

      US, have Smart As on my Vita right now, sure as h*ll didn’t buy it 😛

    • Gamez Rule

      That’s why EU is list above, not sure of US?

    • shinitaru

      Yeah, looks like we get:

      Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition
      Tomb Raider
      Thomas Was Alone
      Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut
      Unit 13
      Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite

    • Gamez Rule

      Awesome ☺

  • John D

    meanwhile u be playin games in yo basement eattin cheeseburgers while yo wife works yo.

  • Kayhan
  • Johnny

    You fantards on here talking sh@t about something you clearly know nothing about. Why don’t you go ask the largest graphics card maker if it’s b.s?

  • there was a demo done back in 2012 this is the nvidia demo.

    this was done back in 2010
    hopefully we’ll see microsofts demo in 2014 sometime. so while you guys joke about it, it is really happening and happening sooner than you think. most of you guys talk, but microsoft spends more on r&d then sony does. plus microsoft has been in the computer industry for what 30 years. sony only builds computers.(which might get sold to lenovo). what has sony contributed to anything doing with computers?
    see this is the thing, microsoft knows computing is moving to the cloud. so you don’t need as much power locally. if done correctly then this will change the gaming industry.

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  • Gamez Rule

    Meanwhile while MS just talks about what their cloud could do, PS-Now is allowing games to be played by the cloud ( Gaikai ), Onlive allows gaming through the cloud, and now Ouya owners can play games through the cloud using Playcast Media. ( Streaming seems to be growing and growing each day )

    UPDATED! ( Steam In-Home Streaming service ) also just started up today LOL. See what I mean about streaming growing each day.

    Now we all know that MS cloud ideas with Azure is not the same as streaming games BUT it does seem that more companies want to stream to non-gaming hardware devices than use MS and it’s cloud ideas that still needs gaming hardware to function.

    “Playcast’s game streaming service is deployed through Amazon’s AWS infrastructure, and includes games from publishers like Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Konami, Warner Bros, 2K, Namco Bandai, Square Enix, Capcom, Codemasters, Disney, Sega, Atari and THQ”

    See no need to wait for Azure while AWS is in full spring☺ and no need to worry about the limitations of hardware OR gaming specifications with streaming.


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