Pillars of Eternity, Cities: Skylines Earn $18.5 Million in Three Weeks

Paradox CEO talks Obsidian deal and it being “a prestigious assignment”.

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Pillars of Eternity

Paradox Interactive has announced that Obsidian’s Pillars of Eternity and Colossal Order’s Cities: Skylines have collectively generated $18.5 million in revenue within the past three weeks. Earlier, it was Cities: Skylines that held the honour of being Paradox’s fastest selling game but Pillars of Eternity very nearly topped it.

Paradox CEO Fredrik Wester stated that, “It’s great fun. Hadn’t Cities: Skylines already broken all our records, then Pillars of Eternity certainly would have. One can certainly say this has been a crazy March. For us the deal with Obsidian is about a long-term commitment. It’s a prestigious assignment with a studio we’ve long wanted to work with.

“And I think we’ve shown that we’ve coped with the task well. I do profit off of this, but it obviously isn’t anywhere near the earnings we’ve gotten from Cities: Skylines. On the other hand, profit was never the main point: this shows that we have the competence to publish really big game titles in the genres we work with.”

Cities: Skylines currently has several mods available for it, created by users, while Pillars of Eternity will receive an expansion in the coming months along with a sequel in the future.

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  • Redkiowa

    Paradox please funnel your profits into HOI4.

  • CrzWaco

    But but RPGs are dead guys did you not hear hahaahaha.

    • manthropology

      As was supposedly PC gaming.

      I guess reality didn’t get the memo.

    • ymarsakar

      The big console slash other publishers just didn’t know how to break into the market. The mass production markets are easier to copy, since somebody else usually occupies the market share. The niche or lower tier marketing categories are hard to muscle in on, since many people don’t even know they exist. It takes specialized knowledge, same thing happened with Anime and probably visual novels from Japan.

      It is very difficult for the suits to comprehend that the market does exist, even though there’s no large exploitation of the native resources to account for money in flow and profit production. The people closer to the resource base knows it exists, due to personal experience. Others can only see it abstractly.

      As with Diablo and MMO clones, success breeds copycats.

    • Barac Wiley

      As far as big publishers like Activision and EA are concerned they might as well be. Let’s assume that that 18.5 million is evenly split between the two. That’s 9.25 million dollars in sales for Pillars of Eternity. A lot of money to you or I, and well into profit territory considering the relatively small budget that game had, for Obsidian. Obviously pretty exciting for Paradox, too. But Activision and EA and their ilk deal in billions of dollars, or at the very least hundreds of millions. 9 million is a drop in the bucket for them.

      So yeah. There’s a market for these things. There always has been, and now there’s a way to access it. But that doesn’t mean it’s a market that matters to AAA gaming.

    • shayneo

      I think thats OK for them. Obsidians a smallish studio, and if 4-5 mil can keep their doors open for a few years, than 9 mil is a damn good deal for them. Plus as an RPG its sales will have a long tail (RPG geeks take a long time to finish a game, so a lot of folks will still have Pillars on their todo list whilst they finish dark souls or whatever). Expect that to double or triple over time.

    • Barac Wiley

      Right. Like I say, it’s good money for Obsidian, and Paradox is also at a size and, generally speaking, in a part of the market where those are good numbers for them. This will presumably translate into more Obsidian RPGs, and that’s something I am all for. It just doesn’t really say anything about the RPG genre’s profit potential that AAA publishers didn’t already know, and isn’t enough to make them want to spend time and resources on them. Certainly not the sort of core RPG that inXile and Obsidian are putting out with these Kickstarters.

  • Jean-Luc

    Awesome. Just leave Obsidian to do their thing, don’t meddle in their process and they’ll deliver.

    • ymarsakar

      Based on the agreement, Paradox can’t influence or control Obsidian’s creative narrative. Since Paradox didn’t actually put up any of the money for the game’s production, just the money need to get the physical goods out and the retailers selling the product. It’s a much more balanced relationship compared to other publisher-developer systems where it is more like a fief or feudal relationship.

    • Jean-Luc

      I know all that, it was just a general statement.

  • Snownova

    “Cities: Skylines currently has several mods available for it”

    Oh my, this is the understatement of the year. Steam workshop is positively flooded with mods and custom assets.

  • Eric

    >>Skylines currently has several mods available for it,<<

    Funny. It's more like Several.Hundred.

    If you include new objects, buildings, etc several thousand.

  • Vanessa Parkes

    I need help deciding which game to get. I can only get one of them this month but I just can’t choose. I love CRPG’s and I have been waiting for so long to be able to play a druid again in a single player game. But cities skylines appeals just as much to me and I can’t decide. Please people that have played these games which should I grab first?

  • Kane888

    I really hope for some good DLC


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