“Piracy won’t be as big on the next generation hardware” – Avalanche Studios

Part of our exclusive interview with Cristofer Sundberg.

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Earlier we reported that AionGuard was still in development at Avalanche Studios, and it was part of our upcoming interview with studio founder Cristofer Sundberg that is yet to be published.

We asked him about the impact of piracy and used games, and here’s his thoughts on it.

“I think piracy won’t be as big on the next generation hardware,” he revealed. “I’m actually really happy to see Just Cause 2 on the used-games shelves as it’s a rarity – hard to come by! Games are often returned to the stores, not because they are bad, but because they are too short, offer very little or no player autonomy and does not encourage exploration.

“That’s what we’re trying to change. I mean, still to this day, three years after release, we still have hundreds of thousands of Just Cause 2 players every month. So that pretty much squashes the common publisher argument that every game needs multiplayer to “combat” second hand sales, without even looking at what the game really is.

“Nobody wins in the end; the developer can’t make the great experience that they want to, the publisher doesn’t get its money back and the consumer is disappointed. I am convinced that this mentality contributes to the downfall of the industry.”

There was a lot of brouhaha over anti-used games tech and its supposed presence on next-gen systems. Sony has been saying cryptic things while Microsoft is awfully quiet on this matter as well, but more will be revealed as we come closer to the next-gen console launch.

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  • GaySkull

    maybe a little bit of Cell on PS4?

  • dakan45

    WAKE UP the whole article is about avalanche studios say “piracy wont be this big in the future because our game, just cause 3 is gonna have alot of content and you will want to be buy it”

    It has nothing to do with any estimates. or clues on PS4 protection that the retards at N4G comments argue about.

    In that case, just cause 2 sucked major balls especially the driving and black market and no matter how many weapon and vehicle and armor parts or identical destruction building you put, still it wont fix the fact that it is one big pile of shit. I mean it is fucking huge but repettive as hel and you cant even complete it 100% since it has some missing objects that are required for completion. Google it.

    Long story short no matter how fucking massive you make the map, if the game is not good, it wont matter. Just cause 3 needs interesting and varied things to do and alot of polish. Especially the shitty driving.

  • Axe99

    Sony have flat-out said used games will be playable on PS4 – doesn’t sound terribly cryptic to me ;). Further, Avalanche provides no argument as to why piracy won’t be as much of an issue – they assert it, then go on about have lots of JC2 players in response to used game (but not piracy) concerns.

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