PlayStation 3 Games That Lost Their Exclusivity: A Trip Down Memory Lane [Gallery]

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When the PlayStation 3 was launched all those years back it boasted an unbelievable line up of exclusives. Most of the franchises that made their debut on the PlayStation 2 had a sequel promised exclusively for the PlayStation 3 but as you know things were not always rosy for Sony back then, especially when the Xbox 360 was selling like hot cakes. This meant that a number of high profiles exclusives went multiplatform. Today we go down memory lane and take a look at those games.
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Assassins Creed

Assassins Creed

Assassins Creed first started out as a PlayStation 3 exclusive after it was announced at E3 2006. But due to the growing popularity of the Xbox 360, Sony lost one of the most popular modern games. Even if the first game in the franchise had remained an exclusive, there was little chance that other two sequels would have remained exclusive considering Ubisoft’s recent multiplatform development policy.

Got any more games to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • You forgot Metal Gear

    • aquaman22

      I can actually care less for games like Virtual fighter, LA Noire, or assassin’s creed. I was upset about losing the exclusivity rights to Tekken. I’m a HUGE sony fan, I don’t like the xbox or its supporters because they tend to be very ignorant. take for example Sony this year; they have about 14 or 15 EXCLUSIVE titles which is just unprecedented! Yet xbox owners say Gears and better online. I just don’t get it, it’s okay that Sony is the better console because of the software that they offer, but everyone wants to be butt hurt about that. I just don’t get it. Help me out someone…

    • aquaman22

      Oh! and Devil May Cry was a cool series back in the PS2 days, but I did not like 4 after a while I stopped caring about that “NEW” character they had there. As for FFIIIX, I was REALLY upset when Sony lost exclusivity to this title, but thrilled when the title came out and literally stunk up the joint (lol xbox). Here’s to hoping that Versus XIII stays fateful and righteous!

  • Virtua Fighter was not a ps brand, VF2 was on Sega Saturn

    GTA was not a ps exclusive! GTA 3 was on pc and GTA collection was on xbox.

    i’m tired of this bullsh* site man! GamesMint provides better legit contents.

    • T0m

      Agree VF was SS’s. But GTA started on PC (1 and 2 were both ported), and GTA3 was ported aswell. Sorry mate

  • complete bullshit aside from final fantasy XIII and tekken 6 none of these games were exclusives and virtua fighter 4 was released on 360 first idiots.

  • ..what’s wrong with this website? What a crappy article.

  • I was surprised to see the likes of Ridge Racer, Tekken, and Virtua Fighter ported over to the 360, more so Ridge Racer because it was stuck to the PlayStation brand, even though the Nintendo 64 and DS got their own version. Exclusives are not important to me as I own all the current consoles, but I do prefer the 360 to the rest.

  • Rival_31

    If Tekken 6 stuck with PS3 exclusivity then it would’ve been better.

    • Teeken 6 as an exclusive would be better? What an ignorant… at least google it before posting crap: Tekken 6 on the PS3 is TERRIBLE, with loadings lasting more than the fights themselves! Problem: blu-ray’s astonishing 2x reading speed!

      Guess what? Only the PS3 has a blu-ray drive! So why would it be better as an exclusive?

  • maybe because they could have put more time and effort into one platform (PS3) like they have always done…… so settle down Jack

  • XMBeaner

    Um some of the games you listed started their lives on the PC. You might want to acknowledge that before calling something ‘exclusive’.

  • Thatruth86

    AWesome games but oh well

  • dh4645

    who cares about exclusivity. a good game is a good game.

    • noxtics

      very true …good games are hard to come by too so the platform should be irrelevant …play on what you prefer and that’s it.

    • dh4645

      yeah i hear ya, but a lot of people can’t afford all systems or a nice gaming rig, luckily i have just about everything, but a gaming PC. i buy most everything for PS3 (old xbox rrod, so i am scared to use my new one too much) and just play xbox exclusives if they are decent (except halo)

  • rak33n

    so true

  • yodathe3rd

    the games on the list were awesome but its a good thing that some did go multi-platform becuase now we get to see more sales which in tale brings us the sequels to the games so i am glad by that and besides that list sony still has the best exclusives out there. we got some of the best to name a few uncharted, resistance, ratchet and clank, killzone, motorstorm, and we can’t forget twisted metal.

    • noxtics

      i don’t know man i was such a fan of motorstorm but that game really just took a turn of the worst. i loved the first game …the controls and level design just went downhill from there …the new one looks promising …hopefully they got back in line.

  • d

    keep getting pulled here from n4g by the headline only to be disappointed by bullshit. At least it doesn’t automatically play a video as soon as you come anymore. Oooo, but instead we get a fake slide-show just so you can try and up click throughs. I’ll probably wind up here again because of n4g, and that’s probably all you want, but know that it doesn’t make you any less of a fucking hack.

  • Shadow-Man_4

    Assasin’s Creed used to be a PS3 exclusive? That would’ve been great if it continued as an exclusive! 🙁

  • Bone_Apart216

    Used to piss my friend off that when I had GTA3. He bought the xbox like an idiot. You guys missed Resident Evil and Metal Gear though, those were kind of huge losses as well.
    What I wanna know is, when is microsoft gonna buckle and give us Gears of War?

  • noxtics

    Well in light of games that are not exclusive how about the good ones that still are exclusive?

    twisted metal
    gran turismo

    And gran turismo I say with some reservations because that game for being in development for six years should have been better. But hopefully they patch everything up and it will get better.

    Those are just the games I like I am sure y’all can think of plenty more!

    • aquaman22

      I like your philosophy Nox, looking at the glass half full, not half empty lol. You are right if i do say so myself, but you’ve forgotten other great upcoming titles like SOCOM 4, Infamous 2, Resistance 3. these are easily going to be AAA titles that will probably help move ps3 units as well. and that;s what i’m hoping for. I want sony sales to surpass that of MS already!!! Aqua Out!!!

  • lukepc92

    OH THE BETRAYAL! Still say ps3 is superior! The exclusives thing is a dying art tho, its not finacially feasible for the companies.

  • Oh I agree with you about that luke.


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