PlayStation 4 FCC Filing Reveals 2.75 GHz Max Clock Speed Frequency

Also ports. Lots and lots of ports.

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Sony – and the gaming community in general – has been touting about the power of the PlayStation 4, especially in relation to the Xbox One. Of course, it’s about a lot more than just technology…but the technology will be influencing what developers will be able to create in the many years to come.

Though Sony revealed that the PS4 featured 8 GB DDR5 RAM and an 8 core AMD CPU, the clock speed of the latter was still a mystery. However, a recent FCC filing for the PS4 dev kit has revealed that it will be capable of a maximum clock frequency of 2.75 GHz.

The documents also reveal the number of ports adorning the next generation console as well as the plentiful vents that will it to operate between 5-35 degrees Celsius. The PS4 is also revealed to be weighing in at 6 kg – compare that to the PlayStation 3 Super Slim’s 2 to 2.1 kg weight. Of course, once manufacturing prices drop, we could see a significant reduction in the weight of the PS4 in years to come as well.


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  • Guest

    Thank goodness THAT is not what the PS4 console looks like!

  • Hold on a second! That is the DEV unit, not the in any way final console. So it would be worth noting that this article only pertains to the DEV CONSOLE and NOT the final retail PS4 console. Ports, clock speed, weight, number of vents – all that can and most probably will change for retail.

    For instance, if you look at the press photographs for the PS4, you will most likely notice only 2 USB ports on the machine.

    The back of the final PS4 also has far fewer ports.

    So yeah – this is not the PS4, this is the PS4 Dev Unit.

  • Nikola Kostic

    I hate articles like this. They dont know anything yet post stuff. Dont get me wrong I like ps4 way more than xbox one but:

    a) the 2.75ghz is referring to the GDDR5 memory.. when you multiply it by 2 (for simultaneous read and write) you get the frequency which we already know for ps4s RAM. There is no way the cpu will run at that frequency. Even 2ghz would be unstable

    b) the 5-35 degrees CLEARLY isn’t its running temperature othewise it would be as cold as the inside of a fridge! It is the optimal room temperature at which the console should be kept.

    Jesus.. get your facts straight before writing an article


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