PlayStation 4 Update 3.55 Now Available Worldwide

Weighs almost 300 MB and doesn’t do much.

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PS4 owners should see a new update available today. Update 3.55 is mandatory and will be required in order to continue using online features. It should be available worldwide to everyone having rolled out earlier today.

Sony hasn’t explicitly stated what the update contains, except that, “This system software update improves the quality of the system performance.” It weighs nearly 300 MB in size so it’s not going to hamper your bandwidth or anything but don’t expect any major new features.

Interestingly enough, the PS4 hasn’t had a significant update since firmware update 4.0. Instead, Sony has been in the news lately for the PS4 Neo, an upgraded version of the console which will support 4K video output to TVs and offer slight improvements in performance. It wasn’t seen at E3 but you can expect more information on the same in the coming months (with a rumoured release this year).

What are your thoughts on the latest update 3.55 for PS4? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Ian Harris

    What am i supposed to do if it is downloaded, But needs to restart and whenever trys to restart it does’nt turn back on?

    • Doggystyle

      You draw an X on it, and treat it like it was an Xbox. What you don’t do is ask anybody at Gamingbolt for the phone number to Sony support for warranty repairs. Sony has their own website for that. You might wanna start by typing the word ‘Google’ into your browser of choice, and go from there. You might find the online instructions for tying your own shoes helpful too. LOL Good luck.

  • Doggystyle

    Before the update, both of my PS4s worked great, they both played every game I put them exceptionally well, and with awesome graphics, and with no hard resets, but after the update, both of my PS4s work great, they both play every game I put them exceptionally well, and with awesome graphics, and with no hard resets. No issues here. Must be a PS4 thing.

    • PCMR Truth™ #BlockMeIWin

      Your post is full of lies since PS4 has no games or graphics.

      Maybe you can buy a PC and get both 🙂

    • Doggystyle

      I’m sorry if I didn’t get your reply. It says ‘This user is blocked’. You might wanna keep trying and see if you can break through the block filter, or you might try going off somewhere and effing yourself. I’m sure youre that little PC loving idiot who loves hanging around console articles.

    • Michael

      No issues because there was no update…lol

    • Doggystyle

      Have you done your Xbox One hard reset today? Get it done. You don’t want it freezing up on you later when your watching Modern Family.


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