PlayStation VR External Processing Unit Detailed

It’s not as bad as we thought after all.

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As reported earlier, the PlayStation VR will have an external processing unit after all- however, it’s not as bad as many had originally feared. According to developer sources, Digital Foundry is confirming that the unit measures up at 140x140x35mm. By comparison, the Wii measures 215x157x44mm, almost 2.2x the overall volume.

The external processing unit is necessary to supplement the PS4’s hardware, and allow for more processing juice that is necessary to render good looking games in VR at 120 Hz. According to Digital Foundry, the processor is a pass through- it sits between the PSVR headset and the PS4, and all input/output signals must pass through it.

The processor also includes ports for HDMI In, HDMI Out, micro USB, and the power input. What exactly the external processor will be used for is unknown right now- but it is clear that any fears that people may have had about the PS4’s (in)ability to handle VR rendering were unfounded.

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  • Gamez Rule

    Awesome, it could still change, but if that looks like it I’ll be happy.

  • Truth™

    Sonycucks still think this thing is a dGPU. LOL. Interpolation won’t help a weak console run VR games properly.

    720P VR is still 720P VR 🙂

    • Anthony

      Do you ever get tired of embarrassing yourself?

    • Truth™

      The only people being embarrassed here are Sonycucks shilling for their low rez headset that broke on stage 🙂

    • Gamez Rule

      SteamSpy has shown how free2play has taken over the service.

      Steam = 125+ million accounts, only 1.5 billion software “owned” in over 10 years of Steam, & 0.5 billion of that is free2play games. Just to show how poor the above is PS2 achieved more in 6 years without free2play LMAO!

      I’ll be looking forward to PS-VR no matter how much you try to put it down and as far as Sony consoles they always get supported so troll on☺☺☺

    • Truth™

      What has that got to do with Sony’s embarrassingly low resolution VR headset?

    • Gamez Rule

      This part…. I’ll be looking forward to PS-VR no matter how much you try to put it down and as far as Sony consoles they always get supported so troll on ☺☺☺

      Tell everyone how PS-VR is low res. Explain how you think PS-VR is only 720p. Please show proof of PS-VRs final hardware while you’re at it/

      Oh that’s right you can’t as you don’t know what the final PS-VR specs are LMAO!

      Also while we are at it (( Link to offically show 100% that OR is ( Full RGB and not pentile ) like you stated…OR CV1 is full RGB..

      If resolution is everything then why are people reporting that PS-VR screen looks crisper. So Sonys VR 1920 x RGB x 1080 ( Full RGB OLED and 120Hz ) screen has the higher sub-pixel resolution when CV1 is still pentile ( which it is when it comes to Oculus screen )

    • kevin

      Don’t you ever get tired of spreading fud and looking like a fool

    • Truth™

      I’m not buying a low rez headset for an underpowered console 🙂

    • kevin

      Yeah because all the positive impressions from gaming sites that have said it hangs right up there with any other vr set are wrong or lying right lol smh

    • Truth™

      720P VR going to get destroyed in comparisons once it’s released 🙂

    • kevin

      Except it’s not 720p but whatever you’re obviously delusional

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    • Mark

      Haha. The ads here are plain nasty

    • ShoNuff

      on mobile they sometimes prevent me from even seeing the site

  • Guest

    Don’t turn or spin around to fast or you’ll pull all the cords and yank the new box, the old box, and maybe your tv on a shelf.

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