Portal 3: 10 Things We’d Like To See

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Portal 2 has been and gone, offering us some of the best dialogue and brain teasers of this year so far. Knowing Valve, they may never make another one. Even if they do get around to it, you can bet that it will be a long time coming. If they do knuckle down and make a Portal 3 in the near future though, here are a few changes and additions we’d like to see made to everyone’s favourite Source engine puzzler.


A new structure

Another test chamber eh? Never seen one of those before

Portal 2 made a good stab at this, but the game’s opening was still very much a series of disjointed test chambers. I understand that this is the mould and it must be easier to design, but some of the more exciting bits happened when this structure wasn’t so strongly adhered to. The gameplay didn’t even really change much ironically, but the different pacing made the experience feel a bit more fresh. Here’s hoping Portal 3 will deviate from the level-based structure of its predecessors, if only slightly.


More varied settings

The sections in the abandoned and broken parts of the test centre offered a very pleasant change of scenery and pace.


Another area that Portal 2 made good progress on, but still has more room for improvement. The sections in the abandoned and broken parts of the test centre offered a very pleasant change of scenery and pace. More can always be done though. Why can’t we have a Portal game in mountains, dense forests and icy glaciers? Sure it would be a nightmare to design, but I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want to try climbing a mountain with a portal gun.

New abilities

If only that fire was coming out of that Portal Gun



My mind was blown enough by the sheer premise of the original Portal, but for number 2 I was pumped up for more. The inclusion of the different gels was certainly welcome, but I was hoping Chell would have more in her arsenal aside from the usual portal gun. I’m not saying more weapons should have been added, just more abilities for players to use. In Portal 2 it felt like the additions were external to the player and this made the game feel like less of a progression from the first. More abilities that you need to activate and utilize to get around will give players more variety in Portal 3.

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  • Zac

    The only thing Portal 3 needs is more GLaDOS/ Chell. The femslash in this game was great!

    inb4 “Caroline is Chell’s mom” (she isn’t by the way).

    • Caroline IS Chells mom. Meaning Glaados is Chells parentally uploaded step-mom. Since Cave J is daddy, you would THINK Apeture would belong or be inheritted by Chell.

  • I would prefer it if they would end the Portal-Saga with the 2nd …
    That was a perfect ending to a perfect Game(-Saga)
    Otherwise it will fall in the ‘Cash-Cow’ Category sooner or later -.-

  • what the f*** !

    more levels in portal 2 ?

    the game has 75 levels, 3 escapes and 2 (or 1) boss(es).

  • I agree with the end of page 1.
    one day I was thinking of the “time slowing” portal gun

  • Hey

    Guys its really bugging me that u guys just asked for mountains and glatchiers but its no fun because the whole point of portal1 and portal2 was that u were locked in aperture science
    And u had to get out and im pretty sure the game has to continue in aperture science facilitys and also im sure that there were no icy forest and mountains in an aperture testinf facility

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  • to Zac.

    Caroline is chells mom
    chell was brought to apeture on bring your daughter to work day
    Caroline was put into a AI computer
    Caroline is GLaDoS
    GLaDoS Became corupt and killed/enslaved everyone
    GLaDoS is Chells mom but doesn’t relize it untill shes a potato, and thats why she is all of the sudden nice

    And thats the short version! I also agree on co-op, it needs a REAL story

    • GLaDOS/Caroline is NOT Chell’s mom. She’s nice as a potato because she isn’t mighty anymore, and the might is what corrupted her and made her a bitch. Also she said she found Chell’s mom in the database, and she definitely wouldn’t say that if she was her mom.

  • I definitely agree with the more varied levels and places. The Aperture Labs were a great in both Portals, but I think it has now encumbered its locations in it. At the end of P2, you go to the moon. What if you would go to moon the AGAIN, but this time, have an Aperture Lab up there? Have zero-gravity puzzles and, maybe, a new corrupt core, such as GLaDOS, taking control of the moon lab and trying to get his/herself down to Earth to take over the main labs?? A big thought, I know. Also, another idea. An RPG. Within the Aperture Labs. Oh, yeah. It MIGHT work, however Valve would have to put a LOT of time and effort into them. Something to think about for all of you guys..

  • Emmie

    I don’t like these suggestions at all!!
    Portal 2 was amazing!!
    The only thing I ask is they tie up the loose ends regarding chells mother.
    It’s SPECULATED and hinted maybe slightly that caroline is chells mother.
    Though…cave died in the 1980s…
    Anyway, it’d be nice if they tied that up, if they make portal 3. I only ask for more story. They make the best, Creepiest stories <3
    Portal 2 was a triumph!
    And it was the PERFECT length, if you ask me~

  • SHubhaM

    it should be physx engine isnt it????

  • Koen

    it should also have more easter eggs, i like looking for easter eggs (and finding them even more)

  • John

    wow i totally missed that glados is chells mother thing. but i do think they need a Portal 3 because Portal 2 didnt tie up everything (even though it was one of the best games ever).
    They still have to answer the questions of

    Black Mesa and What happened to the world

  • sharpie

    I would like a free roam section. Not necessarily a GTA sized map, just something around the size of Arkham asylum.

  • Portal is a labyrinth game. Expect more of that kind of thing, but better. Portal 2 barely exposed just how wierdly quantum tunneling technology can twist the gaming world. But – adding flames to the portal gun? Seriously?

  • Kai Stewart

    I personally think that there will be a portal 3 because portal was first made in 2007 and then 4 years later portal 2 came out. so I think portal 3 will be spaced out 4 years after portal 2 ,and portal 2 has only been out for 2 years so if portal 3 was going to come out they would announce it at E3 2014.

  • Jordan Stowe

    more cave Johnson, no new abilities, a make it a prequel. if they made a 3rd one it would be the best reason for them to go by the plot they were originally going to do for portal 2. and make that plot more detailed. having it take place in the 50s , witch means more cave Johnson, and they can tie up some loose ends and reveal more secrets. i rilly hope vale makes a portal 3 prequel. and name it something whity


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