Project CARS vs DriveClub Head To Head Weather Comparison

Project CARS is a fantastic racing game but does it have the weather effects to beat DriveClub?

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It goes without saying that DriveClub is perhaps the best looking racer available on the market. Although the game was marred by a poor launch and multiplayer stability issues, Evolution Studios slowly but surely worked their way up to deliver a visually stunning and a satisfying racing experience.

Slightly Mad Studios’ Project CARS has been under development for quite a long time. And it seems all that hard work has paid off with GamingBolt’s Kurtis Simpson terming the title as the racing experience of the generation in his review. There is surely some great gameplay to be found in Project CARS with its approach to realism in on track racing and a deep career mode, but how does it stack up against Evolution Studios’ DriveClub?

Please note that Project CARS looks fantastic as it is and already has a one up over DriveClub with its close to 60 frames per second experience.

One of the graphical features, besides the intricately designed cars and environments, was that DriveClub excelled in delivering a truly amazing weather experience. The game employed real world physics to each individual rain drop resulting into one of the most accurate simulation of rainwater that we have seen in video games. Of course, we understand that weather is only one aspect which makes a racing game but given that we did an early impressions earlier this year, comparing the weather in the two games, we feel obliged to deliver a final verdict regarding this topic.

Right off the bat, Project CARS features a far more detailed weather system in terms of options and settings compared to DriveClub. As you can see in the screenshots below, you can decide how dynamic the weather can be in terms of different slots. The game allows for 4 different weather slots at one time, giving you enough options should you want a highly dynamic weather in your races. There is also a weather progression option that decides how fast the weather will change. Just like in DriveClub, you can set the time you want to race and the speed at which the time will progress. In short, Project CARS gives you more control over the type of weather you want and when you want.

project cars weather settings 1

project cars weather settings 2

project cars weather settings

However, in terms of actual physics and how rain droplets react with the car’s movement, speed and force, DriveClub is still able to maintain its lead over Project CARS. DriveClub’s rain simulation is easily steps ahead of any racing game out there, let alone Project CARS.

Project CARS does not consider the vertical or horizontal force of the incoming wind neither does it considers the movement of the cars, resulting into static rain effects on the car’s windshield. This is even more apparent on the door’s windows where the effect on rain droplets is completely absent, resulting into a lack of horizontal water trail formation. In order to know more how how DriveClub uses real world rain physics to mimic its in game visuals, we recommend that you read this article.

In the end, we have to give props to Evolution Studios for delivering an authentic weather experience. But one should not forget that it’s the depth of gameplay that matters and it seems that Project CARS is head and shoulders above DriveClub in that regard.

Head to head video comparison between Project CARS and DriveClub.

DriveClub (left) versus Project CARS (PC): Head to head screenshot comparison.

Note: PS4 footage contributed by Alan Lee.

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  • Gamez Rule

    Driveclub wins without a doubt. The water effects on the windshield looks realistic

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong


      You literally think physics balls on a window looks “Realistic”. You have cataracts M8. Get your eye’s checked.

  • Starman

    First of all ..I studied the weather affects on driveclub …not in real-time , It’s scripted .. it’s a programed pattern ,not dynamic weather ….
    every 25 seconds it loops and does the same thing on the windshield… just like the melting snow , it’s a scripted time laps … may look realistic but , very easy to make it look so when its scripted(programed that way)

    FH2 has true real-time dynamic weather …. haven’t studied the …PjC just yet but I will …
    Can’t believe you’re trying to compare that broke beyond repair crap to PjC…lol

    • sampson3121

      ummm, mayweather won! go cry somewhere else

    • Xbot&PhilSpencer69

      WOW Delusional Xbox fan boy desperation at it’s finest. I gotta screen cap this comment so I can use it in a meme! LMAO

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      Says the delusional sony fanboy not knowing that DIRT 3 was doing better weather exclusively on the PC version back in 2011 and Drivedud only looks good in photo mode where there’s filters. Oh and Drivedud flopped too :^)

      DIRT 3 was 60FPS on PC too. Disgraceful how consoles have brought standards down so much.

      I mean, DriveFlop is a PS3 game once you remove the motion blur and the filters. It’s outright hilarious. Just like your delusion, John Derp

  • sampson3121

    project cars is slow and boring, driveclub is edge of your seat racing.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      Edge of your wheel chair more like since it’s 30FPS

    • sampson3121

      playing PC now, it’s a great sim racer.
      DC speed is better when it comes to a sense of speed, i don’t care if it’s 30fps or 60fps… to say different shows you’ve never played DC.
      PC is a more serious experience which is great, but if i want fun i’ll play DC.

      Graphics also goes to DC, PC is cleaner looking, sharper detail..
      environment in DC is richer in substance, trees,water,grass,mountains, weather patterns, cloud movement and lighting is so much better in DC.

      but PC is amazing for a sim racers, I’m really enjoying it.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      I’d never play DC as DC is 30FPS and 30FPS is a disgrace to racing games.

    • sampson3121

      ignorance is bliss.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      60FPS is a standard
      30FPS is a joke

  • Steven Johnson

    Third photo down… You can clearly see how superior the graphics, atmosphere and lighting are in Driveclub.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      Hmmmmmm. Lets try that without the instagram filters.

      Hahahahahahaha no.

      Also 30FPS lol no look at this garbage.

    • sampson3121

      the image you uploaded has been tampered with, nice try though.
      this site will show exactly what PC looks like as compared to the shots they have been showing of the game.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      LOL still trying to pass off Photo Mode as gameplay and claiming the real gameplay shot is “Photoshopped” to be worse. The desperation is real.

      This is what Drivedud looks like with all the filters gone. Deal with it.

    • sampson3121

      you just gave driveclub more praise then i ever could 🙂
      if you think it’s photomode.

      game, set and match…next?

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      Nice meltdown at a silky smooth 30FPS, loser

      Just shows you how desperate Sony shills are their 30FPS DowngradeDud needs to sell they can’t even show gameplay.

    • sampson3121

      ummmm? thanks again for uploading another pic that shows just how much better driveclubs density is in game.
      look at how much detail is in this shot, the buildings and the trees, the dirt on the side of the road. look at the reflection of the hood. dude, you’re doing a good job of selling the game.
      between hard copy and digital, the game has sold 2 million copies, PC won’t even break 600k… cause it’s just another shittt sim, with an empty world. like it as a sim but look

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      Wow. A 2012 build. So convincing. NOT.

    • sampson3121

      keep uploading these great DC pics 🙂

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      Project Cars has up to 55 cars on track at a time. Drivedud has 12
      Those 55 cars look better than Drivedud’s
      Project CARS has proper Anti-Aliasing. Drivedud has weak FXAA and instagram filters.

      Project CARS looks better, plays better, is 60FPS and simply better.

      DriveDud was so bad, Sony fired half the studio

      Project CARS just wins. Along with the PC Exclusive DIRT Rally. The only place to play racing games is PC.


    • sampson3121

      DC VS PC which looks better? lol

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      The one actually in gameplay and not bullshot mode :^)

    • sampson3121

      you keep complementing the graphics, it’s not photo mode
      it hurts that much? here is some more photo mode then lol

      see people will look at your comment and then look at this and think you’re just salty.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      Nope. Looks like a PS3 game. Stay salty, shill

    • sampson3121

      look! more photo mode hahaha 🙂

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      Instagram filters and motion blur. LOL what a joke

    • sampson3121

      dude! this pic looks great, just the time of day.
      look at PC, LOL

      anyone can find a picture of a game that doesn’t look the best.. this is PROJECT CARS lol crappy eh?

    • sampson3121

      truth is a hard pill to swallow isn’t it.
      look, this video will show everyone that PC is nothing graphically when it comes to driveclub.. you won’t watch it, or you will lie to yourself and us that pc could ever come close to this best of a game graphically.

    • sampson3121

      why are you showing a real world picture?

  • You Are Flat Out Wrong

    Project CARS is 60FPS so auto win. But it’s getting an even bigger rain update soon after launch. And DIRT Rally will have better rain. So you may as well declare Driveclub, Deadclub

    But then Sony shills are so dumb they think white sprites and a bunch of havok physics “Raindrops” rolling on a wind shield is “Realistic”. Losers.

  • AsianGamer

    haven’t seen a driveclub and project cars comparison in a while


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