Project CARS Xbox One Physics Issues Related to Controller, More Varied Tracks Incoming

Slightly Mad Studios to deploy new X1 patch soon.

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Slightly Mad Studios’ Project CARS is out and about for PC, PS4 and Xbox One but it’s been seeing its fair share of issues, especially on Microsoft’s console. In fact, many have been facing trouble with the game’s physics, thus leading many a gamer to believe the Xbox One version had been dumbed down from its brethren.

Interestingly, Slightly Mad Studios head Ian Bell pointed out that that this wasn’t the case at all. “It’s purely a controller issue,” he stated on the game’s forums and that with the upcoming patch, “it feels ace here”. The patch will be passing certification soon so Xbox One users can rest easy.

Also, while more cars are on the way, Slightly Mad is focusing on offering a wider range of tracks to players. “We’re going with a different philosophy. All of our research shows that most users settle on around 10-20 cars that they enjoy then get slowly bored with the lack of tracks. We therefore aimed at creating a sensible amount of interesting cars and a massive track roster.

“I suspect we’ll build to over 150 cars over time but more and varied tracks should be the main focus IMO.”

What are your thoughts on Project CARS thus far? Let us know in the comments.

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  • d0x360

    This is a bug that makes no sense. It happens on PC of you use a x1 controller too. The frame rate CAN (not does) tank and the physics just seem broken. How a game launched with such bugs for the second most popular PC controller in the world makes no sense. The most popular is the 360 controller and thr game doesn’t even freaking support it with an official profile…wtf!?

    This studio…is terrible. Has been since they split apart and this half started need for speed shift. There fake open nature with their fans will only take them so far once those fans figure out its a marketing ploy to sell a less than great game

  • Blake Thomas

    I bought this game because it looked awesome, but you can’t even drive the cars it’s so bad. And when I brake, the sound cuts out completely. No engine noise is a big problem. Can’t hear a thing. Then when I’m back on the gas, if I’m not already in a wall, the steering is so ridiculously flawed that I turn slightly left and it goes hard right. What the heck did I buy this game for.

  • lost loven

    I like it, It does have a fair share of bugs for me. Game was unplayable cornering with a game pad. I bought a steering wheel to resolve that .. That was well over due anyhow! Seems like if I host a room for the past few days it will freeze after the end of a race. I have a hard time finding a multi player rooms, always have to quit and restart a search and at that it works only gets me a room 50% of the time with maybe 5 to 8 people in at most. Fuller rooms would be nice to find for a game that has sold soooo much. So fix that and the game would be ace!

  • JM

    I can’t wait for VINTAGE HISTORIC TRACKS


    The amount of tracks just makes you amazed at this game, they are so great. THE ELEVATION IS AWESOME AND REALLY DOES IT FOR ME. TRACKS TRACKS TRACKS TRACKS KEEP EM COMING!@(@(#(@(@#

    These settings can also be used on ps4

    First update your controller by going to the xbox settings by pressing start on home screen, controller, update (must be plugged in)

    press start in p cars and go to options, controls

    SET MODE 3 FIRST! —- this is at the bottom of the options

    Steering Deadzone – 20%

    Steering Sensitivity – 5%

    Throttle Deadzone – 0%

    Throttle Sensitivity – 10%

    Braking Deadzone – 0%

    Braking Sensitivity – 10%

    Clutch Deadzone – 5% cx

    Clutch Sensitivity – 45%

    Speed Sensitivity – 75%

    Controller Filtering Sensitivity – 25%

    Mode = 3

    Advanced options = All set to ON ****EXCEPT FOR OPPOSITE LOCK HELP, Turn that off!

    ******Next go to game play options and make sure all braking steering assists are off etc.

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