Project Scorpio and PS4 Pro Performance Difference Will Be “Obvious” – Microsoft

Microsoft still confident in face of PS4 Pro reveal.

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Even with Sony unveiling the PS4 Pro and promising more than 4 teraflops of computing power, Microsoft has reaffirmed its claim that Project Scorpio will be the most powerful console yet.

Xbox Senior director of product management Albert Penello told IGN that, “I believe that the difference between what we’re going to deliver with Scorpio from a performance perspective and PS4 Pro will be obvious to customers. I believe we have the best value this holiday, and I think we’re going to have the most powerful box next year.”

“I think for $299 the Xbox One S with 4K Blu-Ray, with HDR, with the upgraded controller with Bluetooth, and the new design, I think we’ve got a killer product that beats their PS4 Slim on the low end. I think that for people who care about the absolute maximum in performance, we said at E3 we’re going to be launching the most powerful console ever made. That is still true.”

“We were very confident when we made the announcement. It was kind of a bold thing to say, given the rumors that were out there. And I’m more confident today that we’re going to have the most powerful console ever made.”

As for HDR – which will be heading to all PS4 platforms including the upcoming PS4 Slim next week – Penello says that “right now, we are only supporting HDR on Xbox One S and on Scorpio.” What are your thoughts on Project Scorpio and PS4 Pro? Let us know below.

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  • crazy_black_man-

    And then suddenly without warning, Albert had a glazed over look in his eyes, and he broke into song…”I believe we can fly. I believe we can touch the sky. I think about it every night and day. I wish that PS4 would just go away…”

  • Starman

    To the dummy “crazy_black_man” : ……And at the end of the day …. Sony is still broke , still using off the shelf components …. Forget comparing the Pro to the Scorpio…. They better be worried about the XB1S , that can upscale , has true $K blu-ray …bluetooth , better controller…..better value for your buc($.$$)….So spare me with the attempt to brainwashing ppl into thinking the Pro is on Par with the Scorpio … Your beloved sinking company will be swallowed up soon by AmZ…. or Samsung FACTS , now chew on that fanboy…


    The 4.2 Teraflops PS4 PRO isn’t in the same league as the vastly superior 6 Teraflops Xbox Scorpio

    • Mr Xrat

      Your tears won’t be in the same league when you figure out it’ll have the same problems the Pro will have.

  • Gamez Rule

    Scorpio is clearly not going to be current gen console it’s more of a next-gen console because If you look at how big of a jump it has over the Xbone you’ll see it’s actually four times more powerful to Xbone (1.3 TF vs 6 TF) which when you go back and look up older consoles it’s the same level of difference between Xbox 360 and Xbox One (0.3 TF vs 1.3 TF)

    PS4 Pro is just over two times more powerful than the standard PS4 (1.8 TF vs 4.2 TF) with Sony officially stating that the PS4 Pro is still a current-gen device and NOT a next gen device.

    The next gen console made by Sony ( PS5 ) will be the real competitor to Scorpio. It’s clear that MS are just cutting this generation short with starting a new generation just like they did with the original Xbox. A poor strategy for loyal Xbox supporters but the same strategy nevertheless.

    • Mark

      Phil already stated they’re looking into the next Xbox after Scorpio….

    • Gamez Rule

      Thing is if you look at the past history of consoles going from one gen to another gen it makes sense on what I wrote. We also know companies take years into looking at hardware when wanting to release consoles, so what Phil stated is correct but when is another question?

      We know that Xbone games will work on Scorpio, ( backwards compatibility ) but will ALL games work from Scorpio on Xbone? And why do people say Scorpio is backward compat- IF it’s in the same gen as Xbone?

      PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim is being released alongside the Xbone S which is still weaker in the gaming department as all PS4’s and only slightly better than their original Xbone.

    • Mark

      The Xbox One & S won’t play VR games, only Scorpio. That’s the only “exclusives” it has. Because of the power requirements. Both companies have made indications that they’re working on true next gen systems. Pro & Scorpio are here to ride new techologies. 4K, 4K, 4K! Lol. Don’t think about old gen anymore, in the same way you don’t think about Rotary phones lol. New stuff son

    • Gamez Rule

      What you just said about *VR Games* and Scorpio is another thing that’s just adding to things which set apart from this gens Xbone and it’s gamers, and shows that Scorpio is a next gen console?

    • Mark

      I’m sayin Scorpio has no exclusives, which would make it a current gen system. Exclusives wit better graphics are the hallmark of a next gen system.

    • Gamez Rule

      Initially, Microsoft stated that Scorpio wouldn’t have platform exclusives, but then a senior Microsoft spokesperson said it was ‘up to developers’ to decide if they want to develop games exclusively for Scorpio?

      So like I stated, all Xbone games will work on Scorpio BUT will *all* Scorpio games work on Xbone? If no then that is not a current gen console?

    • Mark

      Well that’s fair, these companies do lie or misdirect people, I don’t worship any of them. However, there’s some big reasons why Scorpio won’t have exclusives. And that’s why what Phil said makes sense to me. From the info about Scorpio I read, the indication is it will run Xbox One games better, that’s all. We’ll all have to wait n see next year man. And that’s the thing, if people want power now, go get a Pro. If that ain’t enough, wait for Scorpio. Both systems look good. I just feel Sony messed up on a few things, and, like Xbox they’re being bashed…rightly so. They’ll rebound eventually. Cheers bro

    • Gamez Rule

      Think it’s fair to say that this gen belongs to Sony ( when looking at most bought console ) but yes Sony screwed up with not having a 4k blu-ray drive on the PS4-Pro but saying that the console can still stream if needed ( like most TV’s can also do nowadays ).

      Thing I’m seeing is this.. Sony will lead this gen with the PS4-Pro ( PP ) for many more months as MS hasn’t released a console worth updating too as yet? If the scorpio released when PP did then it could have been a different matter.

      Time will tell, but I think due to PP releasing this Nov Sony will widen the gap between these consoles even more than before.

    • Mark

      Listen, Sony will win this generation with sales. It doesn’t matter how powerful Scorpio is, Sony has a tremendous lead lol. However, I could give a crap about who “wins”, I’m a gamer, not an investor. So, I never argue about sales. My concern is what the heck are these guys offering us? If they talk 4k this n that, they need to back that up to me. If not, I won’t hate them or sumthin childish lol, but I think EVERY company deserves to be mocked and called out for underperforming. If Microsoft can catch it, so can Sony, they just need to man up better next time and provide what the competition’s giving….don’t u think that’s only right bro?

    • Gamez Rule

      As we know a lot of 4k TVs on the market are only able to do 30fps anyway so even IF a console could output 60fps at 4k on those TVs it’s wasted.

      We know that all PS4’s play the same games while Scorpio will have VR games as exclusive titles as xbox owners cant play VR titles on their current gen console and MS have already made a statement that they will “leave it up to developers if they want to make exclusive titles for Scorpio.

      I see it like this. IF you want to play VR games you need a new console as older current gen Xbone consoles cannot play them, OR have two MS consoles to play all the titles released, while PS4 gamers just need one console that plays all titles released.

      IMO I think MS have separated it’s gamers while Sony hasn’t done so. This is why I really believe that MS are repeating history when looking at Scorpio.

      As for Sony not allowing a UHD-Blu-Ray Player on PS4-Pro is stupid BUT at the same time smart for business as streaming will be the way forward. But what isn’t smart is placing apps to steam 4k on a console when 4k TVs already have them. IMO Sony have made a step backwards and should have known better, but at the same time looking forward to the mass market.

      As for 4k on PP Eurogamer mentioned *The last of us remastered* is 4k native pixel count on PS4 Pro? Be good to see really what the final game will be?

    • Mark

      As for how good the Pro will render resolution, according to Eurogamer it will do just fine. Our eyes won’t be able to tell what’s native & what isn’t imo. And there will be a few games that do hit native 4k on Pro. However, I smell hypocrisy from the Sony camp, those fanboys sat and told us Xbots native 1080p was proper, sub native was not, so now sub 4k is ok? Pfff, I can’t stand bias. Also, Sony’s playin a dangerous marketing game. They’re advertising 4k, but 99% of those games aren’t native, and in fact most of them will run well below actual 4k. Now they’ll say that it’s up to devs how they wanna use the Pro’s power, but, let’s keep it real, the Pro can’t handle up to date AAA games at 4k, according to Digital Foundry’s tests. Do I care? Not really. But that’s pure marketing for sales right there bro, I don’t care who damage controls that. And I ain’t even debating that with anyone. It is what it is. It is not, a 4k machine, it’s properly a 2k machine, and that’s fine imo.

      And as for VR not being supported on X1 & X1 S, it’s simply a matter of power. I can’t think of one good reason Microsoft would say hey, no VR games on og Xbox lmao. Think about it, that would be giving PS4 a major advantage going forward. They wouldn’t lose millions of VR game sales and allow Sony to brag about having VR games, just to push Scorpio sales haha. Makes 0 sense business wise.

      As for 4k TVs not doing 60fps, man I just went to BestBuy’s site, looked for the cheapest 4K TVs ($300-400) and they all support 60hz, 120hz, and some at 240hz. I don’t see any issue there…

    • Gamez Rule

      I not saying that 4K TVs cannot do 60fps when gaming, what I am saying is that some 4k TVs can only do 30fps when gaming. 4k TVs using HDMI 1.4 can give a frame-rate of only 30 frames per second, while TVs using HDMI 2.0 can give a frame-rate of 60 frames per second.

      I’ll be happy with 1080p at 60fps as well as 4k at a solid 30fps or 60fps .

    • Mark

      Yeah I just read about that, it’d suck to buy a dam 4k TV & it only supports 30fps, ahaha dam. 1080p is still mostly used, so I think right now, 4k is mainly for the hardcore, but I thank Sony & MS for pushing this in games….they’re gonna be gorgeous

    • Gamez Rule

      And so it begins….

      Phil Spencer confirmed that developers and publishers will have full freedom to choose how they want to utilize all that extra power in the new console. “Publishers will decide how they want to upgrade, we will work with them to ensure platform supports their plans,”

    • Mark

      Yeah he been said that at E3. Pretty much what Sony’s philosophy is too; let devs be creative and not restricted to pushing top resolution. For example Rise of the Tomb Raider’s gonna provide 3 different settings modes on the Pro, for those who value frame rate, or resolution, or max graphics. This is the best of news for me, I want control of my experience

    • Gamez Rule

      Just hope it’s not separating the xbox community even more with these upgrades as it looks like it’s already begun with Scorpio as it is/

      Single player can get all the goodies from a more powerful console ( as long as these games are on both consoles and not exclusive to a single console ) but as soon as online gaming comes into things they should be kept the same imo.

    • Mark

      Gamez, publishers won’t segregate any of their multiplayer games from one system to the next….there was a recent article about the Pro, that stated multiplayer will run the same frame rates on PS4 as well as the Pro. Just enhanced visuals on the Pro. This is the same approach for Scorpio. In fact there’s already an article about Scorpio running parity frame rate wise with X1 for mp games. What Phil’s sayin is that Microsoft won’t force devs to target only 4k….same as Sony

    • Gamez Rule

      Mark I hope so as otherwise it will not be good for older console gamers that use this gen machines.

      PS4 and PS4 Pro will provide two different levels of performance, the community remains one, but somehow MS has separated their community already with Scorpio and VR titles.

      Also why does the Scorpio need more RAM as a change in memory capacity could allow studios to develop in compliance with the larger memory pool within Scoripo, and this would cause compatibility problems for consoles with lower RAM?

    • Mark

      Well for me I see it simply that those VR games aren’t Scorpio exclusives, u won’t see Microsoft publishing those, we’ll see alot of the same VR games on PS4 & Pro on Scorpio too. So to me it comes down to OG Xbox havin an anemic GPU. Now if we do see MS publishing VR games for Scorpio only, then I’ll see it ur way.

      As for the RAM upgrade I’ve been reading that the extra 4 sticks with the 320GBs bandwidth is critical for native 4k textures. As for Scorpio’s RAM hurting the Xbox One’s, I don’t know. Never heard of that until u said it. My only thought is most of these studios are already working with multiple configurations of RAM for PC versions. And they usually just scale the game down with respect to the platform. Personally I think Phil’s gonna help devs make this transition to serve all 3 Xbox systems as efficient as he can. It would be in Microsoft’s best interest..

    • Gamez Rule

      Funny enough my RAM views have been explained in the link. take a read?

    • Mark

      Well the Sony engineer’s explanation is strange. I’ve read maybe 10 interviews with devs giving their opinion on Scorpio, and none of them have mentioned this supposed RAM issue, or any big challenges with respect to Scorpio’s hardware. In fact, they’re saying the Scorpio will be treated similarly to their PC builds…..they just scale up the settings. As I said earlier, most developers are already used to many different hardware configurations that PC gamers have, including differing RAM setups. And the perception I get from these interviews is that Scorpio will be treated as such. The extra 4 sticks of RAM will be mainly there for higher resolution textures, not some added feature that the X1 won’t get, that may then cause compatibility issues.

      Now if Sony adds the extra 4 RAM sticks to the Pro, that will no doubt push the price up a bit. That makes more sense to me of why they didn’t add it, than the engineer’s explanation. So I’ll give his words more weight once I see devs complain about this…

    • Gamez Rule

      I know what you are saying, but if a game is made with more Ram the change in memory capacity from Xbone could cause compatibility problems for xbone consoles with lower RAM. But I guess time will tell.

    • Mark

      Well that MAYBE, true if the Scorpio gets lead developement over X1. However devs will very likely target the base Xbox One cuz it has the 20+ million install base, that’s their bread n butter. But even if Scorpio got lead preference, devs could just pare back on graphics settings for the X1 to compensate for less RAM. I’ve actually read an article about this method where some devs do employ this on PC. Excuse me Gamez, but this excuse is a load of bull imo.

      Look If people were to make the argument that this is why PC games suffer from so many bugs and problems, well they’re right. It’s the fact that studios have to program their game for scores of different hardware setups, so naturally they have less time to optimise code for each setup. However, this isn’t the case with the Xbox. You’re talkin 2 different system specs….2. The Xbox One, and Scorpio. That leaves plenty of optimization time for both versions. And that’s all that the Sony engineer’s alluding to. So the RAM “issue” makes little sense to me personally.

    • Mark

      Now If the Scorpio actually had LESS RAM, this would be waaaay different & would make sense to me, cuz it would be holding back the X1..

    • Mark

      Here’s the thing Gamez, people are so immature that once their coveted system catches flak for underperfoming, they feel the urge to jump ship lol! If you love Sony’s side of things, buy a dam Pro! Same for Xbots. All of us are getting benefits from these new systems. It’s like people can’t admit a mistake on a platform holder’s part, while simultaneously continuing to be a fan of them, ahaha. With most comments I see online, I just ignore them, the bias enrages me. S’the only way to stay sane….ok I’m done

    • Orion Wolf

      Doesn’t matter what Phil stated, yeah so he’s the head guy of Xbox so what?!

      Oh Sony says the PS Pro is in the same generation? Well than that’s that!

      I mean, it’s not that big of a deal, it’s just over 2x more powerful, you know … it’s not like for the past 3 years the argument was how the ps4 was 50% more powerful/faster than the xb1 even though it was a
      0.5 Tflop difference! Moreover, it’s not like “everyone” was writing articles about how weak the xb1 was and how powerful the ps4 was!

      1.8 tflops to 4.2 tlops!?

      Nah, is no big deal, it’s all the same thing, no reason to write articles about that.

      Btw the xb1s is such a huge upgrade (games wise) shame on MS to make people get a new xb1s and the sheer audacity to release the Scorpio next year is just ugh.

      I mean it’s not like for the past 3 years it was all about the power so why would MS even do that in the first place?!

      OMG, look Sony is releasing the Pro next November and the slim in a weak … and possibly the ps5 in 2 years?! Holly molly, they’re so consumer friendly.

      FYI the ps5 is the real competition to the Scorpio! No, its not because the Pro is weaker, no my narrative wouldn’t have been different if the Pro was stronger or the roles were reversed, its because the Scorpio is a next gen system like the ps5 will be… source: myself.

      Holly sarcasm Batman

    • Mark


    • Gamez Rule


  • Shamoy Rahman

    If all PS4’s support Playstation VR and if the PS4 Pro already sells 20 million units and the Playstation VR 10 million units by the time Scorpio is announced, Microsoft will just get started with their 4K console and VR. They will lag behind signficantly in volume. Might as well just be a better choice for MS to wait till the next generation to compete with the PS5. I’ve been waiting almost 3 years now for halfway upgrades to happen for consoles before I bought one and I am not gonna wait any longer. I guess I’ll be buying the PS4 Pro + Playstation VR now because I want those improved graphics, better exclusives, and that VR craze.

  • Mr Xrat

    Only thing obvious here is Microsoft’s desperation with its endless pleading and sad bluster.


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