PS3 sales now over 70 Million, Move reaches 15 million, 595 million games sold worldwide

Impressive figures.

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Another landmark for Sony and its six year old console. The PlayStation 3 has just reached 70 million consoles sold as of November 4, 2012. This is six years after the console was launched. The PlayStation Move motion controller has also surpassed 15 million units, which is pretty impressive. About 1 in every 4 PS3 owners has a Move.

In September 2012, Sony launched the slimmer version of the PlayStation 3, which apparently has been received well by the consumers according to the press release we got a few moments back. Cumulative number of software titles for PS3 has now  reached 3,590 with more than 595 million units sold worldwide.

The PlayStation 3 was first launched in November 2006 with two SKUs priced at a hefty $499 and $599. Some analysts believed that it won’t even sell a million. But now here we are, six years later- Sony must be pretty pleased with how things have unfolded for them. Their 10 year plan seems to be track and I won’t be surprised if they managed to sell a 100 million units by the end of that period.

What do you guys think? Will the PlayStation 3 reach the glorious 100 million mark just like it’s predecessors? Only time will tell.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • No mater what the AMERICAN (MS paid) media tries to make you believe, and no matter what the(ignorant) kids playing HALO try to tell you, Playstation has always been strong, Sony knows gameing, they proved this for 2 whole generation already, and i now they simply do it a third time.

    The PS3 exclusives are clasics, and now these sales numbers are solid.
    Fuck the rest, and i always knew it.

    • Hennyblows

      Wii hit 100 million years ago, 360 hit 70 million a while back. Not impressed with Sony, considering their massive losses, their userbase is less than half what the PS2 amassed in the same amount of time, while MS and Ninty have doubled and trebled their fanbases.
      Clearly someone can’t afford all the consoles. So you’re bitter, whichever way you spin it though, the PS3 lost this gen and Sony shot themselves in the foot as they are the only one of the big 3 losing money every quarter, with the worst hardware and software sales and overrated exclusives. Someone’s mad at Halo fans for no reason it seems LOL.
      Get over yourself. MS don’t need to pay the media, is it that hard to believe that capable developers exist that aren’t Naughty Dog? Seriously you look dumb spouting that crap with no evidence.

    • AnonyMoose!

      Wii hasn’t hit 100 million yet and PS3 is only 1.7 million behind Xbox 360 after being released a year behind it (1-1/2 year in Europe). Not bad for a doomed console according to most of the media when it first arrived.

    • Zan

      Thats a fairly stupid and ignorant statement. And really? One of the biggest companies in the world doesn’t pay for media? Man there are so many stupid things wrong with this post. You ‘Seriously look dumb’ spouting off crap with fake evidence.

      PS I love Halo and all gaming. 360 hit 70 million a month ago. Wii has yet to hit 100 million. And the PS3 database is much larger than half of the PS2’s in the same time period. Microsoft facts may be correct. Simply because you can’t do much worse than the first Xbox and a year and a half head start on it’s true competition.

  • bonezai

    This is bad news for Sony PlayStation haters. A year head start is nothing compared to 15 years of earned trust from gamers.

  • TrueGamer

    Sony FTW…

  • I’ll be the next 1 out of 4 soon to get my Move controller. My niece would definitely enjoy playing Wonderbook. PS3 the clear winner this gen.

    • 2wisted

      Yeah, because going from a 150 million monopoly last gen to dead last in hardware sales and 2nd in software sales to a Microsoft console screams success. Let’s not forget the money Sony wasted in R+D to get their controversial architecture, the fact they’ve blown all their PS2 profits and then some, the fact that the majority of PS2 owners converted to 360 (as evidenced by MS’s fanbase more than doubling) or the Wii (Nintendo’s trebled) while the PS3s is less than half of the PS2s.

      Seriously, people on this site are so misguided. We’re at the end of the longest gen and Sony have made a million price cuts and losses, MS haven’t cut prices for 2 years and the Wii is the clear hardware victor. Sony cannot afford to have the strongest console next gen and sell at a loss for 3 years like they did this gen.

    • The Xbox has had the same number of price cuts as the ps3 did mind you. THe ps3’s price was first dropped from $599 – $499 and the latest drop was when the slimw as released priced at $250. The Xbox was released at $449 and then was dropped to $399 and now at $299.(xbox elite). The Xbox even had more price cuts considering they have more models. all of which had price cuts and some were discontinued, even. Xbox only tops in America and UK. Everywhere else, the Ps3 still proves strong after all this years.

  • Error

    The article is wrong. It should say 70 million SHIPPED not sold, google it, there’s also a thread on VgChartz with a source saying it’s shipped, not sold.

    • Austin McDowell

      REALLY? You actually trust vg chartz?

  • izzyc

    What source did you use to get the info about the sales?

    • juuken

      Go look at Sony’s press release and stop sowing shit.

  • izzyc

    This sales are to retail not customers. read at the link below.

  • izzyc

    sales are to retail not customers. read below

  • izzyc
  • Whatever people. Shipped or sold it’s still a success. It’s not like the actual sales(to consumers, people) is way behind the shipment send to retailers. It’s over 68 million sold already. That’s still a success. And I know this is an old excuse that Ps3 was released a year later after the Xbox but that’s actually a relevant excuse. If you release a console earlier especially a console with almost the same quality in terms of capabilities and games then obviously consumers will be more attached to that console and more familiar with it. A year is a LONG time. So if millions of people already has an Xbox in that year then why would they want to buy a ps3 if they already have a console which plays the same games,excluding exclusives?(sometimes even with better versions which is a developers problem not the consoles).

  • juuken

    I’ve said it for a good while that the PS3 was going to surpass the 360. Despite all the doom and gloom and naysayers, Sony has overcome.

  • juuken

    For the idiots using VG Chartz, STOP.

    This comes from Sony’s press release.

    Sales of PlayStation®Move Motion Controller Surpass 15 Million Units Worldwide
    Tokyo, November 16, 2012–Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE) today announced that the cumulative sales of the PlayStation®3 (PS3®) computer entertainment system reached a milestone of 70 million units*1 worldwide as of November 4, 2012 – less than six years after the platform launched in 2006. SCE also announced that sales of the PlayStation®Move motion controller surpassed 15 million units*1 worldwide as of November 11, demonstrating continued growth and momentum of the PS3® platform.

    Stop downplaying it.

  • themuIe


  • go sony! Bring ps4!! MS had a year start wow..


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