PS4: 10 Franchises We Would Like To See Return

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It’s no secret that a new console generation is on the horizon. With Nintendo now promoting the Wii U, it’s only a matter of time before Microsoft and Sony get their act together and release their new hardware. Whilst the Xbox brand is comparatively new, Sony systems have had a wealth of different franchises grace their pasts, presents and (hopefully) futures. In the rush of new software that will accompany the PS4, here’s a list of ten franchises we hope will make a return.


The game has aged, but the fun is timeless

The classic 2D platformer isn’t something you see much of on home consoles nowadays. Back in 1996 when Pandemonium was around however, things were a little different. Pandemonium plays out as all retro platformers should, but it was able to distinguish itself with its colourful and vibrant worlds. It would be great to see how a game like Pandemonium would look on next generations hardware, though they’d have to get rid of that bloody password save system once and for all.

Saga Frontier

Back when Squaresoft had their glory days during the PS1 era, they released a fair number of spin off RPGs to great critical acclaim. One such game was Saga Frontier. Though the battle system was often cited as repetitive, the unique multi-tiered narratives gave the series the edge. Saga Frontier 2 in particular featured a pretty mammoth story that covered multiple generations of two families linked by destiny. With its lush hand drawn graphics, the Saga Frontier series would be a great way to test the visual capabilities of the PS4.


MediEvil wasn't a subtle game, but it was amusing all the same

The adventures of Daniel Fortesque were some of the highlights of the PS1’s library, but the series didn’t quite make it into the subsequent console generations. Though the 2005 PSP remake was a mild disappointment, the original MediEvil was a classic component of the early stages of 3D gaming. Its sequel upped the ante with a humorous and engaging plot and game world accompanied by some witty puzzles and game mechanics. MediEvil needs a revival of some form, and the PS4 would be a perfect platform for this.

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      2) Uncharted’s graphics are far superior in color variety and detail than Gears of War. Not just the beta’s, shown gameplay, prequels, the whole nine yards.
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  • ummmmmmmmmmm if i remember correctly sly 4 was announced for ps3

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    While you enjoy spreading your hate, I’ll enjoy playing SC2, Civ 5, Uncharted, Warhawk, GoW, KZ, sly cooper, and many more on my PC and PS3. Xbox exclusives are great, though few in number. No need to piss on any other console, they all are amazing.

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  • i congratulate you you’re the man. all of your selection is original games you understand

    i dont know why i felt alpha protocol was the syphon filter alt. but it didnt live up to anything actually coz it sucked but now i havent got much left on my mind theres too many franchises coming in a consecutive manner like hitman and maxpayne but yeah syphon filter and road rash please.

  • sly cooper 4 is confirmed for ps3 its already back there fore your list is one game short of the 10

  • Actually sly 4 is well on it’s way.

    I would also love to see Jakanddexter, croc, crash, burnout, and okami.

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  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake!

  • I didn’t like any of the games listed.

  • Well sly cooper shouldnt be here because a game is already coming on ps3.Also tomba and onimusha are great franshises that lost in the past and pp who the fuck cares about what u say?You compare a “game” with the GOTY……

  • They are making sly 4… look it up…

  • Sony needs fresh new IPs, not rehashes of old games. If they reinvent an old game, as Itagaki did with Ninja Gaiden, then it might work.


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