‘PS4 And Xbox One Are More Alike Than In Any Previous Console Generation’: Senior Programmer

“They both have essentially the same architecture with some variations,” says Ron Janzen from Digital Extremes.

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Xbox One’s lower GPU compute unit count compared to the PlayStation 4 is fairly public knowledge now. To top that the Xbox One has faced it’s fair share of struggles with the limited size of ESRAM  and bandwidth of its memory. In our interview with Sr. Programmer, Ron Janzen from Digital Extremes, we asked his take on the differences between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

“The PS4 and XB1 are more alike than in any previous console generation,” Ron Janzen said to GamingBolt. “They both have essentially the same architecture with some variations and trade-offs in how the architecture was implemented. Each work great with our controller support and as we add new content so often with large updates every 4-6 weeks, we continue to get more and more familiar with the tech to continue improving the new content our gamers play.”

Digital Extremes is currently working on adding new updates and content in their free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter Warframe, which is now available across the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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  • Psionicinversion

    well duh both use AMD’s APU’s both are x86 both use pretty much the same feature set in opengl and dx, wow heard it here first eh.

    • Guest

      Thank you.

  • Starman

    All of this makes no sense …lol they’re far from being the same ..not even close . Why do I say that ??
    It’s like buying A Dell desktop compared to building your own PC… what does that mean ? it means whatever you get out of the Dell box , that’s it with little to no optimization …

    Point: Sony took the route of “off the shelf parts” “with little to no optimization , basically , they’re MAXED out 85% right out of the box. …On the other hand MS has all custom built components , which can be optimized in a big way ….

    I’m not sure what this article is trying to prove … but it is bogus.

    • Psionicinversion

      yeah they are the same. X1’s custom components seem to be a complete waste of time and they arent that custom tbh and the main development was in the kinect 2 which no one wants.

    • Guest

      Hm, for once I can agree with you.

    • rudero

      You do realize education is free do you not?
      That way, when you go around defending your toy, you do not look as uneducated as you do.
      Or do you get paid to run around acting as if you have a lower iq on topics you are talking about?

    • Guest

      tell em!

    • Guest

      Well said.

    • Guest

      What he said is garbage. Wow, is every xbox fanboy this delusional? Now wonder you people would buy this crap. Cuz you are all that stupid.

    • Anon


      The guy’s referring to the differences in how they develop for the current consoles. The more alike they are the less you have to fork teams off to get code, 1) Running on them both, and 2) optimized for both towards the end of the development.

      The 360 had it’s 6 h/w threaded PPU, whilst the PS3 had a PPU with only 2 h/w threads, but supplemented with the SPUs; one had an AMD gpu whilst the other had an Nvidia; 512MB unified ram in one, 256MB/256MB split ram in the other; and both using the in-order PowerPC architecture with it’s relaxed memory ordering, painful stalls and all.

      Compare that the current consoles: both have 4(8) core AMD Jaguar-based cpu’s and AMD gcn gpu’s, simpler APU layout, 8GB unified memory, and the same familiar x86-64 simd architecture as on most desktops. Granted, there are a few h/w differences here and there, but in comparison to the previous gen you can actually get stuff up and running much quicker and easier this time around – quite a big deal when you have time and cost constraints.

    • Guest

      Wow, the only guy with a brain in here, the rest are pathetic fanboys.

    • Mark

      Well, where’s YOUR input?

    • Mark

      Yeah, I think the CPU and GPU similarities are the main things studios care about the most……slightly different memory setups. As for multiplats, games on both systems will look 95% the same…..boom. People need to chill out. Thx for explaining this, it helps with disinfo and FUD.

    • Guest

      More delusional fanboy made up nonsense. And 9 fanboy clowns agreeing with it. The X1 is on no way better. Deal with it, you stupid clowns. The PS4 had their ACE upped from 2 and 16 queues on the X1 to 8 and 64, had the volatile bit implemented and and extra bus that bypasses the GPUs cache. What did the X1 do? Add a tiny amount of eSRAM RAM, which takes entirely to much real estate on the die and cut into the GPUs CUs lowering it from 18/20 to 12/14 to make up for the incredibly low DDR3 bandwidth. Starman is obviously a fanboy clown, and the people agreeing with him are obvious desperate clowns themselves, And DE says this nonsense, while the game runs at 30fps on the X1 while running at 60fps on the PS4. Such political nonsense for all you suckers.

  • rodney patrick

    what get me is why do you gamingbolt,you think this big news a whloe year later…..smh

  • Guest

    All the meanwhile Warframe ruins at 60fps on the PS4 while only running at 30fps on the X1. Keep feeding us bs DE.


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