PS4 Console Exclusive SOMA Currently Targeting 1080p/30fps, Devs Will Try Optimizing FPS Further

60fps may be a possibility but it won’t make much difference for SOMA.

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SOMA is an upcoming science fiction survival horror game from Frictional Games, the development team behind the absolutely scary Amnesia The Dark Descent. SOMA has been under development since 2010 and was first revealed in April of this year, and will launch sometime next year as a PlayStation 4 console exclusive along with Windows, MAC and Linux versions.

GamingBolt recently got the chance to interview Thomas Grip from Frictional Games and in the interview we were able to ask how the PS4 version is shaping up in terms of resolution and frame rate.

“Actually, we will probably be doing 1080p and 30fps,” Thomas said to GamingBolt. “We have the game running at 60fps in a lot of the game, but there are still some places where we have issues, so 30fps is probably what we will target instead. Since the game is so slow moving, I do not feel it makes that much of a difference. Still not decided though, we have to see what more we can optimize.”

Given that there is a lot of time still remaining for the game’s launch, Frictional Games might achieve 60 frames per second on the PS4. But as Thomas said, the title is going to be slowly paced so 60fps may not make much difference in case of SOMA.

Stay tuned for our full interview with Frictional Games in the coming days,

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    • Guest

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  • Thad Vanity

    I don’t understand why it’s either 30 or 60. Why not 48? Why not some middle ground. They do it with resolutions like COD AW on Xbone.

    • Guest

      Cuz 48fps would cause judder/stutter because of how it divides with the refresh rate (60hz). It has to be a multiple of 60 like 60, 30, 20, 15, etc.

      But its not gonna happen, the dev just doesn’t seem interested enough?

    • PcRules

      Exactly and why not cap the fps at 30 for those who wish and an option to uncap it to those who wish 🙂

      I belive becouse frame tearing, thats why most settle for a fixed refresh, but I think it should allways be an option to uncap if you wish just like on a pc game!

      If I remember corectly, Infamous have exactly that..Dont sure about it tho as I dont have a PS4 just yet, but you can congrat me if you wish couse by tomorrow I will also be a proud owner of a PS4, cant friking wait 😀

      Have allways liked Sony and Nintendo of course.
      It’s allways nice to kick back in the sofa an enjoy a good console exclusive!

      And multiplattform games on the Pc with all bells and whistles turned on, thats just the best way to game bro!


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