PS4 E3 2014 Lineup Is “Bonkers” – Insider

DriveClub gameplay could be showcased.

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E3 is pretty close now- the mega gaming event is now just a month and a half away, and with the expo drawing closer, the hype around it is starting to build up too. Where Microsoft have been extremely vocal about what we can expect from their E3 conference, Sony have been frustratingly silent and have revealed little. However, according to industry insider Tidux (who revealed the PS4 UI and operating system details before Sony officially disclosed them back in the day), Sony’s E3 lineup is going to be “bonkers”.

“OHH Shiiit! The lineup 4 E3 is Bonkers,” he shared via Twitter. “They are finalizing the details.”

When asked later about what sort of games we can expect to see for the PS4, or whether Sony will be talking about games such as DriveClub and The Last Guardian during their conference, Tidux replied saying that Sony will indeed be showcasing gameplay video for DriveClub.

What kind of games do you think Sony will showcase during their E3 presser? Unload your predictions in the comments section below.

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  • Psionicinversion

    its not bonkersits 90-95% indie titles rest are AAA that we already know of

    • Dakky

      yup most of them will be indies

    • Agent_Blade

      For a so called PC gamer have some facts to back that up.

    • Dakky

      what facts?

    • Agent_Blade

      Kinda hard to believe that since you troll PS way harder then Xbox.

    • Agent_Blade

      Dakky is just a PS troll. No need to believe a xbot like him without proff. We have no idea what those other games will be.

    • Psionicinversion

      i read an article that sony are going to talk about 1000-1200 games for PS4 at E3, it isnt going to be 1000 AAA games, not even 100, prolly about 10 triple AAA’s rest indies… to get that many indies i think there going to have to port mobile phone games cus there isnt that many newish indies around. prolly 5% of those indies will be worth playing most likely

      Thats what there on about 1000 indie devs, doesnt mean the games are going to be any good though

    • Dakky

      lol i am a pc gamer you dumbass, i never ever touched a xbox in my entire life. But hey thats sony pony logic, if you are not sucking sonys dck with em, you must be axbot, nice logic.

  • BelowZer0

    Wow I didn’t know you knew the line up psionicinversion, care to tell us all the titles?

  • Kevin Kirby

    LMFAO Indiestation 4

    • You are flat out wrong

      Kinectbox Done.

    • Dakky

      hows that sony bunrupcy working for ya? Sony slles divisios and lays off people left and right and everyone is leaving naughty dog for some reason.

    • You are flat out wrong

      “Burble burble burble” said Dakan as the drool dribbled down his chin.

    • Dakky

      By all means ingnore the fact sony is selling off divisions closing down businesses and fires people, it absolutly has nothing to do with the fact sony is doing badly, keep living under the delusion that sony is sucessfull and powerfull, that will be freaking laughable in 2 years when sony closes done.

      I wonder how bad uncharted 4 will be now that half the developers have left.

    • Agent_Blade

      We get it you don’t like PS4. Get over it.

    • Dakky

      no i dont, why dont YOU get over it.

    • You are flat out wrong

      *A handful

      I wonder how bad Gears of War 4 will be now they’ve hived it off to some newb developer. 🙂

    • CervantesPR


    • Dakky

      too bad xbo has higher rated games.

    • Xtreme Derp

      Not according to metacritic.

    • Dakky

      ACCORDING to metacritic, titanfall beats infamous and dead rising 3 beats shadowfail and lets not go into knack

    • Xtreme Derp

      Moving the goalposts like a dim witted fanboy imbecile. You were wrong.

    • Dakky
    • Dakky

      its you who was wrong.

    • Agent_Blade

      Metacritic cannot always be trusted. I’m sure I don’t need to explain and I wont.

    • Dakky

      No its pretty self explanatory that butthurt sony boys ovrrate infamous and downvote titanfall.

    • CervantesPR

      Enjoy your one time 3rd party exclusives games dude PS4 will have better games down the line just like PS3. Theres soo many games in development for PS4 lol this E3 will be EPIC.

    • Dakky

      “PS4 will have better games down the line just like PS3.”

      I dont see can you know that or even make an argument about it. Sure sony has naughty dog, but shadowfall? resistance? knack? Or not to mention the order? Those games are crap.

      Also i am a pc gamer mostly.

      Atleast ps3 had 2 good resistance games and one good god of war game, now that both series are done for, sony has nothing.

    • CervantesPR

      Sony has devs, xbox dosent thats how i know.

    • Dakky

      Good point, now who will be the new naughty dog employe that will be
      voted of the island and will have to seek employement at another studio?

      and point sony is hyping their game development and turning themselfs
      into a reallity show, yoshida takes a completly “i am your buddy” fake
      stance and says crap like “i saved jobs, back in 2008 sony wanted to
      fire many devs” despite the fact sony has fired double the people with
      their recent layoffs.

      But hey sony is for da win!!!

      Am i right?

      me for bursting your delusional dream bubble but the order developers
      are a small studio that are not particualary sucessfull of impressive, i
      expect the game to fail. Recently sony bought the studio responsibly
      for either one, seems like they gather as much indie as they can.

      while sony is focusing on indies and subpar studios, ms has spend 1
      billion on exlusive game development, while sony makes project morpheus,
      oculus has received more money from facebook than morpheus ever will.
      Money going to reserach and development.

      Wrong story short sony is
      leaking money and sells the rights to square enix, fires people, closes
      down studios and business and sells off property.

      ms might sell the xbox brand, but ms is 3.5 times thatn sony and unlike sony their console isnt their main moneymaker

      nitendo has enough money to do whatever the h3ll they want despite wiiu failure.

      in the end i am a pc gamer trolling console fanboys and wondering which
      next gen console worths their money, lets see what happens in E3 and i
      will decide then.

    • CervantesPR

      it must a a good move now that they decided to replace the villain’s roll un uncharted 4, they have a level of quality they must meet and i trust neil druckman and bruce straley who made the last of us. Naughty dog is in good hands as long as they are working there.

      but its all for the good sony knows what they are doing, they are triming the fat

      sucker punch now hiring new Devs.

      sony hiring firmware programers to maximize PS4 performance.

      funny how you spin things like sony selling the square enix stocks, not “rights” no point in having stock from a failing company like square enix.

      but again im done arguing with xbots, sony is the one that make xbots look silly and proves them wrong over and over again. PS4 is the winner this gen and we will see who is superior at E3.

      Thats cool, i have a $1500 gaming PC but i will only use it for game torents and steam sales and specific games.

      i basicly use it to play games i wouldnt normally buy and chivalry, but im a playstation gamer at heart since PC exclusives are not my cup of tea. anyways dude im done here. I will let sony deal with you xbots.

    • Dakky

      santa monice is one studio what about all the others?

      Plenty of studios. What you gonna say next that they just fire off the guys who make the coffee?

      Nope they cancel ips too.

      Ofcourse sucker punch is hiring, they are a small studio and they really pushed themselfs with the graphics in infamous.

      ofcourse sony is hiring firmwire programmers they cant take another hack on ps4 that will allow pirated games to be played.

      sony credit rating is junk despite strong ps4 sales

      Talk about spinning the facts… but hey keep living in your delusional land that sony is king.

      “sony is the one that make xbots look silly and proves them wrong over and over again”

      Correction you no life virgins that defend sony and alter facts are the ones who doing sony’s damage control for them

      Sony fanboys are the worst, x360 has triggers it sucks ps4 has triggers its awesome. Psn is free lets rub it in xbot faces psn isnt free anymore lets damage control and claim sony knows what they are doing, pc has indie games you call them trash, nowthey ae on ps4 and they are ALL playing them.

      Hypocrite much?

      “S4 is the winner this gen and we will see who is superior at E3.”

      Sony is the masters of overyhpe and lies like how they compare the ps4 cpu to ps2 and not ps3 because ps3’s cpu is more powerfull or how ps2 will be able to build bombs of mass destructions god sony’s hype is unbelievable and they are selling you those lies and you morons lick it like the c3m from their tiny j@p dcks.

      “will let sony deal with you xbots.”

      I have not owned even a single xbox in my life, try again sony dck lcker.

    • Agent_Blade

      To bad Wii U have exclusives that are rated higher then ANY exclusive game from X bone yet.

    • Dakky

      pc gamer but i cant agree with you since you dont have any facts.

    • Agent_Blade

      Google it. If your too lazy to do it that’s your problem not mine.

    • Dakky

      google what?

    • Xtreme Derp

      PS4 has the superior version of all console AAA multiplats, The Order, Driveclub, MLB 14: The Show, Deep Down, Uncharted 4, TLOU Remake, more dev support including indies, free to play games and MMOs like FFXIV and Warframe, and unannounced 1st party games (Gran Turismo, God of War, Media Molecule, Quantic Dream, etc.) Titanfall 2 and future 3rd party games will almost certainly be on PS4.

    • Dakky

      and pc has super version as well, too bad xbo has higher rated games than ps4

    • Xtreme Derp

      Not according to metacritic.

      PS4 and PC are different markets.

    • Dakky

      wrong again as usual.

    • Xtreme Derp

      You said “xbo has higher rated games than ps4”, WRONG.

      Average metascore on PS4 is higher, dumb as rocks WRONG fanboy imbecile.

    • Dakky
    • Frost

      You just showed it on your chart idiot PS4 73.4 and Xbox one is 67.7

      PC is not a console.

    • Dakky

      Someone is blind, titanfall is 86, infamous is 80, now go kill yourself dumb f@ggot.

    • Intestine_Soup

      You sound like one angry little child. Why not play what you like, you know! How gamers should play games? FYI I have a PC so do not try that idiotic rambling with me, every system and the PC have there strong suits, and weaknesses.

    • Intestine_Soup


    • Dakky

      You know you can edit posts right?

      Angry child, lol why is that? Because i am not one of the delusional sony f@gs who bash titanfall because its not on their precious ps4 and try to make sound like a flop when in reallity its higher rated than infamous and EVERBODY is playing it.

      But what do they say? “its already forgotten no one plays it”


      Also its the same case with pc exlusives when they were only on pc they were like “pc exlusives suck” now they are on ps4 EVERYONE IS PLAYING THEM, if thats not proof of how is the angry little child and that sony fanboys are hypocrites then i dont know what is.

    • Intestine_Soup

      What PC exclusive is on PS4 right now besides Outlast? Who EVER said that masterpiece sucked?

    • Dakky

      dont starve, planetside 2, warframe, master reboot, they port everything.

    • Intestine_Soup

      Like I said I have a PC too, consoles and PCs have strengths, yet also weaknesses. A lot of games on Steam are glitch, some have no patches.

    • Intestine_Soup

      Also no, I do not. I am new to this site. Just saying, I hate that “PC master race” crap. That is exactly reminiscent of what Hitler claimed, you know just worded differently! Towards Jews! I hate that BS we are all equal, race, game system, whatever. We all bleed red when our hemoglobin is exposed to O2…

    • Dakky

      pc master race is a joke a meme go to memebase com to see where it came from, we dont take it seriously.

    • Intestine_Soup

      I hate hearing it lol. Makes us sound pretentious.

    • Dakky

      yo mad?

  • MrSec84 .

    It stands to reason, Sony must have tonnes of games in development.
    They’ve got 16 1st party developers, a number of those have two teams & Sony’s already said that they’re all working on titles for PS4.

    There’s 16 2nd party studios that Sony could have making exclusives.

    Uncharted is a certain, more of The Order is highly likely, the TLOU remake, Guerrilla’s new IP, Rime, Shadow of the Beast, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture & Driveclub would make for a pretty awesome E3, if Sony topped that off with The Last Guardian then that most definitely makes for a bonkers E3.

    This doesn’t include the stuff that’s not been hinted or rumored at.

    Sony Santa Monica, Media Molecule & Quantic Dream could all announce games.

    Polyphony has said it won’t take them long to bring their next Gran Turismo to the PS4, so either a PS4 remake of GT6, GT7 prologue or a full on, brand new GT could be shown for next gen.

    All of the above is highly likely & would make for a beyond bonkers E3.

    All those knocking PS4 for having a large amount of Indie games either on the platform or coming in the future have completely ignored that these games are icing on the cake.
    They’re all games & amongst them there can be real gems.

    • Xtreme Derp

      Yes lots of unannounced 1st party games incoming.

    • Dakky

      and ms apparently has invested 1 bilion to exlusives, but lets not forget that there are MULTIPLATFORM developers who will also reveal their games on E3.

      Eager to see new games.

  • ThanQ

    Showcasing driveclub at E3 conference is not a good idea. The game has been delayed. The game should have been released a long time ago. This isnt a good representation of the future games on PS4. E3 should be about games that we dont know yet or games that really show the future of gaming.

  • Dakky

    Typical hype and overyhpe for the sonytards who think only sony can do next gen games and the only games that will look better than infamous are the order and uncharted 4 as if multiplatform developers cant deliver next gen.

  • Nicholas Andreano



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