PS4 Error NP-31952-0 Prevents Party Chats

Also boots when you try to join another party chat.

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An odd new error code, called NP-31952-0, has popped up for the PlayStation 4 and affects those looking to create a party chat or joining other party chats. Not only will you not be able to create a party chat but you’ll be booted out of the ones you join.

Discussed here on Reddit, the error can seemingly be corrected by making “an Internet connection test in the Settings menu ‘network’. After testing your connection it should work to create or join a party chat.”

However, the lack of an official solution from Sony is somewhat odd. The user facing the problem in question stated that he had “reset my router/modem and restarted my PS4 and now am getting error NP-32287-2.” So clearly some common solutions aren’t working out, and it appears the problem is being faced by a few other people.

Have you encountered error NP-31952-0 yet while trying to create a new party chat? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Georgia

    I’ve been experiencing this. Me and my friend can not have an evening of gaming on the PS4 without running into some sort of technical issue. When I try to create a chat I am alerted with the NP-31952-0 error code. When he creates a chat and invites me we are connected for approximately 1 minute, I can hear him 90% of the time however he can only hear me 50% of the time! complaining that I am breaking up. I am then booted. I find that I am constantly experiencing unplayable lag, despite my download speed being approximately 9mb which should be more than sufficient. I am unsure if this is a call of duty issue or a Playstation Network issue, I am presuming Playstation Network. I don’t know about anyone else, but so I do not feel I am receiving the ‘premium service’ I was told that justified the now cost of the Playstation network and compulsory Playstation Plus.


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