PS4 Exclusive Nier 2 Being Worked On Almost Exclusively By Bayonetta Developer

The sequel is being put together by teh person who made the original.

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When the sequel to the cult classic hit Nier was officially announced for the PS4 at this year’s E3, it was most people’s understanding the game was being worked on by both Square Enix and Platinum Games. It turns out that Square Enix is not doing all that much work on this game and the Bayonneta developer appears to be very much taking the lead.

“Yes, the development is mostly taking place here at Platinum [in Osaka], and in our Tokyo office,” designer Yasuhisa Taura recently told GameSpot. “But we are of course getting help from Square Enix, and the composer for the original game is back to make new music. Also, the character design is being done by Akihiko Yoshida who works on CyDesignation, so we are borrowing people from other companies. But the majority of development is being done here.”

That seems to indicate that Platinum doesn’t want it to look as though Square Enix has basically bowed out of development at this point, but it’s clear the work is fairly one-sided. Of course, Taura is the one who came up with the concept of the original Nier, so the game is in the right hands when it’s being made by Platinum Games. The fact that the game is in development at all is a bit of a surprise to some, considering this isn’t the most well known titles out there. It is much loved by players despite not being the most hyped by games critics. The release date for the Nier sequel isn’t known at this point

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  • Michael

    Shoddy journalism. The game isn’t being worked on almost exclusively by platinum games.

  • Starman

    stop fkn lying !!!! trying to hype that garbage ….they out sourced it … he’s still working on “scalebound” you gardam liars…

    • Belazur .

      >Xtards gonna Xtard<

  • Cypher-Unknown

    So the games designer is quoted as saying that the game is being developed mostly at Platinum, yet we have two “experts” in the comnents section shouting about lies and shoddy journalism.

    Care to provide any evidence for your claims, boys? Or is this just more fanboy fuelled idiocy?

    • MrSec84 .

      Yep it’s a fact that this new Nier game is being developed by Platinum Games. The studio has been making multiple games simultaneously for a long time.

      Atsushi Inaba is the Executive Director and Producer at Platinum Games, one of their key people.
      It’s a collaboration between Square and Platinum, with PG handling most of the development.

      PG have been making multiple projects at once for some time. This new Nier game looks very similar in style to their previous works, despite claims from idiots below.
      The art is very much like Bayonetta, anime in style. It’s also been stated that the new Nier game will be Action oriented, which any true gamer will know is PG’s style.

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