PS4 GDDR5 RAM Allows Massive Animations At Higher Frames, Gives Room To Increase Immersion

Origo Games’ Adam McClard talks about The Chainsaw Incident development on PlayStation 4.

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GamingBolt recently had an opportunity to speak the CEO of Origo Games, Adam McClard. The company on currently working on over-the-top 2D fighter The Chainsaw Incident. We asked Adam what kind of development benefits the unified memory architecture and GDDR5 RAM of the PS4 brought to the game.

“The animation in this game is massive. We are doing more frames than most games to date have in total. This needs a lot of processing power. We also will be updating the game to use 3D backgrounds, unlike the 2D ones we used on the early build. So having room to increase the immersion is key,” he explained.

With regards to the PS4’s clock speed and whether it brought up any thread management challenges, Adam said that, “I think both platforms and even PC are more similar than most people let on I feel confident that the experience we will offer will be the same on any platform we bring the game to.”

The Chainsaw Incident is currently schedule to launch on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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  • Psionicinversion

    WTF no offense but what a useless article, a smartphone could run that game at 1080p 60 fps… wth. Flamebait all over the place… id have to vsync the framerate so it doesnt run at 1000 fps and burn my GPU out.

    If that was on the x1 that would be 1080p 300 fps. 3D background dont make me laugh.

    What does it mean there doing more frames than most games have to date in total? does that mean console wise its running over 100 fps? yeah theres a reason for that a galaxy gear smartwatch pushes 60

    • Jackinthebox

      XB1 would have trouble running this game. It cannot even run a COD game in 1080P. Pathetic.

    • Psionicinversion

      its an upgraded versiopn of mortal kmbat, i could prolly draw on paper a higher framerate than this bag of $hit…. makes me so angry every article is 1080p 60fps… oh sorry killzone shadow fall isnt 60 fps in single player nor is it 1080p in multiplayer, infamous 30fps, thief 15 fps, the order 30 fps ceinatic view so it doesnt have to render 20 % of the screen witcher 3 30 fps if ya stay out of open zones… drive club dlayed cus its cr@p…. project cars look sabsolutely aweosme… on PC ps 4 will look like turd… get used to downgrading ya gfx on multiplats cus the only way youll EVER see gfx the best a console can do is exclusives at 20% of the PS4’s user base. Sorry but its true

    • Xtreme Derp

      Project Cars will look fantastic on PS4 for $400.

      Not as good as my GTX 780 Ti but that costs $800.

    • Psionicinversion

      i bet it wont look as good as ya think on PS4 anyway

    • Xtreme Derp

      For a $400 box it’s going to look outstanding.

    • Psionicinversion

      you do know if they put a retail markup on the console like normal products have it would actually be about $6-700 but its ok there making a loss on every one cus when they make an extra $20 per game over PC theyll get alot more money back than giving a proper retail value

    • Xtreme Derp

      Not this time. PS3 was like that at launch, they lost $300 per console.

    • Psionicinversion

      PS3 was different they lost $300 on the cost price. PS4 is losing a small amount on every console cus of the extra 4GB GDDR5 they put in there, its only small though. Both companies basically give you the consoles then get alot more money back through game sales

  • Kevin Kirby

    A cartoon fighting game LOL man the irony.

  • Michael Norris

    Animation takes up a lot of memory,GDDR5 is better then DDR3/Esram get over it.Oh and before Neotroll makes her entrance,I have a message go away.

    • Psionicinversion

      you could run that game off SDRAM, the higher bandwith makes no difference for a game like that

  • Jamie Lawler

    This “story”,is the best April fools prank yet! Another day,another “omg ps4 runs this indie smartfone game at 1080p/60fps sooooooo easily…oh and xbox one sucks too!” If I ever need a giggle it’s GamingBolt for me

    • Lord Akki

      If I ever need a giggle it would be your profile picture 🙂

      Keep on trolling, kid

    • Jamie Lawler

      Love that little guy…

    • Psionicinversion

      PS4 is a like a big bowled toilet after a curry, to much hot wind and full of $hit, good luck with tyour fail console

    • Lord Akki

      I sense so much butthurt in this one. Yo, go and play Infamous SS on your PC/Xbone. Oh wait! YOU CAN’T. Jokes on you man 🙂

    • Psionicinversion

      i dont want play infamous looks boring besides played prototype years ago…. same thing never finished it cus i got bored of it

    • Lord Akki

      I figured you’d say that. Well, sucks for ya, I’m a core gamer and Infamous SS is what I need 🙂

    • Psionicinversion

      Feel sorry for ya, obviously you havnt got very high standards then. nvm, one day you might though

    • Lord Akki

      LOL, you are a peepsqueak aren’t ya, I’m a PC gamer myself. I played the so called ‘high standards’ we have MMOs so what? I’m enjoying games more on my 60 inch screen with my lead gaming machine, PS4 🙂

      It’s people like you who are a disgrace to our community 🙂

    • truthbtold

      Infamous is trash brah thats a big fail like the whole series

    • Lord Akki

      you say that as if you know what trash means.. do me a favor and take a look at yourself in the mirror, now that’s trash 🙂

    • truehero

      Ps4 sucks and so does any Infamous game the jokes on you and your trash Japanese console that had no good exclusives

    • Lord Akki

      The part where you get really butthurt is what entertains me the most 🙂 You don’t have the right to stop me from promoting the PS4 as the best gaming machine in my country and Asian countries. People like me who will stop pos Xbone from going widespread all over the world. There can only be one console who deserves to be KING and that is the PS4 🙂

    • XboxisNumberOne

      Obviously your a sad troll Xbox One has better games and Ps4 games suck just like ps3 games sucked you paid $400 to moan and rant about nothing ps4 has no exclusive games that are good and right now Xbox One better games today and tomorrow you got a crap Japanese console Xbox one Box to rule them all

    • Lord Akki

      *laughs, says the sad troll himself 🙂 Come E3 I can’t wait till you eat crows, kid 🙂

    • You are flat out wrong

      The salt is real.

  • SuperUltraHero

    This article in no way reflects any benefit of GDDR5 even the developer says all platforms are more similar than people want to this just more spam by websites trolling for views. .riight now Xbox One exclusives are selling way more than Ps4 exclusives

  • kickedNorrisButt

    8gigs I’d any speed ddr3 or ddr5 will not be any different for 2d fighting games 8 gigs is massive on Xbox and Ps4 only games heavy 3d graphics and textures depend on ram speed not a fighting game like this it will look the same on both consoles

  • TechnikHero

    Xbox one has 8GIGss DDR3 and 32mb ESRAM and for running a 2d fighting game allows for Limitles Animations and speed on a 2d fighter also The Xbox One has the fastest CPU and allows for Ray tracing and faster Hitbox Calculation and the proof is in Killer Instinct which is3d and plays as fast as any 2d fighter easily better than Ps4 GDDR5 that has latency issues and is the reason Team Xbox did not use it

  • Guest

    Lol…I could take a dump with better animations.

    • Hate flamer

      If you can do better prove it loser.


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