PS4 Has High End GPU Similar To Those Found On PC Market, Will Only Get Better With Tools: Frozenbyte

Marketing manager Kai Tuovinen also talks about self-publishing on the PS4.

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The PS4 is nearly upon us – in North America at least – and reviews are already out about the potential that the device’s hardware holds. Just where does it rank in today’s market, especially compared with high-end PC graphics cards? Frozenbyte is bringing Trine 2: Complete Story to the PS4 and we spoke to marketing manager Kai Tuovinen about just how different the PS4’s GPU is from PC GPUs in terms of customization and tools optimization.

“It’s a great GPU. From what I’ve picked up from conversations with the programmers, it’s a high-end GPU similar to those found on the PC market. That’s really where my expertise ends though, so I can’t really provide any juicy details or proper tech speak.

“Tools is an area that always improves drastically over the years following the launch of a new console, and we’re confident that will be true for PS4 as well. What we have now is good and it will only get better!

Since Trine 2: Complete Story is the second game that Frozenbyte will self-publish, Tuovinen also spoke about what’s different in self-publishing for the PS4.

“Both Nintendo and Sony have been very good at dealing with independent developers as of late, so there were no major differences in self-publishing for the PS4 as compared to the Wii U. Some guidelines for developers may have been a bit out-of-date or hard to interpret, but other than that self-publishing has been pretty smooth on the PS4.

“For the PS4 release, we had to work a bit faster to be able to make the launch (which we hopefully will), so we have been a bit busier with both the development as well as PR and marketing side. Unfortunately we didn’t make the biggest gaming conventions earlier this Fall such as Gamescom or PAX because at the time we didn’t have anything playable. So we might have missed some publicity and marketing opportunities there, but we’ll see how the launch goes.”

Trine 2: Complete Story launches tomorrow for the PS4 in North America and will release in Q4 2013 for Europe.

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  • Dale

    It’s the same as a Radeon 7970, meh suppose it’s a decent card.

    • HeHasRisen

      7970, are you mad. PS4’s GPU is powerful but not that powerful.what you talkin bout meh? 7970 is top tier graphics card.

    • Steven Solidarios

      Custom architecture, unified memory pool, and smaller OS will contribute to amazing looking games that play well in a now expanding online community. If you can’t see how great games will be on this system, you sir are not a gamer.

    • guest

      Read this from a major gaming website:

      “Since this is the first next-gen exclusive we’re reviewing you’re probably curious about the visuals. For this purpose we’ve compared it side-by-side with some of the best looking games on the market including Battlefield 4, Crysis 3 and Far Cry 3 on PC. Only Crysis 3 beats Shadow Fall on technical merits on ultra. Crysis 3 wins out thanks to its higher resolution and better textures.

      The volumetric lighting in Killzone: Shadow Fall is nothing less than amazing. The level that plays out on the top secret research craft was jaw-dropping. The lighting paired with an insane level of detail makes this an incredible leap from Killzone 3. Particles dot the air making it less than perfect, something that makes more of a difference than we were expecting. Dust and smoke rest in the air and as they’re hit by the searchlight from Owl, graphical magic is born.”

      I think it is very impressive graphics for how cheap the PS4 costs.

  • Sik Beni

    PS4 has a 7870 equivalent card…

  • Dakan45

    Nope you cant have a high end gpu on a small console because there isnt enough power supply for all that power, also that weak ass tablet cpu is bottlenecking it.

    But hey “Killzone: Shadow Fall is a good- looking game, though that mostly thanks to the art design. Textures are a bit blurry at times, and the physics have a habit of freaking out, while the overall graphics really aren’t much of a leap from the PS3 and definitely struggle to outmatch the very best of what a comparable PC can do. That said, art direction does trump hardware horsepower, and Shadow Fall has that where it counts”

    -Jim sterling

    sorry kids, shadowfall is no graphics king DOESNT match up to bf4 and crysis 3 o npc.


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