PS4 Rumour: Sony Files Patent For Dynamic Content Switching Between Architecturally Distinct GPUs

This sounds like a pretty good patent.

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It seems like we have an idea of what Sony may be planning for the PS4, as they have filed a patent which is called “Dynamic Context Switching Between architecturally Distinct GPUs”.

Before you roll your eyes, this is quite an ingenious patent when you think about it. So basically what it means is that Sony could be going with an APU+GPU combination in its next-gen system. If they can ensure compatibility between two architecturally different GPUs as this patent suggests, they can dynamically handle the load while intelligently maintaining a low power draw.

Here’s the official description of the patent: “Graphics processing in a computer graphics apparatus having architecturally dissimilar first and second graphics processing units (GPU) is disclosed. Graphics input is produced in a format having an architecture-neutral display list. One or more instructions in the architecture neutral display list are translated into GPU instructions in an architecture specific format for an active GPU of the first and second GPU.”

This indicates that Sony could go with a high powered GPU and a mobile GPU as it was rumoured earlier.

amd next gen

For example, the apparatus of claim 2 wherein the first GPU is a high power GPU and the second GPU is a low power GPU having lower power consumption than the high power GPU and a maximum processing capacity that is less than a maximum processing capacity of the high power GPU.

This makes complete sense and should create ways to provide significant performance without drawing too much power.

Tell us what you think of this in the comments section below.

(via FPO)

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  • monkey

    its a rumor proven false. I hate it when sites stoop to tabloid journalism. Ignore

    • it’s a f’ing patent this isn’t a rumor.

    • monkey

      a patient of something that 99 percent of the time never happens

    • It still isn’t a rumor.

    • monkey

      yeah it is

    • No it isn’t, it’s a rumor that this will be featured in the PS4 but the patent itself has been filed and is real.

  • Gman

    So Says the monkey

  • Your Dads Mom

    Sony Defensive Force doctrines #2013 :

    WHEN $ony gets positive news, it’s a fair journalism. Praise the lord Yoshida.
    WHEN $ony gets negative news, it’s NOT a fVcking journalism. Protest!
    WHEN $ony gets rumors, it MUST be true (as long as it sounds cool). Megaton!

    Sony Offensive Force doctrines #111 :

    WHEN Xbox games get high scores, it’s a paid journalism. Lame!
    WHEN Xbox games get low scores, spit and repeat. LOL-ing
    WHEN Playstation exclusives get high scores, support and testify it’s true. Tks Sony!
    WHEN Playstation exclusives get low scores, ambush and attack opponents.

    Hail $ony & PS !!!!11!

    Love & Regards,
    President Shuhei Yoshida

    • How many high scores can 360 get? It only has 3 AAA games. Just sayin..

    • jujubee88

      Dude, all you do is talk sh!t about anything Playstation related in every major Playstation related article (that has a discuss comment section).

      … I bet you did not even know Shuhei Yoshida is one of the most non-bias, easy going CEO’s in the gaming biz. Shuhei-san tweets from his ipad, has a Wii U, and talks about other companies games all the time. (Of course, he also talks about Playstation)

      Please, tone down the fanboy overtones in your comments, use sound logic+facts, and if you want to engage people that follow Playstation news in discussions with others on discuss, do those same ppl a favor and stop trying to paint them in the way you just did.

      Thank you. :]

    • Your Dads Mom

      Most non-bias? He’s no different than any other fanboys, only more ‘sarcastic’ with smileys because of his high profile job @ $ony, if you get my drift. A gentle or harsh trolling is still a…trolling. I just follow his examples like he did in MiiVerse:

      Dude, that’s fact & logic. Still licking his ass?

    • HassanJamal

      Hahhahaha, you think thats trolling. Stupid journalists. Thats more like friendly competition teasing. Its not like he said PS is da best, wii u can suck it. All he just wrote on wii u note thing was i <3 PS 🙂

      How in good gamings name is that trolling?

    • HassanJamal

      Yeah Im a muslim but how is that relevant to your dads mom topic? bet you we’re expecting me to rage, werent ya? Im not bringing my religion and forcing that down people’s throat, I aint that sort of person. Oh and thats competition teasing, more like trolling, wouldnt you say? 😉

    • Zach

      How do Microsoft’s balls taste?

      Calm down, not everyone who plays on Playstation is going to automatically hate Xbox and love PS stuff. I for one love my PS3, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love playing some Halo…

      Shuhei Yoshida actually is pretty good considering he’s one of the higher ranked executive at Sony. He actively tweets about how cool the Wii U is, and he even wished Nintendo good luck with their console. I’m not saying this is unbiased, as he obviously favors Playstation (he works there after all), but lighten up a little. Don’t talk smack about Playstation players if you’re essentially doing the exact same thing.

    • UnFarted

      Sad oh sad. No one give a damn to Poopstation talkers. Yay!!

    • jujubee88


      I was going to leave a comment about your little comment,

      “Dude, that’s fact & logic. Still licking his ass?”

      . . . but my response might have been interpreted as something of an idiot and homophobic slur.

      I would rather just you look like the dumbass. Dumbass!


    • BaestlyRip

      Your Dads Mom is right, your cute haha just makes you the dumbest ass. Gratz dumbestbee! LMAO damage control can be hazard for your health too, and we knew you’re a homophobic kid.

    • Sooo?

      You wanna know why people believe anything from $ony? because $ony is not really $ony, it is actually Sony. They are the ones who push further, take risks and don’t give a fuck about just being the ones on top. Instead, they want to be the best.

  • BrothaDave

    basically it will be able to switch into different modes so developers will have the ability to code more freely on consoles that’s what I’m gathering correct? If so cool I just want the new consoles to come out already I’m bored

  • monkey

    sony is basically leaving the industry patients usually go no where

  • Scroticus

    You can already do this to a degree with PC….

  • PC can already do this. So again companies are going to make consoles outdated the second they release. Ugh, Sony and Microsoft will never learn. I love consoles but PC is way better. Either way, if that picture were to be exactly how the ps4 controler would look like. Thats the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. Seriously, wheres the anolog sticks.

  • FONY

    blah blah

  • Shagohod

    Oh dear. More Sony overhype that won’t deliver. Been there, done that.

  • jukka

    What else can it do besides power saving?

  • monkey

    sony ponys will try to convince themselves this will get them out of last place

  • XXX

    there is already a program out there that does something similar to this if not this.
    Lucid Virtu.

  • Actually it’s about smart architectural design & smart software optimization which has been proven effective for even current generation hd consoles for example to handle a considerable scale of physics,animations,ai etc…on screen at once & extend their performance capabilities & products life cycle.

    P.S..Thanks to the mad software technology geniuses at euclidean who have made an incredible software technology solution leap beyond anything yet achieved in gaming to date just further validates it.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Everyone!

  • Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex… It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction. – Albert Einstein


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