PS4 Specs Allows Benchmarking For Higher Graphical Settings, Definitely Targeting 60FPS/1080p: Muse Games

Muse Games CEO Howard Tsao talks about Sony’s next-gen console.

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PlayStation 4_official
We got a chance to speak CEO of Muse Games Howard Tsao, currently developing Guns of Icarus Online for the PlayStation 4, about all things next-gen related. First, we started off by asking if the team would be targeting 1080p resolution and sixty frames per second, given that this is one of the more sought after visual requirements for next-gen consoles. Tsao responded, “Yeah definitely, with PS4’s specs, the doors are open for a lot of pretty things. We’ll obviously have to do a lot of benchmarking work, but we are definitely excited about PS4’s specs.”

How does the PS4’s 8 GB GDDR5 RAM help in developing for the console, especially since every unit is uniform in design as compared to PC? “We can benchmark for much higher graphical settings and to ensure the players enjoy as nice of a graphical experience as we can deliver. It’s nice to be able to dedicate to supporting and optimizing high-end specs for a change.”

Finally, regarding new content coming to the PS4 version of Guns of Icarus Online, Tsao stated that, “With the game in general, we are continuing to update and add new content.By the time we release to PS4, we’ll definitely have a lot more content for PS4 players. When we release the Co-op and Adventure Mode DLCs, they will be available for PS4 players as well. For PS4 exclusive content, we’ll need to keep over balance in mind as we roll out cross-platform play, but we’ll definitely try to do something special for PS4 players as well.”

Excited even more for the PlayStation 4 which launches on November 15th in North America and November 29th in Europe? Let us know in the comments below.

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    • Jason Mounce

      False. Nintendo went to Sony to ask for help with an ADDON. Like what happened with N64. Sony did not Botch anything, Nintendo essentially betrayed Sony aka, went quiet, then went to Phillips to do the job as likely Nintendo was uncomfortable with what royalties Sony were asking for with their participation or that Nintendo themselves were being greedy and not wanting to let go a legitimate amount of royalties – No one will know which, doesn’t really matter.

      The only thing that is ‘Thanks to Nintendo’ is that due to their blatant backstabbing, Sony’s uppers felt it an insult and decided to release the add-on they were making and build it as a competing console. So if Nintendo never asked for Sony to help them to begin with, backstab or not, they may not have entered the race.

      They did not screw up PS4 in any way. You seem to be believing the negative reactions which have been sensationalized if anything. If it were $500 then it’d mean nothing, if you want a ‘Super Console’, go buy a PC. It’s not all about ‘Super graphics’. The hardware in the PS4 is great enough for what you’re paying….unsure what your reasons are for disliking the console to begin with. With X1 for example, it’s $100 more and is Cheaper/weaker hardware, $100 to pay for that and a mandatory Kinect. Then you got Wii U, then you got a PC of which you have full control over. Not exactly sure how ‘$100 more’ would have made it more of a ‘Super console’ than it already is.

    • Jjaassoonn Kkeennjjii

      Ok sorry. Didn’t know I was talking to a sony die hard. The facts are that Nintendo was not happy with the load times of optical format and was courting two companies to see who could execute it better. They pulled out of disc and stuck with carts. That’s Nintendo. Carts. Handheld. Eventually N they admitted their mistakes and went optical and did GC/Wii.
      If I wanted to hook up a computer to my tv and run around with keyboard in hand I wouldn’t want a console. What I was saying is, let’s spend the extra and do it right this time. I love games, but sony practically institution aliased dlna and to not have that capability, we’ll now I gotta drag out another box. I will spend 100 more for just that. Spend 100 more and blow the xboxs capability out of the water. Next gen is about capability not price.
      A super console would cost more, but it would be able to utterly stomp the capability of anything out there. Look at halo 4 and look at launch titles from sony and xbox. Marginally better looking. I was excited to buy one of these consols like I bought all of the last

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