PS4 Third Party Deals Will “Continue To Be Really Important” in 2016

“The days of a platform-holder working in isolation are long gone.”

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Street Fighter 5

While Microsoft decides to focus on first party franchises on Xbox One (Rise of the Tomb Raider notwithstanding), Sony seems to be aggressively going in the opposite direction with third party DLC deals (Destiny, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3) and exclusives like Street Fighter 5. According to PlayStation Europe boss Jim Ryan in an interview with MCV, such deals will still hold great importance for Sony in 2016.

“We are going to be strong with games that we have developed and we will publish, but third-party partnerships will continue to be important to us. The days of a platform-holder working in isolation are long gone.

“It is a connected ecosystem and relationships with publishers operate on many levels – they will certainly continue to be really important in 2016.”

Such deals have been paying off pretty well for Sony what with Destiny: The Taken King smashing downloadable game records, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 set to be a huge success and Street Fighter 5 continuing to draw attention. What are your thoughts on the same? Let us know below.

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  • Fweds

    It seems that what Sony are really saying here is that they haven’t got the resources for many first party exclusives so buying advertising rights etc is their way forward, great for them and their bank balance but not a lot of good for PS4 owners wanting exclusives.

    • Rodney Patrick

      That’s exactly what they are saying,and what’s crazy about it is that Sony brainwashing their fans by saying it’s all about third party games no one cares about first party games anymore….smh

    • Agent_Blade

      Are you serious? You cannot be serious right?

    • Agent_Blade

      Wrong in so many ways…

    • XbotMK1

      Another, lying, desperate, and delusional Microsoft fanboy shill using another fake account. What a freak.

  • Starman

    here we go … no cash for first party , so they try to make it seem like it’s a bad thing … and stupid little naive sony fangirls , will jump on that wagon …
    they don’t have anymore first party teams to develop anything … just be honest about it .. just like backwards compatible is a bad thing vs game streaming service , that’s over priced and under performing is the way to go …lmfao !!!!
    there you have in a nutshell… gtfo sony and gamingbolt
    idiots like you all are destroying the industry … we don’t want you , please opt out of the industry , you have nothing to offer but crooked campaigning …something we can do without …

    • Agent_Blade

      It’s guys like you that give fanboys a bad name and that’s saying something.

    • MrSec84 .

      I really don’t get what’s up with people like Starman, they can’t cannot really believe their own nonsense.
      It’s an outright fact that Sony has released way more AAA 1st party games than Microsoft has on their 8th gen console.

      Sony’s also got way more announced and even more in development.
      Flat out lying is all people like that can do.

      It’s like they think if they keep saying this stuff enough that it will become true, not going to happen and considering that Sony are beginning to ramp up output we’re already in that stage of the generation where gamers have more games than they know what to do with on PS4.
      He can keep squirming though, since he has nothing better to do.

      It really is quite hilarious.

    • MrSec84 .

      No cash for first party? except Sony has both released more of those games and has more announced and in development than Microsoft does.

      Quite the trolling, lying bull and just drop this nonsense now you fool!
      Sony were the first company to break the 100 million units sold mark for a video game console, they’ve done nothing but push the boundaries.

      Reality 100% proves your nonsense comments to be nothing but baloney!

  • Agent_Blade

    All three of you below me are wrong, dead wrong. Every one of Sony’s first party studios is working on a game for PS4. Please stop that BS. Plus you three know good and well that Sony has more first party exclusives in development then Xbox One (that we know of so far), and PS4 exclusives first part or not cover every corner and genre of gaming so there is something out there for everyone

    They still have AAA exclusives. That we know are in development but haven’t been shown to the public yet. If you guys had really been paying attention the past couple years you would notice that Sony still has the largest range of exclusives (AAA included) and also from a business standpoint, making deals with third party is important. Look at where that got the 360 last Gen, MS started this crap with it deals. can’t fault Sony for trying to get back up and put PS4 on the top.

  • Mark

    I gotta disagree Ravi, Sony isn’t “going in the opposite direction”, they have AAA first party titles. Thing is, they’re doubling down on multiplats too, and it’s paying off…that’s really the situation.

  • XbotMK1

    This website and these Microsoft fanboys in the comment sections can’t get any more pathetic.

    You’re delusional if you think Sony isn’t working on 1st party games for the PS4 when Sony has more 1st party game developers than Microsoft. Sony has released more 1st party exclusives on the PS4 than Microsoft has on the Xbox One and there are more currently announced 1st party exclusives coming to the PS4 than there is for the Xbox One, yet you believe Sony is moving away from 1st party exclusives. You’re a joke. You’re either ignorant or a lying sack of sht fraud.

    Sony has 3rd party deals with COD BLOP3, Battlefront, and Street Fighter V. Hardly anything compared to how Microsoft has 3rd party deals with Fallout 4, Just Cause 3, Rainbow Six Siege, Recore, and Scalebound on top of 3rd party deals they’ve already released such as Dead Rising 3, Titanfall, and Ryse.

    Sony has always relied on 1st party exclusives. Jim Ryan is just being honest and not trying to sugar coat the fact that they will continue 3rd party deals. That doesn’t necessarily mean full exclusives. Microsoft is just feeding people bs. Microsoft is the one who has always relied on 3rd party exclusives but now that Sony is winning, and Xbox One is bleeding money, Microsoft conveniently wants to start relying on 1st party exclusives instead which is less expensive and something Sony has already been doing. Microsoft wants to flip flop and wants to play as the victim because they can’t compete with Sony’s 1st party and they can’t rely on 3rd party now that Xbox One is bleeding money and the PS4 has greater market share.

    Just because Jim Ryan says 3rd party developers will continue to be important to them going forward doesn’t mean they’re abandoning 1st party exclusive games, so why are you trying to spin it that way, when the facts show the PS4 has more 1st party exclusives and more currently announced than Xbox One? And why did you even mention Microsoft or the Xbox One in this article anyway?

    Propaganda. Lying and releasing missinformation isn’t going to save Xbox One Gamingbolt.

    • Frye

      Why is that every time you comment… You have to put a wall of text?

  • Xbox one 2econd gpu unlocking

    Sony needs money to recover, if 1080p exclusive deals are part of that, then we agree.
    It keeps Sony strong and Apple out from entering consoles.
    Our 1st party games we want at 1080p like forza series are, so we Ok with this.

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