PS4 Timed Exclusive Hellblade Graphics Will At Least Match Quality of CG Trailer

Ninja Theory’s Dominic Matthews said the teaser “set a benchmark for the kind of quality we hope to get.”

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Hellblade 1

Ninja Theory (sort of) shocked the world when it revealed that its upcoming action adventure title Hellblade would be heading to the PS4 as the studio tied up with Sony once more. Aside from the history both companies shared after Heavenly Sword, which saw Ninja Theory go off on its own to develop Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and DmC: Devil May Cry as multiplatform games, we were treated to a CG trailer that teased the game’s grim setting.

While CG trailers are usually viewed with disdain, product development manager Dominic Matthews promises the final game’s visuals will match its debut teaser. GamingBolt asked Matthews about the teaser from Gamescom and how representative it was of the final game, and even if it was real-time or pre-rendered.

Matthews revealed that, “Okay, so what you saw was running on Unreal 4, which is the engine we will be using for this game. It’s not real time, it’s pre-rendered, but, that trailer was made in about ten weeks, with our team of about 12 people. So it’s certainly set a benchmark for the kind of quality that we hope to get, and it certainly sets the tone for Hellblade as a whole. So yeah, I think, what our aim is that we will at least match the quality in the trailer with the final game.”

As of now, Hellblade will be arriving first on PlayStation with Ninja Theory not offering much information as to when it will arrive on other consoles or PC. We’ll find out whether the final game really does match a CG-level of presentation in the coming months.

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  • Guest

    Good luck with that, we all know it won’t and this overhyping will lead to another failure.


    Can’t wait to play this game..

  • Mark

    My my my. This is lookin to be the next gen Ninja Gaiden for me. As for the scepticism about these games approaching CG quality graphics, look no further than Qbreak, DriveClub, The Order and Tomorrow Children. All those games do not have to consider last gen specs. Go have a look at Advanced Warfare campaign again…….surprisingly real for me. We must not forget that with new consoles come new rendering techniques (Physically Based Rendering), advanced lighting (new Global illumination effects), better Anti-Aliasing, etc. Along with programmers moving more toward multi-CPU threading and the use of GPGPU. It takes time but we’re approaching some amazing looking games, as current gen untethers from last gen. Don’t sleep on these consoles.

  • XanderZane41

    This game should be great. Loved playing Heavenly Swod.


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