PS4 UI Mock-up Screens Showcase Library, Games Folder and Necessary Features, Sony Should Take Note

Check out one user’s idea of different tweaks the PS4 UI could have.

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The PlayStation 4 UI has received its fair share of compliments and complaints since launch. While it is a very large improvement over the PS3’s interface, some still feel that it could use a few more features. One Reddit user decided to create some mock-ups of what the PS4 UI could look like with a few changes. Check them out below.

ps4 ui 2

The most obvious change here is clumping together the games and apps you have in one Library and giving you the chance to hide the ones you don’t often use. You could always sort these out though, with options for displaying hidden apps and games.

ps4 ui (3)

The other net addition here is for a Games folder. You can also choose to move games to this folder or pin them to your home screen for easy access. This is a good way to get everything organized.

ps4 ui (2)

Finally, you have the Internet Browser section which consists of different Live Tile-like squares. Options for deleting apps that you don’t use would be available, along with Library tiles showing your more recent games. Other options include what you were viewing last on your browser, which PS Shows you were viewing last, etc.

What do you think of the above mock-ups and do you have any of your own changes to recommend? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Lacerz

    Better organization is necessary. I have 29 games on my PS4 and having to scroll across all the apps is a pain, even if I can use my mic to voice control it. It’s cluttered, and will likely be more so as games come out.

  • Solid Snake

    Organization is the most important. Also I want to be able to change the background from blue to black.

    Make it happen Sony!

  • jordan jones

    Is this a mockup seems like its just copy and pasting what the x1 already does how does it not have have pins or a games folder thats all stuff even the 360 had

  • Bob

    None of this is necessary at all. Your games you play the most will always be the first games in the list from the left so what’s there to complain about?

  • Me

    Sorry but no. The only decent thing is the game folder but that should be done properly by enabling you to have more than one folder and that you can give them names.

  • thetruth

    this site is so crap. what a waste of time!

  • Sean Broniszewski

    That’s exactly how I pictured it. the games will have 3 games on rotation the rest go in folder with the dualshock logo I already created that in mind hope they do it.

  • Faisal Munayam

    they should really make sending messages a window that runs on top of an app or game like the xbox 360.. so you could still see if someone is running up on you


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