PS4 vs Xbox One: Who Won 2015?

Sony and Microsoft traded blows this year, but only one came out on top. Who was it? Find out inside.

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What a year 2015 truly turned out to be. It was a great year for video games, and every single platform got multiple incredible titles to enjoy. After the last few years have been considered disappointing – 2013 was the typical launch year, plagued with low grade launch window games that were rushed to meet deadlines, while 2014 was plagued with an unusually high amount of delays – 2015 was the year when this new generation of video games finally came into its own, and we finally got a taste of the kinds of games that are truly possible on this new batch of consoles.

Every platform did well for itself this year- the PC got some unexpected gems, hits like Undertale, Pillars of Eternity, Her Story, and the long awaited conclusion to Starcraft with Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void. Nintendo had a quieter year than 2014, when they outright dominated, but the Wii U still managed to get some gems in, with Splatoon, Super Mario Maker, Yoshi’s Woolly World, and Xenoblade Chronicles X. The 3DS, now in its fifth year, got a major new hardware launch, and some long waited titles, with The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Even the Vita got to join in on the action with games like Persona 4: Dancing All Night, which so typically epitomize what the Vita is as a platform.

But no, 2015 will be remembered for being the year when the battle between the PS4 and Xbox One finally escalated into a full blown war. Like the classic Nintendo vs Sega, PlayStation vs Nintendo, and PS3 vs Xbox 360 wars of yesteryear, PS4 vs Xbox One became a brutal, bloody battle this year, as Microsoft fought back hard to try and reclaim the spot that they had conceded thanks to their own arrogance and Sony’s savvy, and Sony tried to widen the lead between their PS4 and Xbox One even further. On every field of battle, the PS4 and Xbox One met- from price to third party games, from exclusives to future game announcements, from features and services outside of gaming to backwards compatibility, the PS4 and Xbox One traded blows.

But every war has a winner, and as 2015 draws to a close, it may be time to stop and look back on the year, and try to consider: just who came out on top in the first round of this generation’s console wars? Was it Microsoft, who made huge strides to shake off the stigma of the past few years, and emerge as a gaming centric platform again? Or was it Sony, who continued to widen the lead with their competition with their laser sharp focus on the games that their customers wanted to play?

Only one was victorious. Let’s try and figure out who it was, though.

Xbox One PS4

"Not enough credit can be given to Microsoft for what they pulled this year. This was the year that their comeback was truly cemented, the year that they finally began to reverse the disastrous unveiling of the Xbox One from a few years ago."

Not enough credit can be given to Microsoft for what they pulled this year. This was the year that their comeback was truly cemented, the year that they finally began to reverse the disastrous unveiling of the Xbox One from a few years ago, and regain some goodwill from the customers, the year that they finally had some exclusive games giving their system a discrete identity, rather than just being a poor man’s PS4. Coming off of the high of last holiday season, when the Xbox One finally managed to sell more than the PS4 (though the PS4 was still leading in lifetime sales) thanks to aggressive pricing and bundling, Microsoft decided to make the new, lower price point of $349 permanent earlier this year- a price that at the time, undercut Sony’s still $399 console by a whole $50, or the price of a game, or a year’s subscription to Xbox Live or PSN.

What came after was a series of moves designed to compensate for all the negative momentum the Xbox One had struggled with since its launch- a new user interface, that would do away with the old, slow, bloated, and unnecessarily obtuse media focused UI that the Xbox One had launched with, and replace it with the leaner, faster, and far more powerful Windows 10 inspired menu. A revamping of the Xbox Live Games with Gold program to have it actually be worth the cost of admission, by increasing the quality and quantity of games on offer. And free, albeit limited, backwards compatibility with the Xbox 360.

This last point was really a feather in Microsoft’s cap- backwards compatibility isn’t actually a much used feature, but it is sort of a symbol for how a company perceives its customers. Microsoft, by offering backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games, digital and physical, and doing it all for free, even though the games were enhanced with Xbox One features, won some long needed goodwill from gamers everywhere- this was a move with no obvious profit motive, a move that would probably lose Microsoft money rather than make them any, but they were still offering it to their customers, out of a wish to do right by them, and to honor any previous history they may have had with the Xbox brand. It was a good move, and the first real ammunition that Microsoft and its fans have had in the console war for years.

forza 6 car pack 1

"There wasn’t anything bad with the Xbox One’s exclusive lineup. It just felt… stale."

On the games front, things were actually not quite as rosy, in spite of Microsoft proudly trumpeting this year as ‘the best lineup in Xbox history.’ The trouble is, that was out and out a lie- the first six months saw absolutely no retail exclusive for the Xbox One released, though we did at least get Ori and the Blind Forest (an excellent indie game, albeit one shared with the PC), and a Fast and Furious themed expansion pack for Forza Horizon 2 (albeit one shared with the Xbox 360). The back half of the year, though stacked with what you would consider big games, was, from the player’s perspective, filled with games where it was hard to shake off the distinct feeling of it all being more of the same, the same song and dance we’ve seen for over a decade now. We got a new Halo, and it was an improvement over Halo 4 and Halo: The Master Chief Collection, but it was still just another Halo. We got a new Forza, and it was an improvement over Forza Motorsport 5, but it was still just another Forza. We got Rare Replay and Gears of War Ultimate Edition, which quite literally were more of the same- a repackaging of thirty of Rare’s best games in the case of the former (albeit in a very nicely done, budget priced, classy package), and a full remake of the 2006 game that made the Xbox 360 a force to be reckoned with in the case of the latter (though with changes made that made the already poorly aged experience even worse).

There wasn’t anything bad with the Xbox One’s exclusive lineup. It just felt… stale. We’ve already had three retail Forza releases and two retail Halo releases on the Xbox One at this point. We’re getting another new Gears and another new Halo on the Xbox One next year (and we’re probably going to be getting a Forza Horizon 3 as well). It’s really hard to feel excited by all these games when they seem to be just going through the motions. Relying on a few blockbuster franchises isn’t necessarily a bad strategy – Nintendo has made an art form of doing just that for thirty years now – but in that case, Microsoft would be well pressed to learn how to keep their franchises feeling fresh from Nintendo too. Releasing a new game in each every year in a desperate attempt to bolster the lineup or flagging sales is not how you do it.

Fallout 4_03

"In spite of Microsoft’s best efforts to bridge the hardware gap between the PS4 and the Xbox One, with new software development kits, new developer APIs, DirectX 12, and a new UI that has less overhead than the old one, freeing up more resources for developers to use, the disparity between the Xbox One and the PS4 has never been more painfully apparent than it was this year."

Things were even worse on the third party front, where no amount of spin or fanboy wrangling will change the fact that the Xbox One is struggling to keep up with the PS4, across two dimensions- quality and quantity. To tackle the quantity question first, the PS4 is simply managing to get more third party games than the Xbox One- AAA, indie, Japanese, western, more developers are aligning with Sony’s more powerful console, which also comes with the benefit of having a more developer friendly custodian heading it. Just this year alone saw the release of third party games like Hotline Miami 2, Disgaea 5, and Tales of Zestiria- all high rated third party titles simply not available on the Xbox One.

The problem is that the third party games the Xbox One does get all run far worse on it than they do on the PS4, which brings us to the quality issue. In spite of Microsoft’s best efforts to bridge the hardware gap between the PS4 and the Xbox One, with new software development kits, new developer APIs, DirectX 12, and a new UI that has less overhead than the old one, freeing up more resources for developers to use, the disparity between the Xbox One and the PS4 has never been more painfully apparent than it was this year. This is no longer a question of counting pixels- the graphics war between the PS4 and Xbox One is beyond just 1080p vs 900p now. Games on the Xbox One unquestionably look and perform worse than they do on the PS4. Major third party games like Star Wars: Battlefront, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Fallout 4, and Just Cause 3 all were far worse on the Xbox One than they were on the PS4. Fallout 4 and Just Cause 3 were especially bad on the Xbox One, with framerates going down to zero frames a second at times, and loading times extending to fifteen minutes in many cases. This, coupled with the lower resolutions that all Xbox One versions of multiplatform games have, made it very clear that the system is already struggling to keep up with the developers’ vision when it comes to games.

The problem can only get worse as we enter next year- games are going to continue to get more and more ambitious and complex, and the Xbox One’s hardware is set in stone. No amount of cloud processing, new SDKs, or DirectX 12 can negate the PS4’s obvious hardware advantage. The fact of the matter is, when it comes to games, the PS4 has it in the bag.


"In spite of an unusually weak year from Sony on the exclusive games front, the console still managed to get a whole slate of impressive titles."

And that was true of the PS4 this year too- in spite of an unusually weak year from Sony on the exclusive games front (they outright admitted that it had been a poor showing from them), the console still managed to get a whole slate of impressive titles that made it a no brainer when it came to recommending a new console to someone. Although Sony had a poor start this year with The Order 1886, they rallied soon with From Software’s masterpiece, Bloodborne, which to this day remains the best exclusive across the PS4 and Xbox One. Over the summer, they got remasters of God of War 3, as well as the entire Uncharted trilogy, while for new games, we got Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, and more impressively, Until Dawn, the horror game sensation that came out of nowhere and ended up being a massive cult hit. PS4 also got Rocket League over the summer, which remains probably the most fun game this year, as well as Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, the sequel to the high octane breakout indie hit game from a few years ago. It got a great, beautiful port of the PS3 exclusive Journey.

These were all games, incidentally, that the Xbox One did not get. And Bloodborne alone is a better game than any that the Xbox One received this year (and this can be proven by the only empirical metric that can be used to quantify something as inherently subjective as a game’s quality- Metacritic, where Bloodborne has outscored not just all Xbox One exclusives this year (and ever), but also most games this generation period). But that’s not even all- we got experimental new experiences, like Until Dawn, we got to revisit familiar faces, with the remasters for Uncharted and God of War, and we also got some great third party games that simply have no equivalent on the Xbox One, like Rocket League.

This isn’t even counting third party games- games like Destiny: The Taken King, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Just Cause 3, Fallout 4, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate were all third party games that were tangibly better on the PS4, offering graphical and performance based perks and upgrades, as well as exclusive content for the PS4 version.

So Sony dominated entirely when it came to the games front. However, they did stumble when it came to the services front, where Microsoft made great strides. For instance, consider backwards compatibility, where Sony’s plan to sell PS2 Classics on PS4 came off as cynical and money minded, compared to Microsoft and Nintendo’s efforts- Sony was reselling PS2 games on the PS4 store, and even if you owned a PS2 Classic digitally after buying it on the PS3, you would need to pay $15 to buy it on the PS4 again. It was a breach of implicit consumer trust and of digital continuity, and Sony failed to live up to their own standard that they had pioneered with concepts like Cross Buy, Cross Save, and Remote Play, with this move.

ps4 self updating

"None of Sony’s firmware updates this year were bad, and they were all appreciated- but none of them made the PS4 experience dramatically better. These features all just iterated on what we already had before."

At the very least, Sony’s emulation of PS2 games appears to have been far better than what Microsoft is offering with the Xbox One, which appears to be largely spotty. PS2 games are also enhanced, supporting PS4 specific features like SharePlay, 1080p output, and Trophies, so at the very least Sony is incentivizing playing through these games again. Still, it cannot be denied that Sony should at the very least have offered a discount to previous owners of PS2 Classics if they wanted to buy the same game on the PS4 again- it wouldn’t have cost them much, but it would have won them consumer trust and loyalty, intangibles that are invaluable.

Sony’s biggest firmware updates this year added features like Suspend/Resume (a feature that had been promised back in 2013 before the console even launched, finally made available earlier this year), player communities to discuss games and host tournaments, and other social features. None of these were bad, and they were all appreciated- but none of them made the PS4 experience dramatically better. These features all just iterated on what we already had before.

Of course, one of the reasons that Sony didn’t have to work hard on dramatically overhauling the PS4 UI is because they got it so right the first time- Microsoft was forced to do a full UI relaunch because the original Xbox One UI, in spite of constant updates and fixes, was a buggy mess. The PS4 UI was good to begin with, and Sony seems content to merely not rock the boat there.

That probably summarizes the entire year for Microsoft and Sony this year, actually. While Microsoft definitely did more this year than Sony did, most of their work was trying to catch up to where Sony was at the beginning of this year- which they largely did successfully. Everything that Microsoft, led by Phil Spencer, did, from catchups to new UI to even exclusive games, was in an effort to bridge the gap that existed between the Xbox One and PS4. Sony may have done less this year, but they started from such a higher point that they still ended this year in a better position than Microsoft did. Even minor improvements to the already great PS4 experience led to the PS4 ending in a far better place than dramatic improvements to a middling Xbox One experience. Add to this the PS4’s undeniable superiority in the one thing that matters above all else, games, and it is undeniable- the winner of the war, at least in 2015, was the PS4. There is no getting around it.

The good news is, however, that Microsoft did well, and if this is how they plan on continuing pursuing Sony, then there is a very real chance that they overtake Sony and the PS4 eventually, in terms of games and features if not sales. Of course, Sony won’t make it easy for them, either, and they do have the benefit of having the better hardware with more game support.

Next year looks great- with great exclusives lined up on both sides (Quantum Break, ReCore, Crackdown 3, Scalebound, Halo Wars 2, Sea of Thieves, versus Uncharted 4, Gravity Rush 2, Gran Turismo Sport, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Detroit: Become Human, Dreams, Persona 5, Street Fighter 5, and Dragon Quest 11), and Sony and Microsoft circling each other for blood, the customer can only benefit from all this. Keep the competition and the war going, guys- we, the players, are the ones who benefit from all this.

Note: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to, GamingBolt as an organization. 

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  • Truth™

    Both consoles were garbage and this is such an apologist article for such low tier trash hardware with no games. There’s no reason to own a console when everything is on PC and superior on PC. The PS4 is just a glorified pay walled sub 30FPS Cable Box and the xbone is so pathetic it barely gets acknowledged by the master race.

    It’s telling that PS4 lost nearly 20 exclusives to PC within the span of two weeks just how rapidly 3rd parties see the PC as the new lead platform and that nothing on PS4 sells than a sub-1080p COD Black Ops 3.

    2016, most of that line up will be on PC and play better on PC while console exclusivity dies a deserved death. Another year of console tears awaits.

  • Truth™

    Enjoy your consoles then, peasant 🙂

    • Devin Turner

      Your obviously just a troll. So I’m gonna text this to you how am I the peasant when I’m simply stating that all gaming platforms are Very amazing yes sure they all have strengths and Weeknesses but I think they all are amazing even including PC so you are the true peasant you can’t see the greatness in all gaming platforms so goodbye Troll 🙂

  • Bloody Bandit

    My brother has both ps4 and xbox1 he says he likes xbox one better , I do not own either .Everytime I go over there he has the xbox1 on .I play Pc games I have top line computer and it beats every game either of those consoles have mainly I game at 2k 3440*1440 on 34 inch monitor but sometimes I game at 4k on racing games.But we looked at games side by side and my pc blows them consoles away it aint even close.

  • JoinTheRest

    Simple really, Sony fans have really really low standards so no matter how much interactive movies you give them they will still manage to force themselves into liking them.

    Halo 5
    Tomb raider
    Forza 6



    Xbox won by a mile it’s not even close, this is the second year in a row where xbox DOMINATES all other consoles. 2016 is already in the bag for xbox aswell with literally nothing worth caring about apart from uncharted on ps4.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Is that so? Why, then, if those games are so good, are they all languishing in sales? Even the oft lauded Halo has seen the poorest opening in a long time, with the worst reception (ever?).

  • Zoe Butcher

    Truth, the raging PC guy down below posting 50 comments isn’t just hopping into the console wars to stir up crap for no reason though, monsterduc.

    I suspect that he’s an XBone owner as well as a PC owner and he doesn’t have any bragging rights when it comes to the Xbox One this year, so he just uses the PC argument.


    It’s now clear that the real loser was the wiiu! Meanwhile, the console war. ..

  • I only bought 2 games for my PS4 this year. Bloodborne and The Order. I bought close to 10 games for my XB1 so my vote goes to MSFT.

    • J Doe

      I was exactly the same. My PS4 has been collecting dust for most of its life so far.
      I even run my TV thru my XBOX so it is on and used everyday of the week.

    • J.j. Barrington

      For TV. Interesting that you mention that instead of games.

    • J.j. Barrington

      That sounds like a personal problem.

    • Not really. Nothing appealed to me in PS4’s indie yearfest…

    • J.j. Barrington

      You do realize the PS4 had more AAA releases than XB1 this year, don’t you? That you didn’t prefer them IS a personal problem, since- as has been the case from the start- the PS4 has more games in all categories.

    • Not in my opinion, and multiplats don’t count. PS4 had crap games this past year except Bloodborne. Go bother someone else.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Your opinion doesn’t override fact. The FACT is that there were more games to play in all categories. You not preferring them- which is suspect, itself- doesn’t make the games crap. I doubt you’ve played half of the titles you say are no good. And even IF you had, that would STILL be a completely different argument than saying the only things available were indies.

      For that matter, what WERE these close to ten non indie exclusives you bought for your XB1 this year?

    • Stupid f*ck that you are, you actually think I care what you write. Go peddle your s#!^ to someone else. No one cares what you think over here, too busy having fun in our real lives…

    • J.j. Barrington

      Wow. You claim to be having so much fun in your real life, but you sure did get upset over some internet stuff.

      I get that you’re upset because you’re wrong, but you’ll feel much better if you just accept that. These fanboy-fueled delusions of yours aren’t healthy.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Oh, and I almost forgot: you never did list those games. I figured that would be an easy way to shut me up.

      Or, alternatively an easy way to shut your argument down.

      Turns out you ran away from it by throwing insults. Humorous, but also sad. Wouldn’t it have just been easier to not lie in the first place?

    • You still don’t get it you stupid f*ck. *You’re* the one trying to convince me that PS4 had better titles last year. I don’t give 2 cents what you think or say because I know I had more fun on my XB1 last year. Accept it and move on. Go take your stupidity elsewhere. As for games, here’s my collection. That should prove to you that I value my XB1 more – the only game not listed there is Rise of the Tomb Raider which I have out b/c I’m playing it currently. God damn idiots all across the net.

    • J.j. Barrington

      You truly are stupid. So I’ll try to dumb this down so you can understand it.

      YOU claimed the PS4 had little worth buying, yet your games from this year are primarily multiplats.

      YOU claimed the PS4 had an indie year fest, yet you disregard the FACT that the PS4 had more AAA games release for it in the past year. By the way, The Witcher is an indie, too.

      YOU claimed multiplats don’t count, yet your games for XB1 are MOSTLY that. Excluding those, you didn’t buy anywhere NEAR ten games.

      YOU made the assumption about which games were better, not me. I never once said any game was better than any other, but only spoke on volume.

      YOU decided your preferences were being disregarded. Which is odd, seeing as I SPECIFICALLY you’re free to like what you want.

      And, apparently, you do care. I can’t imagine you’d get so bothered as to throw insults at someone if you didn’t. See, in the real world, I have friends and coworkers who prefer Xbox, and I get along with them just fine. In fact, regardless of which system they own, I’m usually the first they come to for advice. They don’t get all pissy when somebody hits them with facts.

      Perhaps, rather than seeing all these idiots on the Internet, you’re actually looking in a mirror?

  • J Doe

    What about gaming preview. I am playing Ark Survival Evolved ( a better version then what is on PC). I am also enjoying Elite Dangerous and a few others with games with more to come. Nothing like this on PS4.
    There are also games where I can play with people on PC while on my XBone. Not to mention I can stream games to my Windows PC and other devices with plans for it to go the other direction as well.
    The author of this piece made it sound like the new version of the XBONE OS just made it even with the PS4 but that is not true. People have done tests and the new XBONE interface destroys the PS4 on things like inviting friends while in a game, as well as team speak group chat. And don’t even get me started on PSNETWORK vs XBOX Live. All over the forums you read about PS4 players not getting anywhere near the bandwidth they should as well as PS4 crashing or being down all the time. Xbox Live is a rock that may go down a few times per year and usually for updates.
    As for the whole resolution war, it was seriously exaggerated in this article. I bet I could put 100 average gamers in front of each console and 99% of them could not tell the difference. The people that can are the PC gamers who feel 1080P 60 frames is garbage anyways, so these device’s are not for them.
    I thought the author did a decent job, but he clearly has spent more time on a PS4 and not enough time on the XBOX One. To call Halo 5, Fortza 6, Ori and the Blind Forest, Tomb Raider, Ark, Elite Dangerous, and many many more console exclusives STALE!! And then compare the handful of Indie games with 1 real first party game PS4 got in 2015 and not admit as Sony has that this year was crap for exclusive games was where the author lost his credibility with me.
    I could go on for 10 more paragraph’s but this is already to long 🙂

    • Zoe Butcher

      Umm nope, I can guarantee even the most downsy person would notice a game like Fallout 4 or Just Cause 3 dropping to ZERO fps on the XBone. That means the game effectively freezes. If you can’t notice that then you have no business playing games. lol.

    • J Doe

      All those games are horrible examples as fallout 4 freeze and crashs even on my PC with a 980 ti gpu in it (which costs more then a PS4).
      And Just Cause 3 has problems on PS4 as well. I have played on both consoles and I think the XBONE handles all the physics better as I think it might have a better CPU ( which is what handles all the physics). But even my PC has problems on this game as well, just not as often as consoles.

    • Zoe Butcher

      You know what I haven’t read though? I haven’t read that the PS4 versions of Fallout 4 and Just Cause 3 have 15 minute loading times per area and 0 fps freezes. Does the PS4 version run smooth as silk? I’m sure it doesn’t, I’m sure it has a slight hiccup or subtle drops in fps in those same problem areas, but I know for a fact it doesn’t have 15 minute load times and 0 fps drops where the screen freezes like the XBone version. lol. This is where PS4 having a 50% more powerful gpu vs the XBox One comes in handy(despite being the same price console wise).

      I’ll never understand why Xbots are purposefully spending the same amount of money on inferior hardware.

    • J Doe

      Can their be times where a poorly optimized game has issues on XBox One, PS4, or even PC? Yes, and Just Cause 3 and Fallout 4 are perfect examples.
      To pick specific examples of 1 but not either of the other game machines is not fair to XBox.
      If all you care about is hardware you should not buy a console. Buy a $400 game PC and it will run circles around both consoles. I buy a console for the games and experiences. I play single player third party open world game like Witcher 3 & Fallout 4 on my PC as it gives the best experience hands down ( although Xbox gettIng MODS is pretty cool). However I play 3rd party FPS games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and so on with my XBox One. As I have friends I have been playing with for almost 14 years in those games. I can care less about 900p vs 1080 cause once you have played games in 4K or 1440P 144hrz you realize what a tiny difference there is between that.
      I also fire up my consoles for the first party games. Of which I only turned my PS4 on for a week or 2 in 2015 for Bloodborne. Meanwhile I think I bought at least 10 or more exclusive games this year for Xbox which is still keeping me busy into 2016.
      Not to mention that my Xbox is the center of my entertainment living room. My cable goes thru it and I use it as a TV guide where it mixes what is on live TV with what is on the apps like Netflix. I stream movies and music from my computers as well. All of this done by using voice control, app on my cell phone and even app built into Windows 10. Next year the Xbox might get keyboard, mouse and possible be able to stream PC games to it, so even when I am playing some PC games I might be on the XBox. The box just keeps getting better and if Microsoft can deliver on DX12 and Cloud Computing lookout ( we will see real soon with Crackdown).
      Hopefully next year Sony will finally deliver on some real games and I will warm up to them again. It is just so far the PS4 has been a giant paper weight for me. I can’t wait for Uncharted 4, I just hope that is not the only week or 2 I fire the PS4 up again. As the author of this article says, let’s hope both companies deliver some great games next year and everyone wins.

    • Zoe Butcher

      lol @ buying 10 exclusive to xbox games this year. What would those be? Gears of Bore, Borza 6, Halo Kitty 5: “Fk you, no split-screen”, Rare Replay(which is a lie, you’ll never replay those games again after playing them once lol), and finally Tomb Raider: Biggest flop of 2015. That’s 5, where’s the other 5 exclusives that don’t come on the PS4?

    • J Doe

      Gears of War is fantastic( I did not originally have all the DLC so half the online maps were like a new game to me), and it motivated me to pop my old 360 discs into the XBOX One and play gears 2 and 3 with Super easy FREE backward compatibility.
      I have at least 80 hours of playing Forza 6 and The Need for Speed Horizon 2 edition ( which was a FREE game). Both games are just fantastic. Forza 6 is arguably the best realistic racing game around.
      Halo 5 just got its first FREE update (no $60 DLC from 343 the way it should be) that added a bunch of new maps including a new War zone map, which if you have not tried is the reason you call it Halo Kitty 5. They also released the new Forge which lets players build their own maps that then other players can use and play on. Talk about infinite possibilities. PS. No real Halo player uses a split screen, we all brought our 360’s and hooked up on a LAN then went online.
      Rare Replay was one of the best buys ever. 30 games for $30. I mean come on, the PS4 wants to charge $15 for 1 game. By their standards that game would cost $450. I spent a week just in Banjo Kazooie land and got my monies worth.
      I am 100% sure that when Tomb Raider finally comes to PS4 you will no longer call it a flop. As it is without a doubt one of the best games in 2015. Of my 175 friends online around 25 of them got the game that I know of. Nearly all of them digitally thru Microsoft Store. To compare around 35-40 got Battlefront or Fallout 4 and plan on getting Raider soon. Very happy Microsoft landed that game for us.
      Ori and the Blind Forest was a great surprise. Nice indie game that looked and played like a triple A title. How cool was it that this game was right up there with Witcher 3, Halo 5, and Bloodborne for game of the year. I did not see any Sony indie games in that list.
      One of the categories I am most excited about is the games preview program. For like $30 per game I have hundreds of hours already in Elite Dangerous, The Long Dark, Sheltered, and especially Ark Survival Evolved. It is like a realistic Minecraft with guns and dinosaurs. How can u not love that.
      This is around 11 off the top of my head that I bought and 1 of them has 30 games in it, many of the 30 are better then what the PS4 released as new indie games.
      Great Year for games on Xbox. Next year will be even better. 🙂

    • Zoe Butcher

      Agree though that no matter what console you bought, you should just be happy with what you’ve got. People in the Sudan are grateful for a handful of dirty rice, we can be grateful for a next-gen console no matter which one it is(even if one is clearly superior and the same exact price and gets 85% of most third party exclusivity deals), but that’s neither here nor there. ;P

    • J.j. Barrington

      You could go on for ten more paragraphs, but it’d just be you stretching out what you’ve already said, which was superfluous enough.

  • Sea-HAWK fan

    I’ve had a ps4 since launch and love it.. my disk drive was going out and luckily I bought the extended warranty I sent my Playstation in and and on Black Friday this year decided to buy an xbox mainly for Halo and other exclusives.. while my playstation was gone boy did I love the xbox.. by the way Dead Rising 3 is underrated that is one of the funnest games. Anyways to make a long story short and Xbox definitely has better apps if that’s what you’re into you, once the PlayStation came back its the one that has been played.Halo is great but it is definitely overrated. So is forza, i couldn’t believe that I like driveclub just as much except for the customization. You hear all these people talking like driveclub is just crap and Forza is way better. I don’t know about that.. they are both good for their different exclusives but I think the PlayStation is just better..

  • Ian Henry

    Excellent job with this article! And it was a really good year for both of them.

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