PS4K Could Increase QA Costs, Possibly Fragment Console’s Market – nDreams Code Manager

There are several implications to keep in mind if a new PS4 arrives.

Posted By | On 16th, Apr. 2016 Under News

PlayStation VR

Sony is apparently very busy this year. Along with the PlayStation VR releasing in October, the company is rumoured to have a modified PlayStation 4 console in the works. Could this PS4.5 or PS4K, due to its reported ability to output at 4K resolution, may just provide the extra boost needed for Sony’s VR headset?

GamingBolt spoke to nDreams code manager Richard Fabian, currently developing The Assembly for VR headsets, about the same. Speaking from a development (and theoretical) standpoint, could a better PS4 help Sony with the PlayStation VR?

Fabian said, “A move of this scale has many implications, both positive and negative. Market fragmentation is of particular concern to most developers; adding on another required platform for your QA can be costly. A new, higher power PS4 would be interesting, potentially leaving the Rift and Vive with no market, but nothing is set in stone until you have a unit on the shelf with a price tag attached.

“VR needs more games, though possibly not more hardware. Leaving the PS4 to have its highly accessible VR experience seems like a better plan for the future of VR, until we get new technology that changes VR, such as tetherless, or foveated rendering.”

At this point it seems that the PS4.5 could happen but it could be a while before the benefits it brings to VR are felt in the long run. What are your thoughts on the same? Let us know in the comments.

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  • heavenshitman1

    Any software built for PS4K wouldnt run on a PS4, and Patching PS4 games to run at 4k wont necessarily make ’em look revolutionarily better. Sounds a good way to peev the PS4 user base

    • RiTCHiE

      Not true at all. The PS4k due a 4k upscale so games will be the same on both systems

    • Hvd

      istop with the 4k gaming already….rolf its NOT going to happen.

    • justerthought

      Native 4K gaming won’t happen on PS4.5, but 1080p 60fps could happen and scaling 1080p to 4K could happen. Most PC gamers can’t even handle PS4 quality never mind native 4K.

      Imagine if a PS4.5 was running the latest games 1080p 60fps with all the eye candy turned to max for just £400 total. Most intelligent PC gamers would just jump ship get a PS4.5 than spend a fortune upgrading their PC into a high end gaming PC. especially those that want to get into VR.

    • heavenshitman1

      I think that term upscaling is overrated and misunderstood. WiiU upscales the 3DS download games (of vastly lower rez designed for a handheld screen) up to the 1080P screens we use for home consoles. Its blurry as.
      Upscaling isnt the same as building a game in the higher rez.
      And a standard PS4 cant do anything to run PS4K games or to uprez to PS4K resolutions.
      The 2 systems and their games wont look or be the same

    • justerthought

      So when two PC gamers buy the same PC game, they both see the same quality even when one has a lame PC and the other has a high end PC. No way.

      The PC architecture is scaleable. PS4 is based on the PC architecture, so it’s scaleable. You just make one game in high quality and make two optimisations that grab what each console can handle.

    • heavenshitman1

      Yeah well, traditionally consoles couldn’t do that cause of various processor techs. As far as this PS4/PS4K thing, well maybe it can be done in future, but don’t think all PS4 software was programmed with rez switching in mind.

      But talking about upscaling, Im not an expert, but i dont believe its the same as running a game set to a native higher rez (like 4K).
      The PS4K may upscale PS4 games, but the games will still be rendered in standard def, just the final image will be ‘stretched’ to 4K

      And THEN, even if a PS4 game is patched to run native 4K, it still doesnt mean they’ll look much better. Graphics is effects, shaders, textures etc… Be a lotta patching to upgrade PS4 games.

      And even though PC games typically can down and upscale graphics in the options. If Devs have any interest in building more sophisticated software , that actually uses all the extra power of PS4K, that software simply wont operate on a standard PS4

    • Hvd

      they would have to make 2 versions one game for the ps4 and one for the ps4.5 since sony doesnt have any kind of bc like xbox does.

      when xbox release their upgrade all games will be forward and backwards compatible.from here on out.

    • WhiteManFromTown

      No they won’t, the game will scale like PC games!

    • Hvd

      nope the ps4.5k will be sonys new platform because of psvr.dal with it.

    • justerthought

      Wrong. PS4.5 is not a new platform. A new platform is a new generation and that is not backward compatible.

      Can you see a ‘4’ in the name PS4.5 or PS4K. That means it’s within the PS4 gen, not a next gen PS5.

    • Tw1tcHy

      You have no idea what you are talking about.

    • R4G3

      Just a friendly reminder, don’t feed the Trolls. Especially the ones that write like an oxygen deprived headshot victim.

      If there is a PS4K it will be designed to optimize the VR experience while pushing sales of 4k BluRay and 4k TV. Hopefully it will allow for improved gameplay of regular PS4 games (60fps solid @ 1080p), but we’ll just have to wait for the official announcement to be sure.

      If it ends up just being a PS4 Slim, then there will be a less enthusiastic response.

    • justerthought

      You don’t make two versions of the game. You make one game in high res and then make two optimisations for the game.

      When a game comes out on PC, they don’t make a different PC version for every PC hardware configuration out there. They just make one game in high res and allow all the gamer to adjust the optimisation manually by turning stuff off so it runs better on their system.

      You need to be educated. The XB1 does not have backwards compatibility so don’t expect that to help. The ‘backwards compatibility’ is a fake. The XB1 is not doing any conversion on 360 code at all. It’s not powerful enough. The games are pre-converted to run on XB1 by MS and placed on a server for download. If you insert the old game disc, the XB1 looks on the server to see of a conversion is available and then downloads it. You are basically downloading an XB1 game, not playing 360 code on am XB1.

      That’s why MS ask gamers what they would like next as a backwards compatibility game. The conversion take time and money so they only do a limited set. If the 360 game you insert is not on the list, no converted game is download so backwards compatibility does not exist.

    • justerthought

      When a game has performance issues and the dev releases a patch to downgrade some graphical element so it runs better, that is the optimisation. The game assets are still there in high res on the disc. They are just not getting used because the console could not handle them.

      All the dev needs to do is put all the high res assets on the disc and make two optimisations. One for PS4 and one for PS4.5. The PS4.5 optimisation would have everything turned on, while the PS4 would have some things turned down like they are now.

      The difference is basically like comparing a PS4 to a high end PC running the game 60fps with all the graphics turned to ultra setting. You would notice the difference between PS4 and PS4.5, because you can notice the difference between PS4 and high end PC.

      In theory, devs could enhance old PS4 games by releasing a patch for the PS4.5 that includes a high res texture pack and a 60fps update. Why would they do that? To keep you playing their game so it stays relevant ready for the sequel.

  • Hvd

    i cant wait to say my ps4.5 is better then your ps4 nananana.then ill play

    • justerthought

      Why would you then play xbox. The XB1 would be way behind the PS4.5 with no contest at all. Almost a gen behind.

    • Hvd

      the same quastion goes to you.why would you play on the low end ps4 when the ps4.5k is going to be x2 more powerful. also your ps4 games wornt be backwards compatible like xbox ones are and pc is.

      will you have to pay to play your ps4 games on the ps4.5k one day?sony has no real backwards compatibility at all its a pas service.

  • Novacell

    Isn’t the “PS4.5” just the PS4 slim like the PS3 slim and so on. Until i hear the words from Sony that the “PS4.5” is an upgraded PS4 i will take it as Journalistic licence to thrill the readers, and when the “PS4.5” or “PS4k” turns out to be a PS4 slim i can hear the mag rags ranting about Sonys missed opportunity, Journalistic licence to moan.

  • R6ex

    “VR needs more games, though possibly not more hardware.”

    You need strong hardware for quality games. Having tonnes of indies is no substitute for AAA titles.

    • Mariaemcalister3

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    • Tw1tcHy

      I agree 100% with this disagreement

  • naundob

    I had a few month of vr experience on my iPhone 6 before I had the chance to check out the vive cv for a few hours. I was very excited and expected a quantum leap compared to the rather entrance level vr on my phone. I guess my expectations were too high. It was really cool, but left a feeling of “this is promising but still alpha technology”. The cool thing: The tracking of the hmd and the controllers is tighter than tight. No lag and the precision is remarkable even in the sub millimeter range. Just astonishing! This is really fleshed out tech like it should be for a state of the art consumer gadget. On the other side there is this ridiculous thick and distracting cable. I had some almost stumble moments including the worry to damage the system. Not so cool. But the biggest let down is the screen resolution. It’s just too low. I mean since a few years we are used to look at screens in FullHD, Retina … now UltraHD where jaggy edges are a thing of the past. And now comes vr and brings it all back. The aliasing, flickering, lag of distant details and the obvious pixel matrix is constantly reminding you: Okay, this is just the first step into vr and not the real deal. Not yet.

  • ripham

    Ps4k should come with an builtin VR brick the headset and the ability to output 4k video.

  • Hans Olo

    Ugh…..Just Release the PS5 and Xbox Two so we can get both this year and skip the .5


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