PS4’s API And DirectX 12: Both Sony And Microsoft Will Do Whatever They Need To Be At Top

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Ever since Microsoft’s Windows 10 event last month, there has been a lot of controversy and confusion regarding what DirectX 12 can do. The benefits are clearly there for PC gamers but as I have mentioned previously, there are mixed reports on how it can possibly impact Xbox One’s performance. However unlike Sony, Microsoft have been rather public about their API so as expected there is a lot of hype surrounding DirectX 12. Sony on the other hand have been pretty silent about their improvements on the PS4’s graphics API.

One thing’s for sure that the PlayStation team is not simply sitting idle and as Brad Wardell, CEO of Stardock Studios recently pointed out, PS4 fans can expect some announcements soon. But the big question is whether PlayStation 4’s own API will be up to par when DX12 launches this year on the PC and Xbox One. We raised this question to Ariel Arias from Thotwise Games who although was initially unsure what to say about it, essentially summed up the debate in the best possible way. “I’m sure that both companies will do whatever they need to be at the top.” Now we are not sure how Sony will be improving their API as most of that information is expected to be private but it does goes to show that just like the last console cycle, both PS4 and Xbox One will eventually get better with time.

Thotwise Games are working on The Hum: Abductions which will be a PS4 console exclusive for now. Ariel spoke to both Microsoft and Sony about bringing his game to PS4/Xbox One but Sony proved to be much easier to work with. “I spoked with both companies and at that the moment, the most easiest path for us, given that we a really small team of 2-3 people, was PS4. But, first it will be released for Steam/DRM Free and then we will work to wrap up the PS4 port. Supporting multiplatform development is not magic and with our low budget, we cannot promise to be on multiple platforms. Other platforms ports are not discarded and it would be great to reach more platforms, but right now I cannot officially announce them yet.”

The Hum: Abductions is due for release on the PC and PS4 sometime this year.

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  • John Nemesh

    Too bad DX12 will NEVER make up the difference in processing power between the Xbox One’s GPU and the PS4s. They can put all of the “secret sauce” they want, but when all else is equal, the Xbox One will ALWAYS have the inferior experience this gen. Hate to break it to you guys, but you can’t compensate for hardware deficiencies with software.

    • EEScoop

      They won’t have to if Sony keeps leaking money and having to sell off assets.

    • John Nemesh

      Sorry, troll. But despite the wishes of Xbox fanboys everywhere, Sony isn’t going to go bankrupt any time soon. Let’s keep the discussion limited to gaming, and not armchair investing, shall we?

    • Matt

      Huehuehue… Sony is in hot water. PS4 is the only thing keeping the company afloat. The question isn’t when are they going to go bankrupt but when they are going to need a bail out from the Japanese government. They are being ran into the ground right now and the stock holders are not happy.

    • Mark

      Matt, ur avatar is frightening me

    • EEScoop

      I’m not a troll tardo, but I can see how Sony has been selling off divisions. If you are so blinded by your loyalty to Sony, well I feel sorry for you.
      Psssst I own all the console systems and gaming on PC also.

    • Matt

      That goes both ways. The PS4 will never be able to utilize the CPU at full load without the latency issues brought on by the CPU having to communicate with GDDR5. When those extra compute units are used to supplement the CPU’s low latency algorithms which GPU’s are not designed to do it’s going to limit what the GPU has available to it for rendering.

      >Hate to break it to you guys, but you can’t compensate for hardware deficiencies with software.

      You are Ohhhh sooo wrong. Where do you think DX12 and Mantle show the most benefits? Mantle shows more benefit towards lower end hardware helping low end cards reach higher framerates with higher settings while showing little benefit with higher end hardware. DX12 is supposed to show gains across the board just so long as Devs program from the ground up for it. Hardware and software walk hand in hand with each other… and with XB1 being designed with DX12 from the get-go you really have no say in the matter until there is physical proof for what it can or can’t do for the console.

    • JerkDaNERD7

      Actually you can, by a lot! Without software you go NOWHERE!

    • John Nemesh

      Yup, keep thinking that…meanwhile, you will continue to see multiplatform games look and play better on the PS4. Oh, and while we are talking software, I don’t suppose you want to bring up the fact that the Xbox One currently has only 149 games released, while the competing PS4 has over 224 games on the market…talk about “going nowhere”, take a look at the release schedule this year for Sony, then go look at Xbox…I don’t see any major releases until FALL!

  • otherZinc

    LMAO, yet again at you, GamingBolt!

    You said “Sony has been quiet on the improvements of their API”? LMAO! What improvements? They have none.

    What are you talking about?

    Stop making excuses for Sony. However, at least your site will discuss DirectX 12, other notable sites are hiding this Hammer (DirectX 12) that’s going to hit Sony between the eyes.


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