PS4’s API Is A Huge Evolution, Sony Learned From The Nightmares of Porting To The PS3 – Dev

“I see Sony´s platform as a great tool for indie devs to get their games published sooner than ever,” says Skara’s Commercial Director, Cesar Ortega.

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Sony’s PlayStation 3 was a tough nut to crack. Early on during its life cycle, several developers faced issues developing games on it as the architecture was wildly different than what was found in gaming PCs or even the Xbox 360 back then. The PlayStation 3 was one of those consoles whose potential was untapped and that was due to complex Cell architecture.

But with the PlayStation 4, Sony opted for an x86 architecture which has apparently made development much easier. Speaking to Skara’s Commercial Director, Cesar Ortega, GamingBolt asked his thoughts on PlayStation 4’s API and how Sony has helped them understand it.

“Sure, the evolution of the API has been huge, and I see Sony´s platform as a great tool for indie devs to get their games published sooner than ever,” Cesar said to GamingBolt. “Sony is being surprisingly helpful so far, I think they understand now how important the indie scene is becoming, so we are glad that they are making life easier for devs, porting a game for PS3 was a nightmare and I guess that´s a lesson Sony learned. Actually we think both Sony and Microsoft are doing a great job with Indies for now!”

Skara are working on Skara: The Blade Remains, a fps style hand to hand combat game due for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. We will have more on the game in the coming days.

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  • jent

    Something strikes me as wrong with the term “huge evolution”. Maybe huge revolution might have been better, but my understanding of evolution means that something gradually changes. You can’t have huge and gradual define the same event.

    • shanedem

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  • Mark

    PS4 will get some games that resemble AAA from Indies. With small studios using Unity 5, CryEngine and UE4, there will be some amazing indie games coming in the years. Look at No Man’s Sky, it’ll be the console version of Star Citizen lol. I have an Xbox but I’ll be watching closely.


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