PSN Hackers Continue to Target PS4 Users Through FIFA, Sony Silent

Sony’s dedicated gaming network still isn’t totally secure despite repeated reports.

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PlayStation Network users are no strangers to hacking. Though secure most of the time, Sony’s digital platform for PlayStation platforms has been the subject of credit card theft, DDoS attacks and what have you. However, recent users are still reporting issues related to FIFA several months after the problems first started getting reported.

As one Reddit user reveals, his account was hacked and the hackers in question used his credit card details to purchase $50 in FIFA points. While other users complain of being hacked on the Xbox (some despite not even owning the game), the fact that issues still remain with Sony’s platform is a cause for concern – especially since said issues have been known for a while.

One user helpfully pointed out that, “This has happened to many people, and always with FIFA. Resolve the case with Sony first. If you do a chargeback with your credit card company, then Sony will likely ban your account. Also, use a unique (not used on any other website) complex password for your PSN account.”

As it stands, it’s up to Sony to make sure there are no exploits or back-end loopholes for hackers to exploit. Several months after the fact first came to light, has any real effort been made to secure PSN or even acknowledge the problems? Not as far as we can tell, but perhaps Sony are already aware of the problem and working on it. Let us know if similar issues have happened to you on PSN in the comments.

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  • Does/can this issue affect anyone who plays FIFA, or just those who use the FUT part of the game?

  • Michael Alexander

    No surprise here ! Sony has no clue regarding online !

    • Presumably neither does MS then, as it’s happening there too.

      While both should be looking into this, primary blame should lie with EA.

    • Gamingboltknowsnothingabouthax

      Has nothing to do with sony’s network.

  • Mikeherp Derp

    This happens regularly to both PSN and Live accounts, PSN itself has not been hacked. Singling out PS4 is pretty unfair. It’s a FIFA/EA/account safety issue.

    • Psionicinversion

      doesnt surprise me everyone knows that sony welcomes hackers this way there servers can get hacked and get shutdown saving them money to cushion the billion $$ loss!!!

    • Gamingboltknowsnothingabouthax

      your cool

    • Mikeherp Derp


    • Steph

      U found a like minded soul, how touching <3

    • Steph

      If they singled out XBL u wouldn’t say a word about being unfair lol

      But I agree it happens to both and always will sadly

    • J.j. Barrington

      Well, it’s been happening for longer on Xbox-branded consoles, hasn’t it? The first I recall hearing of it was on 360 some years back. And while that’s not necessarily reason enough to blame Microsoft, you’d think- with them being all cozy with EA right now- they’d be putting the pressure on the publisher to get their crap straight.

      And remember: when it was happening on 360, Microsoft first denied it, then blamed their users for it.

    • Mikeherp Derp

      Wrong as usual and dumb as a brick.

  • Gamingboltknowsnothingabouthax

    Are you serious right now? How can ya’ll even post stuff like this without even getting your facts correct? This is no where near a hack, please learn what a hack is. This is simple phising b/c idiots use same name and pass for multiple accounts, hate to break it to ya gamingbolt, but this is going on with X1, PS4, 360, PS3, and PC. So how about you stop trying to start some crap for the sake of a flame war, This kinda journalism makes me sick and you should be ashamed to even consider yourself a gamer/writer.

  • Steph

    That stinks 🙁 I know how they feel as it happened to me on ps3 last year. I’m glad my PS4 is fine especially since my kids play FIFA on it. Just keep changing ur passwords I guess because nothing can ever stop hackers 100%.

    • Psionicinversion

      Its got nothing to do with which playstation you have got, if they hack the sony servers where your info is stored theyll get it anyway. even if you stopped playing on consoles and sold them those details will still be on there servers so they can still get hold of your CC details and use it.

    • Mikeherp Derp

      No surprise you’re stupid enough to have your accounts compromised.

  • John D

    All this is is teen pot heads leaving there moms credit card laying around and there other teen pot head friends are taking it and buying stuff with it. Nothing to see here.

  • J.j. Barrington

    That desperate to make PlayStation look bad, are we? Ignore that it’s happening on EVERY platform, and ignore that this is EA’s problem(which is obvious, since it’s not isolated to just one platform or brand). Let’s make it all the PS4’s problem! Let’s put all the blame on Sony!

    Wonderful journalism, guy.

    • Conal Boyd

      To be honest I dont own an EA game and only got my PS4 in november never played anything but Ghosts and Killzone I dont ahve an EA account and I got money stolen from me !

  • freditr

    Pay all this extra cash 4 what psn bs might have 2 look into a xbox1

  • Thinkaboutit

    and this is why you pay extra for a console

  • AwsAlan

    I don’t see how this could be phishing as I have a unique password for PSN that I don’t use anywhere else, and I never need to input this password on any website… One day I get 4 emails that funds were added to my PSN wallet and $50 worth of fifa points purchased – A game I don’t even own. How can this be my (the end users’) fault?

    It’s not like I go around typing in my PSN password on random websites – I’ve only typed it in once when I registered thru my playstation.

    Also if it’s a FIFA/EA account safety issue – how did they get my PSN password? I do not own FIFA and definitely do not have any account with FIFA or EA, which even if I did would be a different password from my PSN password…

  • Conal Boyd

    I had my account hacked 4weeks ago they bought fifa points and left me skint I am a student that can’t even afford food right now and after weeks of emailing customer service and calling them no one has come back to me saying heres your money or this is what happened not a phone call to say they were still working on the issue


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