Rare Prototype of Nintendo PlayStation Emerges

A rare piece of gaming history emerges.

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Not many know this any more, but the PlayStation actually started life as a collaboration between Sony and Nintendo. Way back in 1991, Nintendo realized that the way of the future would be CD ROM tech, and decided that they needed to develop a CD based console if they wanted to keep up. They contacted Son y, and together, the two of them worked on a brand new console that they would jointly produce, which was originally based on SNES tech. It would be called the Nintendo Play Station.

The deal eventually fell through due to antagonism and misunderstandings on both sides, and Sony decided to go it alone with the Play Station project, resulting in the modern day PlayStation. But the original Play Station still survives, until now as a popular bit of gaming history, but now in the flesh and blood- it appears as though someone has gotten their hands on an actual Nintendo Play Station concept prototype, and posted pictures of it.

If the pictures make you skeptical, then the fact that he has a full video of it might make you a believer. Only a few hundred of these prototypes were ever produced- what this man holds in his hands is an irreplaceable and highly valuable piece of gaming history.

It also gives one the occasion to pause and think- what if the deal had gone through? What would the modern gaming industry have looked like with a Nintendo-Sony Play Station?

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  • d0x360

    FAKE!!!! Proven fake yesterday in fact but I guess if Engadget doesn’t have to do any research why should gaming bolt? Great job everyone! Posting a story that has been proven false for almost 24 hours bravo!

    Btw one massive clue (the guys admission not counted) is that play and station were separated by a space. Sony had to remove the space because the contract with Nintendo was for “play station” so they couldn’t create a product with that identical name. Look at the controller.

    • chaz

      The allegation of this being a fake was, in turn, proven fake. You need to do a better job of keeping up with the news, my friend.

    • d0x360

      It’s fake whether we are speaking of the same allegation or not. The Sony designed Play Station (again 2 words) didn’t use that garbage plastic Nintendo used in the USA that turned yellow. This thing is a bottom snes with a 3d printed top to match the design which is widley available and the schematic to make your own is available on usenet and has been for quite a long time.

      Yes it’s far more likely Sony lost track of a secret prototype of which few were made and it ended up in some garage box….or we could just look at it and wonder why its yellowing on the bottom and not the top hmmmm

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