Ratchet and Clank PS4 Pro vs PS4 Screenshot Comparison Showcase Improved AA, Depth of Field Effect

The Lombax looks pretty good on PS4 Pro.

Posted By | On 05th, Nov. 2016 Under News

Ratchet and Clank ps4

Direct comparison screenshots have been posted of Ratchet and Clank running on the PS4 Pro. The update for the PS4 title went live today and adds quite a few bells and whistles to the visual experience.

Courtesy of KBABZ on the Insomniac forums, the screenshots without comparisons to the PS4 version showcase some of the depth of field effects in action in the Museum and Veldin. Other comparison shots showcase the improved AA for various details like computer tables, grass, and even Ratchet’s eyes.

If that weren’t enough, zoomed in images (6x for Ratchet’s eyes and 4x for the desk) show less jaggies compared to the PS4 version. It’s a testament to Insomniac Games putting in the work to improve the visuals but as a whole, this isn’t a bad showcase for the PS4 Pro’s power.

The PS4 Pro releases worldwide on November 10th for $399. Stay tuned for more information.

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  • popo123

    Those images are comparisons of the pre-patched and the post-patched versions of the game on a STANDARD Ps4 and not the ps4 pro. Insomniac added an improved AA and motion blur for the standard ps4 version of the game.

    • Samus

      Lol. Whoops!

  • Nick Motsarsky

    Great journalism, guys!


    • Peggiembolduc

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  • Nintengods

    >Silky Smooth 30FPS
    >Not even real 4K
    >Next Mario already looks better and is 60FPS
    >Movie flopped and no one cares

    Keep trying $onycucks. You will never, ever have a brand as iconic as Mario or Zelda 🙂

    • Steve Guzman Hernandez

      Or a console as successful as the WiiU, right? 🙂


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