Resident Evil 6 Reviews: The series ‘is dead and increases the sense of nostalgia and sadness’

Harsh review.

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Resident Evil 6 might be the most polarizing game in the franchises especially when reviews are concerned. The embargo lifts on October 1 but we have a few reviews that have absolutely destroyed the game. This latest one calls the series dead.

“And ‘no getting around it: Resident Evil is dead and this sixth chapter does nothing but increase the sense of nostalgia and sadness of those who still has fond memories of the early chapters of the series. Resident Evil 6 differs in fact, in an increasingly more pronounced, the definition of “survival horror” and also for judging what is actually really, which is a TPS, the title Capcom fails to propose an experience level, in line with that offered by the best exponents of the category,” reads the insight-factor review.

However, GameTrailers has given it an 8.8 and have praised the game along with a few other outlets. Once the embargo lifts, we will see a lot of reviews flood in and will get a better idea of what the critics think about Resident Evil 6.

In fact, our preview was a bit negative as well, but we will be posting our review soon, and hopefully it fares better there.

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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    Why Do People Hate On The New Resident Evil Games Its A New Generation
    Come On!! Really… I Love Resident Evil No Matter What I Have The All The
    Resident Evil Games Except For The Spin-Offs…
    Its Like The Movies: Paul Anderson Said He Listened To The Fans And Gave Them What They Wanted IN The Movies And The People Still Complain That They Didnt Like It Or It Was Different From Others IMA BE A RESIDENT EVIL TILL THE END!!!

    • Byaku

      People complain because Capcom has completely screwed over their fan base in order to “gather” more sales for their yearly quota. Resident Evil created its staple as a survivor horror franchise, not as an action-horror(you can actually subtract the horror, because nothing is scary in this game.) What I don’t get is people blaming Re4, sure it created that 3rd person over the shoulder shooting, but it still retain its horror. 5 was a huge bust, and that is what pretty much killed RE for me. No scare at all..and not even the chainsaw guy seemed too intimidating.

  • Cody

    I honestly don’t give a flip what critics will say. They hated on Silent Hill Downpour, and I absolutely loved it. And I am in love with Resident Evil 5 as well, so you’re not going to loose my vote of confidence by pointing out that things are are going a different rout than what we had back in 1998. Resident Evil is alive and well, thank you very much poorly written review. Critics and gamers in general these days are entirely too picky and negative, and critics in particular are becoming increasingly irreverent.

  • Mark

    Astonishingly bad decisions from Capcom. Resident Evil 1 on Gamecube still my favourite for tension, atmosphere and scares. And for as much as people criticize the tank control system I wouldn’t have it any other way. Found Resi 5 enjoyable but the solo campaign was hampered by the forced sidekick. Sheva was a real pain in the butt. Appreciate it was made primarily with co-op in mind but it was a major letdown to not play without Sheva. Now with 6, we have an even bigger problem. 3 scenarios … all based around co-op. Not expecting much from it to be honest but i’ll reserve judgement till i’ve read some reviews. Played the PS3 demo and it was shockingly bad, really boring stuff! Fingers crossed. Dead Space has really taken over the survival horror genre for me, so at least got Dead Space 3 to look forward to.


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