RESOGUN Dev: PS4 Is All ‘Raw Power’, GDDR5 RAM And GPU Will Result In Better Multiplatform Games

‘No embedded DRAM. Just raw power.’

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If you look back on the current generation, majority of the multiplatform games performed better on the Xbox 360 compared to the PS3. Of course, things have straightened now as developers managed to find tricks and optimize their code on the PS3 resulting into similar performance across the two platforms. But according Harry Krueger, Lead Programmer of RESOGUN at Housemarque, that will change with the PS4.

We asked him whether other developers will be using the extra GDDR5 RAM and more GPU compute to churn better exclusive and multiplatform games on the PS4, to which he replied:

“Definitely. In this generation PS4 seems to be the console with fewest quirks – no embedded DRAM. Just raw power. Sony’s signature low-level graphics API may leave some developers with bloodied knuckles but also gives access to a lot more of its potential. This time PCs and consoles have more in common than ever before, making multiplatform easier, but this time people will ramp up effects for PS4.”

The move to GDDR5 was praised by several developers when Sony first revealed the PlayStation 4 back in February this year. Due to the power the PS4 brings, Housemarque have been able to add complex destruction affects in RESOGUN.

“Basically, the entire world of RESOGUN is built out of individual voxels. Using our custom toolchain we export the levels as large 3D textures, which are then loaded to our engine and polygonized on the fly to build the “centrepiece” of each level. The environments are all fully destructible (though we do mark certain cubes as “indestructible” to maintain some gameplay readability) so when an explosion happens nearby, the voxels of that part are detached and chipped away,”  Krueger explains.

He further adds that “these detached voxels that you see in game are not just particle effects or point sprites; they are actual individual cube s, with their own geometry, collisions and physics, and each has its own lighting and casts its own shadow. All these cubes are fully dynamic and reactive, so for example when the player boosts through the cubes you will notice them being pushed away. Our engine supports up to 500,000 of these at any time, though in normal gameplay we rarely exceed 200k.”

Stay tuned for our full interview with Housemarque next week.

What are your thoughts on RESOGUN?

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  • fr3d0

    ps4 won next gen

    • foureyes oni

      the console hasn’t even come out yet. lol

    • kreator

      STFU pony!

    • Megaman


    • Markus Hudobnik

      Both consoles are going to win imo. Wii U is what lost.

    • guest

      Yeah, casuals/infants who bought the Wii have now moved to mobile and tablets, not WiiU. Core gamers who bought PS3/X360, they get bored of cheapy mobile games very quickly and will want more immersive experiences so they will buy PS4/Xbox1 in their masses.

    • guest

      Resogun looks absolutely awesome, Super Stardust was one of the best shooters on PS3, think this will be a must have for PS4. Can’t wait till November to get my hands on a PS4 🙂 !!!!

  • Jack Slater

    As soon as developers and studios start receiving a slice of microsoft’ billion $, suddenly, they will all start saying how fabulous the xbox one is, and how much more powerful it is, compared to the ps4. And suddenly, when multiplatform games should look better on the ps4, thanks to the extra power, they will rather look awful, compared to the xbox one versions, because microsoft will pay and force them to match qualities, and to spend more time polishing the xbox one version.

    This already happened with the ps3 and x360, it will just continue with next gen consoles. In today’s economy, nobody, not even a developer or studio, will say no to some easy cash from microsoft.

    Next step, Activision will announce cod ghosts won’t be ready for the ps4 launch, and will only be ready and released the day the xbox one gets released.
    Even if it will cost 10 or 20 million $ to microsoft, no way they will leave dozens millions call of duty fans the opportunity to buy a ps4 for playing their favourite game. Xbox fan or not, huge friend list on Live or not, the day cod ghosts next gen is out, the fan/guy will simply grab whatever system he can, for playing it. And if the only system available is the ps4, xbox fan or not, the guy will just grab the ps4 along cod ghosts, and will go home and play it.
    Call of duty games drive sales, many sales. Millions gamers will buy next gen console(s) mostly for playing it. If Sony can have a full week where they’re the only ones who have cod ghosts, they could have many xbox fans buying the system and the game.
    Will microsoft spend 20,30 or even 50 million $ for avoiding this situation, by forcing Activision to only release cod ghosts the xbox one launch day? Sure they will.

    Call me crazy, but remember this comment, and when Activision/microsoft announces an exclusive deal, where cod: ghosts will only be available for the ps4 2 weeks after the xbox one, remember me 🙂

    • Megaman

      wow you been doing your home work 🙂 this is a month where all sony fan boys are going to cry an have no reason to why ps4 is better then the X1 …..i cant wait ether hahahahaha

    • Markus Hudobnik

      They already announced month long early DLC for the xbox one… and that is SO false on the buy which every console first for COD. Most people have friends on their systems and whatever that system may they will buy it. BUT MORE THAN ANYTHING, the casuals will buy COD for the current gen systems.

      You have immense about of fanboy in you. Chill out and love all consoles.

    • oddvintagetaco


  • Jsblazed

    I’m guessing he doesn’t even have a xbox1 dev. kit yet.

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