Respawn on Titanfall Xbox 360 Delay: A Better Game is Better Than an Unfinished One

Bluepoint pushed to “have all the time they need” to make the Xbox 360 version great.

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Titanfall’s Xbox One and PC beta has been a resounding success, but there’s still some concern over the Xbox 360 version. This is due to (1) There being no Xbox 360 beta, and (2) This version has been delayed by an additional two weeks to allow for further polishing. The latter usually is enough to fuel speculation of…well, just about anything, from the hardware not being able to handle the game to Bluepoint Games failing to put out a decent port on time.

Producer Drew McCoy has a different take though. Speaking on NeoGAF, he said that, “For all the speculation going on about the 360 version. Its coming along really well, Bluepoint is full of phenomenally talented devs. We (being Respawn) have been pushing for them to have all the time they need to make it as good as possible, which means extra time for them to polish it up.

“We’d all like it to be day and date, but a better game a few weeks later is better than an unfinished one earlier.”

We’ll find out when Titanfall releases on the Xbox 360 on March 25th in North America and March 28th in Europe. The Xbox One and PC versions will be out on March 11th/14th.

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  • William

    So what happens when we get a unfinished and delayed game? Bluepoint might make decent ports on the Playstation side but they have almost no experience with the 360 or porting games to it. I was super excited for titanfall when I first started following it but now after seeing the 360 version get ported over by a company with no 360 exp,no beta for the 360, and now a 2 week delay i’m about ready to cancel my preorder. Why spend $60 on ordering a game early when I can’t even get it early like everyone else. Respawn is a new studio just putting out their first game as it’s own studio and it doesn’t grown convenience in them if they can’t even get their first game out on time. What about their dlc for titanfall or even the next full game they release? Will they start saying “Oh we need 3 weeks to polish the dlc” then 3 weeks comes and they need another month or even longer? How much extra polish can they really do to a game in just 2 weeks?

  • s3ltzer

    LoL. Gotta love when “business talks”. The reason why the 360 version of TF is delayed is because it will look almost identical to the XBone version. People say “gameplay is all that matters” concerning the XBone version being sub-1080p. so if that’s the case than there’s no reason to “upgrade” to an Xbone just for Titanfall, when you have the 360 version that easily matches up. It will be 720p (which is why Respawn was pressured into doing the 792p stuff).

    This is not good for Microsoft, since they are hoping TF is the savior of a sinking ship.

    720p Xbox 360 Titanfall…not that far off from the weird-ass 792p XBone TF….reason why it was delayed.


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