Rocket League Dev On PS4K- It’s No Different Than Having Another Console To Develop For

“It’s really just a matter of whether or not you can support another platform.”

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The PS4K is more and more a reality with each passing day, even though it still has not been officially confirmed yet. We have spent a lot of time on this site discussing what the implications of a move like a mid cycle iterative upgrade to an existing console could be, at least on the market, and for consumers- but the developer side of the equation is often forgotten about.

So when we got the chance to sit down with Rocket League developers Psyonix, we decided to take the chance and ask them what they thought of something like the PS4K- given a hypothetical where the console upgrade does in fact exist.

“Well, hypothetically in the situation you have raised, it’s no better than having any other additional platform to develop for,” Psyonix’s VP Jeremy Dunham said. “It’s- what’s interesting about the question, the hypothetical, is, would the introduction of this item change things severely? And the answer is, it doesn’t really change much if that is the case. Because it’s really just a matter of whether or not you can support another platform, and that’s really what it boils down to- how the pros and cons of the hardware, or the extra QA time needed, or the amount of new assets you have to build, those are all considerations that all developers have to make, any time they develop for any additional platform, be it Sony or Microsoft or even the iPad.

“So really what it boils down to is, does the team, were they to work on something like that, be able to handle coming to another platform? And so the broad answer is, if the team is prepared and willing to do it, I don’t see that being an issue. And if they can’t or won’t do it, then it would be an issue, so it would differ on a team by team basis, on whether or not that would be problematic.”

It sounds like a reasonable assessment of the situation- in the end, a new SKU like this is nothing more than one more console to develop for. As for whether or not that is preferable to developers, in the end, that comes down to one thing, and one thing only- can those developers support another build to develop for?

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  • Jason Mounce

    How is it like developing for ‘another platform’? Could you not just port the game from PS4 to PS4 Neo and it should more or less run the same minus a few Port-necessary tweaks and upgrades to the visuals/draw distance/AA, etc?

    Saying it’s like developing for a different console to me implies that it needs a restructure, recoding and everything. Though realistically it’d be more comparable to porting a game with probably minimal work, it’s EXTRA work but it’s minimal, the only thing is, is there compensation for making it for both? Does Sony give you money to do it? Since, am sure if you bought a game on PS4 – then you also have a copy for PS4 Neo, meaning it’s not a separate game with separate worth to those who own either-or. You put extra work on a visually-different game that’s tweaked/ported that’ll not grant you more money in sales.

    • LordCancer Kain

      it would be one thing if it was like the difference between PS3 cell PPE architecture and PS4’s amd apu x86 architecture, that would be a whole other platform, but its not a whole other platform. its the same cpu/gpu overclocked with more cores. pc developers have handle many more configurations for decades. until they radically change the chip i don’t wanna hear them complain about more work when they already do it for pc.

    • Jason Mounce

      Yeah, that’s basically what I’m seeing. It’d be the same as configuring just TWO ‘PC’esque’ visual settings, comparably we could see it as ‘High’ on PS4 and ‘Ultra’ on PS4 Neo, it shouldn’t be hard to code/port that, PC’s had such things, and THEN some for the longest time.

  • andy

    Really? You “sat down” with a developer and asked them about one question? Great interview.
    You definitely have EGM beat who did a meh interview with the devs making Abzu

    Or do you interview dev studios (ones that will let you in the door that you don’t ruin all ties with by slandering them) and then do 20 articles across 3 months each with a quote from the studio? And do you ever actually ask anything about the game or is it always the same “we have been reassured again but not with video proof that Xbone is actually the exact same thing as PS4” schlock?

    • LordCancer Kain

      not even an interesting developer. or an interesting answer. they make rocket league for pc, so the assets already exist. they already did the work but a second console spec is like a whole other platform? and what exactly are the infinite pc specs by comparison, that is one platform? ok

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  • Rumors of the PS4K have been interesting. It suggested that anyone who develops for PS4 and releases a game after October is *required* to ensure it works as well as (if not superior on) the PS4K. So if there are developers out there who just can’t manage developing for both platforms, will they have to pull their PS4 support entirely?

    • Professor Murder

      It would seem so in my opinion on the subject I’ve understood so far.
      Sony has told developers that a game MUST run on both systems and there will be no exclusivity to the 4K. It just seems more work poured on the developers and if they don’t want to add the load, it will hurt PS4 gamers, no matter what version they have. hmm…

    • mickeyGfunk

      no, it means they just program it for ps4(original) and call ot a day. the ps4k will support ps4 code… otherwise every ps4 game in the last couple years would have to be recoded…

    • We’ll have to get more details before we know more, but if they change the CPU or GPU it’s not a guarantee all existing PS4 games will run on PS4K without some intervention.


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