Rumour: Crytek was paid money to delay support of DirectX 11 for Crysis 2

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When it was announced that Crysis 2 will not be supporting DirectX11, Crytek was met with a lot of criticism, and it got lesser scores than what it should have… well, more or less.

NVidia was reported to have spent around $2 million for marketing of their graphics card, GTX 590. They made a deal with EA that allowed them exclusive features for the PC version of Crysis 2.

According to the rumour mentioned in the title, the money NVidia paid to EA was not for marketing, but to delay the support for DirectX 11 in Crysis 2, so that players would have access to their graphics card when DirectX 11 ‘s support was released. The rumour also says that DirectX 11 will only support GTX 590 in Crysis 2.

NVidia have been notorious for such stunts before. They did the same with Arkham Asylum, which got disabled every time it read AMD’s ATI Radeon graphics hardware.

AMD’s Ian McNaughton later confirmed this. He said: “Additionally, the in-game AA option was removed when ATI cards are detected. We were able to confirm this by changing the ids of ATI graphics cards in the Batman demo. By tricking the application, we were able to get in-game AA option where our performance was significantly enhanced. The option is not available for the retail game as there is a secure-rom”

We will keep you updated. Till then, read out Xbox 360 and PS3 reviews of Crysis 2. Our PC review will be up soon, and we will have video reviews as well.


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  • If this rumour is anywhere true about needing the GTX 590 to run the DirectX 11 version of the game and if nobody can crack it for even the GTX 580, thankfully I’ve still got my game wrapped up (as brand new)and its going back to Amazon! And i’ll download the game for FREE, torrents etc. I dont see why gamers who invested in a brand new graphics card within the last few months have to ditch it to buy another one double the price because Nvidia wants to screw us out of another few hundered quid more then a GTX 580.

    If this is true, Nvidia… Fuck you!! – ill send the game back and I hope someone screws you out of a crack to get it working on ANY DX11 Graphics card!

    • More like ‘Crytek fuck you’ for agreeing to this if this is true.

  • Once again money stops devellopment. And people still believe in the capitalist system. This happens all over the place, not only in technology. The worse ones are food, health (enslaving the sick), and all other areas where what it matters is not the people. It’s the warm buck.

  • Whoever wrote this article should’ve done more research. Nvidia has a bundle deal for the 560ti which is literally called “Crysis 2 Maximum graphics edition”. How do you think the people that bought the “560ti Crysis 2 Maximum graphics edition” would feel if that were true and the maximum settings were locked except for 590 owners?

    Plus it would be hacked in a second anyway because thats even immoral and when you do anything like that thousands of hackers, even ones that normally don’t hack games on principle, want to get involved and break the barriers down.

    • Its not that the full settings are going to be locked only to the 590, but just to Nvidia itself. Pull your head out of your ass before making comments next time. You piss less people off, and not to mention you get a better idea in life in general.

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