Rumour: Doom 4 cancelled; lots of leaked screenshots released

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According to a poster at 4Chan, Doom 4 is supposedly cancelled and he has posted a lot of screenshots.

“DOOM 4 cancelled, more at 11,” the anonymous poster said.

The game was in development for a long time by id software, and it seems like all the rumours are falling into place.

Doom 4 had a troubled development phase, and Bethesda has denied cancellation rumours before. But these screenshots suggests otherwise. The screenshots shown below mention “Doom 4” and “id tech 4,” so this is as legit as it gets.

A rumour late last year suggested that the game had been “indefinitely postponed”, but id Software has since talked a lot about the Doom projects. But this means that there has been trouble with the game’s development in the past. So this doesn’t exactly seem very inconceivable. After all, it has been in development for a long, long time.

You can read all the latest Doom 4 news here.

Update: Bethesda has again said that Doom 4 is not cancelled.



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  • Gamer85

    This does not look like DooM, more like a Rage sequel or a new IP. Graphx arent that great either… I`m glad is not cancelled, gonna wait for more screens and videos.

  • NigNog

    Getting info from 4chan, trusting said info, proceeds to write an article about that info and links to an image posted on 4chan.

    My fail meter is of the charts. Are you new to the internet or something?

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  • Ev

    that looks like an alpha image of rage, but of course they’re using the same engine, but the character model looks very similar to a character from rage

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  • charles2029

    Whatever happens, Bethesda, please don’t let this turn into another Dukem Nukem fiasco.

  • Musser64

    Nah, doesn’t looks true.

  • amir


  • Nalmasten

    thats funny because ive been to the ID website and watched/read most things.. and watched some E3 footage. and it all said D4 will be on the ID tech 5 engine (NOT 4); i dont trust an annonymous poster over the company itself 🙂

  • Richenbaum Fotchenstein

    Are you fucking kidding me? Your source on this was an ANONYMOUS POSTER ON 4CHAN and the pics said Doom 4 on them so they’re “as legit as it gets”?

    You should be utterly embarrassed to have published this idiocy, even labelled as a rumor. This is the most pathetic excuse for journalism I have ever seen and it’s absolutely depressing that someone is paying you to write “news”.

    • Meisadragon

      Everyone reported this? Besides this news is old.

    • Richenbaum Fotchenstein

      Oh gosh, well if it’s OLD and if all the other D list game sites did it too then then gee whiz I guess it must be totally fine to write like you’re working at the National Enquirer!

    • Meisadragon
    • Richenbaum Fotchenstein

      Nothing to offer but straw men, eh? How surprising.

      Enjoy your little site. Goodbye.

    • Meisadragon

      You are going on insulting without no reason. Bigger sites have also covered this news. I really don’t understand what you’re trying to say. These pics look legitimate that’s why it was covered. No one would have done it if it was just a post on 4Chan backed with no proof. You are overreacting.

      And what does ‘little site’ mean? Is that meant to insult us? Sad you think that way. We work hard and we don’t need to prove anything. Hope you visit us again.


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