Scalebound Dev Isn’t Happy With Microsoft

Though in fairness, Kamiya seems angry at everybody, all the time.

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ScaleboundScalebound developer Hideki Kamiya isn’t exactly happy with Microsoft and he apparently doesn’t care who knows it. At the heart of the creator’s frustrations appears to be the way Microsoft has handled the marketing of his game, as well as their preparations for exhibiting the title at Gamescom next week. This is despite the fact that Microsoft seems to think they are all set to show off the Xbox One exclusive in a way that is sure to get fans excited.

Kamiya took to Twitter to voice his rather explicit displeasure saying “Those s— at MS… are they f— with me…?” The original tweet was in Japanese and was quickly taken down, but the folks at Neogaf grabbed a screenshot and a translation before the developer could scrub the sight from the Internet.

While the developer never explained what exactly had him so fired up, he later tweeted again, this time in English, saying, “If I were to go to Gamescom, I want to go for users, not as a prop of Xbox Briefing.” Kamiya has voiced his displeasure of Microsoft’s marketing campaigns before, calling them generic and “junk.” One has to wonder how this kind of diatribe is going to go over with Microsoft, especially since the company is indeed looking to showcase Scalebound at Gamescom. They likely aren’t going to do anything drastic like pull the game from it’s lineup, but when developers start squabbling with big time publishers, it’s never particularly good for anyone.

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  • Starman

    not a good look …plz don’t fk this up ms … phil , wth ?

    • theduckofdeath

      Maybe they (MS) don’t plan to have Scalebound playable or even at demo kiosks, but only in the MS presentation. The dev may have a point.

      – King Slender

    • red2k

      Microsoft make the deal to promote the game not the company, dev or other external interest.

  • TrekByte

    After reading some this guys past Twitter posts… It sound like the dude is a manchild having a childish outburst.

    • Louis Trujillo

      childish tweets ? i wanna see and he takes presentation of all of his works seriously… gold standards in gameplay..

    • Evil_Annie_2015

      He is definately an idiot. He just cries for nothing without giving a real reason.

    • Akira

      Well I wouldn’t call him an idiot, but he does make some childish like posts… and that this shouldn’t be blowen out of proportion and that we shouldn’t be worried.

    • Evil_Annie_2015

      Any professional insulting its source of income is an idiot for sure. If he had a legitimate issue then he should have just said it. But i suspect that he is more of a nationalist who hates the more overall successful american company.

    • James Stine

      No, he just gets tired of retards that Tweet him stupid things.

  • Aaron T. Starks

    So you post this bullshit helping NeoGaf in their eternal mission of spreading MS FUD and praying this somehow blows up in their faces? MS paid for and is publishing Scalebound. It isn’t being “pulled”

    As you said, Kamiya is know just for generally being angry all the time. Him deleting the tweet should tell you that even HE understood it wasn’t a smart thing to do. Jesus.

  • GamerJudge

    NO!!! Microsoft FIX your attitude or whatever is wrong with you!!! I WANT TO FLY IN MY DRAGON!!!!

    (side note: hope its open world)

  • d0x360

    Wow a ad that takes up the ENTIRE PAGE. Guess it’s finally time to remove GB from my white list and use adblock till they get their act together.

  • Nick

    Kamiya is ALWAYS unhappy. So it isn’t news to me. i was waiting for him to disagree at some point.

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