Scalebound Developer Explains Why It’s An Xbox One Exclusive

The two companies have had a long love affair.

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Since Scalebound was first unveiled at E3 this year, Xbox One fanboys have been quite excited about the fact that they are the only ones who are going to get to play what looks like a pretty impressive game. In the mean time, Playstation 4 fanboys have been wondering why exactly they won’t be able to get their hot little hands on it. Just recent, the game’s developers Platinum Games explained why they decided to make this an Xbox One exclusive.

Creative Producer Jean Pierre Kellams sat down with Dualshockers at the Xbox One fanfest in Tokyo and explained that his company has always had a special place in its heart for Xbox consoles. He also said that Platinum and Microsoft have been in discussions for quite a while. “So we showed them Scalebound, and it was a really interesting pitch process, it took a long time. There was actually a big steel book that has the original design on it, that we showed, we kind of “Boom, this the scale of our game.” And they really believed in the project and we started working together a couple of years ago. Ever since we’ve been working towards bringing Scalebound to the Xbox One.” Kellams said.

From everything we’ve seen from the game so far, it appears this one could be a really special title that could actually help pull gamers over to the Xbox One. Newly revealed features like four player co-op throughout most of the campaign is only going to make the game even more attractive. Scalebound doesn’t have an official release date but is said to be launching in 2016.

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  • Robert

    Obviously Microsoft owns the IP and it will never be released on a single PlayStation platform

    • kma99

      You cant tell these dumb editors that. They would never ask sony those questions. He also went as far as to call the xbox owners fanboys? Impressive gamingbolt.

    • Mark


    • Mark

      I have to be honest, I really don’t see the media asking why PS4 exclusives aren’t on the X1 lol. Kinda funny but oh well

    • kma99

      Microsoft owned ip, media asks ” why is it exclusive “. Sony owned ip, media is silent.

    • drjonesjnr

      Not everyone is a silly xbox fanboy like you mate

    • Billy Beefcaked

      Agreed. This is the last time I’ll ever be on this website. They clearly make sweet love to their Playstations here, and stick their dangingly body parts into the blu ray slots of their PS4’s.

    • Christopher Martinez

      erm… the very next sentence mentions playstation 4 fanboys.I guess that is even more impressive huh…

    • Sloth

      MS owns minecraft.

  • GHz

    I’m just glad that MSFT is taking risks by creating new AAA IP. Scalebound, Recore, Sea of Thieves, Quantum Break. Did I miss any on that AAA list? Not counting their exclusive indie titles that they have coming. So far great quality of games. Then reinvention of older popular IPs like Fable Legends, & Crackdown to follow up on two of the biggest titles in gaming, Forza 6 & soon Halo 5. MAN! We got it good right now! 😀

    • Mark

      Haha. For me, Halo 5 has seemingly the best story outta any game coming this holiday. I didn’t expect 343 to write some crazy twists like this…..once the new UI hits, and Halo drops, the X1 will be refreshingly awesome imo lol.

  • Higgens

    M$ handed them a sack of money and they took it. Not sure why you need a whole article to say that.

  • Mr Xrat

    Because MS and Platinum made a business deal so Redmond can flag up their ailing console.

    Something else for Xbox fandrones to wait for.

    • Tech junkie

      The salt is strong with this one.

    • Evil_Annie_2015

      Well I dont blame them, the ps4 fans do not have any exclusives to play, or the network is down. They have too much time to troll xbox one articles.

    • Somebodysomewhere

      Here we are a year later and Xbox has no exclusives at all, since they’re all on PC now. Meanwhile PS4 has dozens of exclusives to play on the rock solid, almost never ever down network which is called PSN.

    • Evil_Annie_2015

      Yes, all MS games can be played on PS4, I am glad that your wish is

      Sure, your network is never down until Sony has to do unschedule maintenance for hours..:)

  • NeoMahi

    Not really a very good or believable excuse– meaning we’ve heard this song and dance several times before only to find out otherwise. Mass Effect anyone? Really, Gears of War is the only thing that’s stuck, which probably came down to Epic coming to a realization of how much money they could have made with the series on PS4. I’m willing to bet that was the plan and when Microsoft caught wind of it, they went on over to Epic and offered a lot of money for the IP which Epic was more impressed with. How do I know this? Um… Paragon is a PS4 exclusive after that “great relationship Epic Games has had with our friends over at Microsoft.” Odds are Bleszinski refused to allow his baby on Sony hardware but, now that he’s gone, Epic started considering the port of Gears to PlayStation and then, as mentioned before Microsoft finds out. It’s the only franchise that’s come close to beating Halo, and just might overthrow Halo.

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