Scalebound: New Video Shows Off How Combat Works

‘I am trying to appeal to people who don’t like action games.’

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Platinum Games is known for its great action games – from Bayonetta to Vanquish, from The Wonderful 101 to Metal Gear Rising, the developer is known for its high octane action games. So of course, developing an interest in how the combat will work in the developer’s newest game – the upcoming Xbox One exclusive Scalebound – is perfectly normal.

The reveal video for Scalebound at Gamescom showed off a far slower game than we have come to expect from Platinum. As it turns out, that was perfectly intentional. In this newest video, which details the combat in Scalebound, legendary director Hiddeki Kamiya admits that he is gunning for a broader demographic with his new game.

“Up until now, I’m become known for stylish action games where your reflexes really matter. Its not the best fit for people not comfortable with the genre. With Scalebound, I’m not focusing on that. I’m making a game for those people,” he said.

Which… well, I’m not too sure about that. Then again, the last time Platinum tried to step out of its comfort zone, we got Okami, and that game was amazing. So you know what, bring it on.

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  • Mark

    1) Graphics and especially the dragon, are super impressive. Never saw a dragon this good.
    2) This is game is for casuals! Lol
    3) But will it be FUN?! That’s a big factor. Hopefully so.
    4) Will Drew be memorable to me, like say Geralt?
    5) Will there be exploration? I know that cities of NPCs are confirmed. But so far there’s just the neat lil Need to see more.

    I’ll probably buy Scalebound regardless, just for the graphics! Haha. But that doesn’t mean I’ll love it, or recommend it. Looks generally good tho.

    • EmmanuelKShannon

      Can I ask what a casual is? If they play games they’re a gamer, why can’t you just say this game won’t draw a good chunk of the gaming community on graphics alone but it looks fun.

    • Mark

      Well my friend Bruce probably logs in about 5 hours of gaming in per week. He’s got a sizable family, and drives trucks for 14 hours a day.

      When he does play games, he usually gets on something with great graphics, that isn’t difficult to advance thru……he’s a casual to me. Doesn’t read much up on what he’s buying, but wants some quick fun.

      That’s all I mean, is that Scalebound’s targetting his demographic, easy to learn and play, not a deep learning curve for someone who logs massive hours a week. Again, I’m gonna buy it, but I’m hoping there’s a lil bit there for us hardcore gamers too….but atleast we need to understand who this game is really pointing at, referenced by Kamiya’s statement above.

    • EmmanuelKShannon

      Okay I get that but still we get older and become adults I mean I’m a Physical Therapist and my friend is also a truck driver yet he’s farther in witcher then me even though he has less time to play then me and we’re both playing the hardest difficulty. To me everyone just likes the games they like doesn’t make them less or more but I get where you’re coming from.

    • Mark

      Yeah casual doesn’t mean he’s less valuable to the gaming business than us, in fact, they may be MORE important to a number of publishers out there, and there’s a good bit of casual games that sell massive copies to back that argument.

      I’m just calling out Scalebound for what it appears to be aiming at according to Kamiya. Doesn’t mean it’ll be crap, just the learning curve will be simple. It’s best to know what to expect, that all.

    • ruthrgriffins

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  • XbotMK1

    Looks like another Microsoft 3rd party exclusive FLOP, which is when it will certainly go to PC, and maybe the PS4.

    • bardock5151

      You’re already port begging. Damn you are pathetic.

    • Mark



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