Secret Ponchos Developer Explains The Difference Between PS4 And PC Games Development

Creative director Yousof Mapara talks about the advantages and disadvantages of both platforms.

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It’s often been stated that developing for the PlayStation 4 is easy. It’s also been stated that porting PC code to the PlayStation 4 is easier than, say, porting the same to the PlayStation 3. The PS4 has the benefit of more powerful hardware compared to its predecessor but when you look at PvP titles like Secret Ponchos, isn’t it really the PC with the advantage?

GamingBolt spoke to creative director on Secret Ponchos Yousuf Mapara about the same and asked how developing for the PC compares to PS4 development, especially given the audience available for PvP games on PC.

“I would not say one is better than the other. Each development platforms has advantages. It’s definitely nice how on PS4 we are dealing with a common set of hardware for all customers. We can optimize the game to have a very exact line between performance and quality. With PC that line is in a different place for every machine, so the approach is different. You let the customer pick what they want and give them the settings to do that.

“PS4 development is pretty cool for devs because of things like the Share feature…It’s great when you have a bug and you press a button and it captures the footage, although it’s a feature for players, we use it a lot as a dev tool. I like being able to run the game on my dev kit and have my computer I’m animating on running at full speed.

“Some stuff is really cool on the PC though too. You can take your Laptop to the coffee shop, and not worry about your dev kits! Both have trade-offs.”

What are your thoughts on the same? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Trim Dose

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    • You_Are_Flat_Out_Peasant

      You mean like how the PS4 is just like a PC except if it was a crappy netbook?

      Sure. Brainless. Enjoy your 900PS4. Or is that 800P now?

    • Trim Dose

      ^^^ see told you so.

    • guest


    • ps4lol

      PC and PS4 are different markets with different pros and cons. PS4 has price/performance and simplicity, PCs have a higher potential performance, but generally more expensive and requires time and knowledge to buy, build, and maintain one.

      PS4 is comparable to a mid range PC at 1.84TF. PS4 has some interesting architecture benefits over traditional split CPU/GPU split memory pool PCs, and other customizations. For $400 you get a lot of price/performance, more than a $400 PC would get you. PS4 is better than most PCs. PS4 will have lots of good exclusives, both console only and PS4 only.

      Xbox/PC fanboys seem to be on a war on people too poor or unwilling/unable to spend time and money buying, building, and maintaining a PC. Mustard race claiming they can afford multi-thousand dollar PCs but too poor to buy a $200-400 console.

      Both PS4 and Xbox will have good exclusive games, high end PCs are best for multiplatform games if you have the time, money, and effort to build and maintain one. Only deranged fanboys keep chewing their own legs off screaming about “PS4 peasants”.

    • You_Are_Flat_Out_Peasant

      Stale Copypasta derp

      1.84 TF is a low range card like the GTX 750Ti or R265X

      Mid range cards like the R270X are 2.5TF. Also not bottlenecked by a terrible netbook APU.

      PC is the master race again.

    • ps4lol

      Wait for Naughty Dog to show what PS4 can do with its 1.84 TF (which is STILL comparable to a mid-range PC).

    • You_Are_Flat_Out_Peasant

      You mean a press X to win “Cinematic Experience” with chest high walls and 800P presentation that gets downgraded after the bullshot E3 demo

      lol 1.84TF is literally entry grade hardware now. Daily dose of PC is the master race, Derp :^)

    • jent

      Honestly I don’t know why you bring Xbox into this discussion. You were making reasonable points about the PS4 then you diverge into a statement about Xbox fanboys. Making your point without muddying the waters leads to a more coherent argument and one in which it will be less likely for you to be labeled a fanboy yourself.

    • ps4lol

      It’s because a lot of Xbox fanboys hide behind expensive PCs to attack PS4 while ignoring the fact that Xbox One’s hardware is even weaker.

    • Guest

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    • ps4lol

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    • You_Are_Flat_Out_Peasant

      Double Dose of PC is the master race :^)

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    by that last line, does he mean you can continue the work you were doing on the dev kit without having the actual dev kit plugged to the computer?

  • Jodina Joseph

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