Skyrim Patch Timeframe Unclear; Bethesda Working on Creation Kit and Bug Fixes

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There are a lot of issues with Skyrim, and Bethesda is trying to fix them all, but if the issue you have still persists even after the patch, Pete Hines, community manager for Bethesda Games said that he really doesn’t know if it it will fix whatever issues people are experiencing.

We will fix as much as we can for your platform. I don’t know if it will fix “your” bug. Takes a while to test/fix/regress. Hang in there,” he said.

He was also unsure about the ETA for the patch, as players are getting quite angry as we reported earlier. Most of the issues are seen in the console version, which is obvious since it’s such a huge game.

He also said that they are working on the creation kit and the bug fixes together.

Sorry, not going to give timeframes on this. We’re able to do both at the same time.”

Lets hope it’s not a huge wait, as it can get really complicated with such a huge game. Hines said that he doesn’t know what the update will fix either.

I don’t know what the update will address until their completely done with it. Things change all the time.”

Do you have any issues with the game? Tell us in the comments section below.

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  • i hate bethesda they lied about having a creation kit, i just read on the nexus website that they emaild someone and said no creation kit in progress and will not be released at this time and that it may never be.

  • the creation kit has been canceld bethesda announced the cancelation.

  • The xbox’s biggest problem for me is the Marriage, dead dragons, and your house customization……they are extremely annoying

  • The comment about “No creation kit” is BS- They *are* working on it but decline to issue a release date. Disappointing? Yes. But Bethsoft hasn’t lied. They know modders are the lifeblood of their games.

  • I have the Steam / PC version and was playing just fine for about 90 hours. Then the “stealth” patch kicked in keeping me from running TESV.exe directly without logging in through Steam 1st. That is the point at which things started going south with random and frequent crash-to-desktop with no events or messages. The 1.2 patch didn’t fix the stability problems either. Even though had told Steam to NOT auto-update, it did so anyway with the initial stealth patch and again with the 1.2 patch. My solution was to use Windows 7 built-in “Previous Version” from restore points to retrieve the original TESV.exe and simply avoid starting Steam. Now my game is stable again. I have seen some quest oddities but nothing yet that I see as a game breaker. I’m somewhere in the neighborhood of 130 hours (can’t really tell anymore) and have finished the main quest. Now I’m hunting down all the Words of Power. 🙂

  • james h

    The creation kit doesent work.
    Im using windows 7 64bit. i dont know what the problem is but i know alot of people are getting the same issue, as soon as u start it the kit crashes *skyrim has stoped responding* its been out for a while now and stil no patch wth.


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