Skyrim Remastered: Pete Hines Explains Why The Game Won’t Be Free For Existing Console Players

“We’re making a game available on Xbox One and PS4 that is already available on PC.”

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skyrim special edition

Bethesda won some major brownie points when they announced that The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim would be remastered and made available later this year… but that it would be absolutely free for PC players who already own the game and its DLC.

This seemed to rub some console players wrong, who were wondering why PC players get the game for free, while they would have to pay $60 again. Speaking on Twitter, Pete Hines pointed out that since PC players can naturally just install high res and graphical texture mods to the game, and get the same benefits that this remaster provides for no price, Bethesda are technically just giving them a game that already exists on PC, and for free- which is not the case for the console versions.

He also discussed the pricing difference between the Dishonored remaster and the Skyrim remaster, pointing out that each game has its own pricing policies, and one game’s should not dictate another’s- which is another way of saying that Bethesda know they can charge $60 again and get away with it, so they will.

At least they’re honest! And hey, I’ll gladly pay the $60 again to get my hit of Skyrim again, when it launches this October on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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  • d0x360

    Anyone who GLADLY pays $60 for the same game at 30fps just because it has better overall visuals is silly.

    If you are that concerned with visuals you shouldn’t be playing games on a console and you shouldn’t be letting companies rip you off and telling people you will be glad about it.

  • d0x360

    The author of the article says gladly PAY not play.

    I would gladly play skyrim again but I’ve already paid for it. Luckily on pc so either way I get this new version free because bethesda knows on pc its already been modded beyond anything they are willing to do.

    I have no problem with those end of cycle hd updates to last Gen games and I also understand wanting to revisit games but consider this. If you sold a console for money towards a new one and you end up buying 2 hd updates chances are you have already broken even and if you buy 3 you have lost money.

    Now also consider if you already owned those games you lost more money than you already had it begins to not make sense. You can tell me a pc is expensive but a pc that will play last gen titles at full hd and 60fps which is better than what these console updates can display and run at 60 is probably LESS overall money than you lost at this point then it only makes sense to say screw all this, build a pc buy 3rd party titles on it and buy whatever console has your personal fav first party games.

    You would save a lot of money that way. Especially when you consider the price of games on pc falls at probably 2x the rate of console in addition to general sales.

    • RabbitFly

      All fair points. I would put it from the developers and publishers standpoint as a counter.

      Why would they spend their valuable time improving all those textures if they did not think someone would spend money on it? And having spent that time is their time not worth being payed for?

      I get the idea that it’s an experience you already payed for and that is very understandable. However people went back to work on this. They have to be paid and the publisher needs to make money back on it’s investment. Maybe they will, maybe they wont, but they have to try.

  • Three Eighty-Six

    It’s not free for console peasants because the entire gaming industry knows they can re-charge the mouth-breathers for the same game and they’ll gladly pay for it… and any on-disc DLCs, and so-on, and so-on.

    • Necro


    • I am a mouth breather and I conceed

  • LordCancer Kain

    like there isn’t enough to play before this drops into the bargain bin. you can get 20% off at launch from amazon prime or best buys gamers club unlocked and if you kinda loathe the way bethesda treats its customers and its partner developers like human head i suggest you wait and buy it used so bethesda doesn’t get a dime from you sorta like obsidian bonuses. either way whateves.

  • andy

    So high res textures for $60 then. Yeah at least they are honest you are being ripped off. Don’t need it, will be playing The Last Guardian ^_^

  • Eagles83

    I’m looking forward to playing this again. Glad I’m getting it free but the console players are getting hosed. I don’t care what they say, a remaster should not cost the same as a new game. The development of that game has already been paid for and they are honestly just tweaking it. Tweaks don’t cost the same as a new game from scratch so it should be priced as such. CD Projekt Red would never do this.

    • Tyler Lloyd

      Yeah CD project red would give it away for next to nothing

  • Daniel Haze

    I have both the games on Steam and 360 with all DLC. Why not make it free for people who are switching to new gen consoles who already have everything? I could understand if people didn’t have the game before, but surely there should be a compromise for console players who have all DLC plus a certain amount of hours put in? I had atleast 1000+ hours on 360 before I ever invested in a gaming PC

    • Andrew Bentz

      First comment in these troll boards with common sense. I agree with you. Most people are not even putting a legit argument. I will probably buy it as will you. But it doesn’t hurt to voice our opinions.

    • Indeed!

  • Hvd

    simple so they can make money.pc gets it free for 1 week i believe.ill wait for a sale on this.

  • Lostbytes

    i still play on the 360…. i WILL NOT pay 60 for it again just to get some better GFX fidelity.

    • Andrew Bentz

      I think you underestimate how much mods can add to gameplay. It is more than just “GFX”

    • Lostbytes

      i do know …. i own it on the 360 and picked it up last year on sale on the pc for 10$. (So i know all about MODS, i also write them) Also, i do not see where they state mod support will be ported to X1, So, it is just a GFX bump for the console

    • Andrew Bentz

      No sir/maam. You obviously have not watched the entirety of their presentation. Skyrim on XB1 and PS4 is getting integrated Mod support on consoles for free just like they did for Fallout 4.

  • Lostbytes

    But why get of your last gen console? i still have every console i’ve owned since the NES

  • red2k

    Consoles have the worst deals as always.

    • Yes, you are correct. I remember back when new games on the NES cost $45.00 or a little more. The price for console games has never really changed that much……they have just gotten better over time (not counting the post Atari pre NES Video Game Market crash).

  • Dirkster_Dude

    Since the game has been out there for several years you shouldn’t have to pay full price for it no matter what platform it is remastered for.

    • Andrew Bentz

      Tell that to GTAIV

  • d0x360

    Thats fine most of my reply was dedicated to just that just in case it was you who made the typo.

  • Mike

    I’ve already bought 3 copies of skyrim and gotten one free for my ps3s, thanks to my brother and my daughters. I will be getting it on ps4 too. More for faster load times and hopefully better stability. Nicer graphics is just icing on the cake.

  • Curunir

    If you would “gladly” dump another $60 on a game you own, just because someone plonked its assets in a slightly newer version of the same engine, they might be paying you a bit too much for what you do.


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