Skyrim vs Witcher 2: Screenshot Comparison – Battle of the WRPGs

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We have a big comparison here, especially since Skyrim just came out. We already know how popular WRPGs are nowadays with Risen and Two Worlds 2 selling pretty well, compared to many games out there. CD Projekt released the Witcher 2 earlier this year and it was pretty much universally hailed as a fantastic WRPG, i.e until Skyrim. Graphically both games do a lot of things and both of them look fantastic, but that’s what this comparison is there for. We need you, our dear readers to tell us which one do you think is the best looking WRPG that was released this year. It’s not that simple as both of them look fantastic. Skyrim has a mega open world and some of the most beautiful vistas ever, and Witcher, while not as large as Skyrim, packs more brute technical strength. But as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so tell us which game you think is the best looking one.

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  • I think these screen shots are a little bias towards skyrim, there are much nicer looking locations in the Witcher 2 than the ones taken in these screen shots. As a owner of both games, from what I have seen the witcher 2 looks much nicer. The textures have far more detail especially when it comes to characters there is no comparison between the two games. The witcher 2 also seems to deal with lighting and wet surfaces much better than what I have seen in skyrim so far. That being said though, Im not that far into skyrim so things may change.

    Both games have issues with texture scaling/pop in but I cant say the textures in the witcher 2 have disappeared on me revealing blue trees and dragons like they have done in skyrim.

    So far the witcher 2 has been a better game for me in both visually, combat, dialog and story. But hopefully in time skyrim with catch up. Both games are worth the purchase.

  • I agree with Paul, those screenshots are biased towards skyrim and don’t show what Witcher 2 is all about. I own both games and they are great, Witcher 2 has better textures and lighting compared to Skyrim. Skyrim has a beautiful open world, and if you see it all together is amazing. However Wticher 2 has more realistic characters, interior scenes and object geometry.

  • michelangelo

    I played both of them and Witcher is winner for me. It have crazy details of graphic! And we are not talking about gameplay, story, characters, atmosphere, cause/effect (witch is one big nothing at Skyrim), side quests (beating Skyrim again). Yeee… I just finished Witcher 2 and It was super exciting experience. I cried at one moment of game (I also cried at Skyrim, but it was when i saw two dragons fly backwards).

  • valentin

    the witcher 2 is fantastic , cant say anithing bad about it
    skirim on the other side dont have anithing exept good graphics , i never liked elder scrools and i played 3, 4 and 5 .
    elder scrools are not even rpg to me
    so do i still have too say witch is the beter one

  • Matthias

    The Witcher wins with Skyrim.

  • Jack

    After I played Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition I said to go for Skyrim. I was absolutely horripilated by how bad the graphics looked compared to Withcer. I had everything maxed on 1080p on a core i5, GTX 680, 8 gb ram, SSD and still looked like **** compared to Withcer in every way. Then i found out about all those hundreds of mods for Skyrim and after 1 week (I’m not kidding) of installing and trial and error I managed to get skyrim look as good as Witcher, but I would had constant CTDs. So I said to hell with it and I’ve uninstalled Skyrim. I don’t feel sorry a bit for that, except for my wasted time. I’m very disappointed of Bethesda for making such an ugly game that needs dozens of mods made by fans to be up to date to the other games of it’s type.
    P.S. Mass Effect 3 also looks great maxed out.

  • Nil

    No clear winner here. Witcher is more claustrophobic and it looks more dirty and realistic. On the other hand when you see a mountain in Skyrim you probably can go there, which is not obvious in Wither. Skyrim’s engine also works a lot faster. On my configuration I can set higher details whereas on Witche it barely can handle lowest settings.

    • asdf

      rofl, skyrim got reckt by witcher (unmodded that is)
      that unreasonable defense of skyshit….
      This is comparison of graphics so that argument about freedom of movement doesn’t matter… And of course skyshit will work better than witcher because it’s less cos of much less demanding graphics…


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