Sony E3 2013 Preview: PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Games, Apps And Expected Announcements

Half wishlist, half prediction of what Sony will deliver at E3.

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It’s that time of year again, when the climate gets a little more temperate, game releases dry up like a shrivelled prune, and people wear shorts without even a hint of shame. There’s also E3, possibly the only thing that assuages the horrible release drought that the gaming industry suffers every single summer. It’s the biggest gaming event of the year, one that is set to change with Nintendo’s recent decision to duck out of the main conference itself.

Nintendo’s absence will turn the event into a one on one battle between Sony and Microsoft. Sony’s mistakes with the PS3 mean they have the most to prove this year and, with their unveiling of the PS4 in Februray, they’re off to a good start. We’ve rounded up the list of expected announcements Sony will be making at E3 to re-stablish their position as the leaders of the console and handheld market.

PS4 Price and Release Date

ps4 release date

Considering the PS3 price announcement went down so poorly at Sony’s 2006 E3 conference, it’s likely fans will be looking for a more tactful approach this year. Sony’s PS4 reveal showed that they had learnt from their mistakes regarding the treatment of developers, so we can only expect they will be looking to assuage concerns over the price of the new console. If they throw us a bone and set down a firm release date, that would be pretty good as well.

PS4 Used Games Clarification


With Microsoft refusing to clarify exactly how used games will work with the Xbox One as of yet, Sony need to capitalise on the confusion and outright tell us what their plan is for the used games market on PS4. Microsoft will probably be doing the same but, if the rumours are to be believed, this might be bad news rather than good. Sony would be foolish to not use this to their advantage.

Final Fantasy Announcements

Final Fantasy Versus 13

With rumours of Final Fantasy Versus XIII being remade as a PS4 title, Sony could well have Final Fantasy announcements all over their E3 conference. With the PS4 in need of strong exclusives in these early days, a great new Final Fantasy could be exactly what the console needs. Even if the game winds up being multiplatform, rumours indicate that Sony’s system will at least receive some kind of exclusive content for the game. There might also be some more news on FFXIV: A Realm Reborn console port that, considering the game’s recent movement into a new beta stage, has been largely ignored in the media.

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  • Sonyzuigtballen

    Sony will fail! HARD! Vita is a flop and Sony handheld is dead, PS3 was a disaster that cost them half of their customer base. PS4 will be their death!

    • WTF


    • Dr_Monsngod

      lol nice try.
      go watch TV

    • Mickey Jelly Goose

      lol . The MS revolution : Watch tv ! Ah ah ah .

    • Christopher Johnson

      eat a dick scum

    • JohnnyDavidson

      1) It’s still too early to call the Vita a flop.
      2) The PS3 was a disaster at launch but it turned itself around and is now on track to sell 105-110 million lifetime, making it the best selling home console of the 7th console gen.
      3) The PS4 won’t have a bad launch like the PS3 as Sony has learnt their lesson and will make sure the price is low and the quality exclusives are there at launch. It will just go from strength to strength, it will be a huge hit.

      Go ahead and buy a Xbox One to watch TV, all the rest of us core games will be on our PS4’s playing great games.

    • teknik1200

      we’ll also be playing on our Nintendo devices. the real winner last gen and they’ll be t he winner again.

      Sony lost when they gave up monster hunter.

    • Dr_Monsngod

      Its like the nintendo fanboys are born with alzheimers.
      you literally have NO decent games on wii OR wiiU.
      shit even EA games abandoned boat with the wiiU witch is selling worse than anything….

    • Steven Z

      I’m pretty sure Capcom owns MH. So yeah, Sony didn’t “give up” MH. Capcom left.


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