Sony Exec On PS4 Overtaking PS2 Sales: We Are Doing Everything We Can To Make It Successful

“That only time can say during the console life cycle”

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Ever since the advent of the current generation console cycle, Sony has been on a roll with the PlayStation 4. Recent figures indicate that Sony have already shipped more than 25 million units in less than two years since the console launched back in November 2013. Despite having a somewhat lackluster line up for this year’s holiday, the PlayStation 4 is still expected to do well sales wise.

Does this mean that it’s on track to become Sony’s best selling console, surpassing the PlayStation 2? PlayStation India boss Atindriya Bose believes that such statements are nice for comparisons but Sony’s ultimate goal is to make the console as successful as they can.

“That only time can say during the console life cycle but it’s a fantastic success and we are doing everything to make it as successful as we can but whether this is the best one or this is the best one, I don’t think these are comparisons…they are nice to talk about maybe, but we are doing everything we can to make it successful as it should,” Atindriya Bose said to GamingBolt.

He further believes that for the gamers and by the gamers focus has worked really well for Sony and PlayStation 4. “That has worked very well. Our core focus is on the gamers and our advantage of being supported by gamers have definitely stood in for good ground.”

Whether the PlayStation 4 overtakes the PlayStation 2 in terms of sales numbers is something that we will know in the coming years. For now, Sony needs some major AAA exclusives and it seems there are a ton of them coming out in 2016.

This brings to the end of our month long coverage on PS4 coverage with PlayStation India boss Atindriya Bose. However there is one last thing! You can read our full interview with Bose in the coming days. The interview will have new details and information that have not been published yet, and includes Sony’s strategy for PS3 and PS Vita, rise of mobile gaming and more. Stay tuned.

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  • HgGamer

    Seeing ton of them in 2016 lmfao what a garbage company and console and fanbase

    • Sticky Notes

      being as though gamers have chosen to support the PS4 overwhelmingly this gen, its not PS4 fans that you have a problem with, but rather gamers at large.

    • Gary

      To be honest I think he just has a problem with his life in general.

  • Alistein

    That will be a tough feat to accomplish. With the way they are now I doubt it. They’ve only reached 25 million 125 more to go.

    • MyNameIsX

      130 million actually. The PS2 sold 155 million. That said, you do know that the PS2 achieved those sales numbers over a period of 14 years, right? It was launched in 2000 and discontinued in 2012, but brand new PS2 consoles were still being sold up until 2014 in some countries as retailers still had a backlog. So the PS4 actually has around 12 more years to reach that target. That’s easily doable, considering it’s been selling 12.5 million a year on average thus far.

    • Alistein

      It’s usually listed as 155 but Sony confirmed 150 which is why I used 150 snd not 155. Going by that logic the ps3 and X360 could eventually outsell the ps2 ss they are still selling and have yet to be discontinued. The number of a console should be seen or checked within it’s generation the ps2 was released in 1999 and it’s generation ended at the start of the ps3 in 2006. In 2005 the ps2 had sold over 100 million. Now it’s possible for ps4 to outsell the ps2 but I as I said it will be a tough feat, the market was so much different and Sony was also different then not to mention they have a fierce competitor that seems to have a clearer vision than they have. There’s so many factors to consider and that are better left for an in depth debate, for now I stand by my conclusion.

    • Jecht_Sin

      The difference is that the PS360 were HD and started selling while many still didn’t have an HD television. Not to mention that most initial games were an FPS sausage fest. Indeed the Wii performed much better.

      The PS4 is a bit in a similar situation. Sure, even at the end of the generation more than few games won’t probably run at 60fps. But they all will make good use of the 1080p screens in most televisions.

      In my opinion the current generation won’t be the last, but it will last long. Thus the overtake may happen.

    • MyNameIsX

      I can understand why you stand by your conclusion. My gut feeling is also that the PS4 will never sell as many as the PS2. I was just pointing out that 150 million was a feat which was reached over a period of 12/13 years. The PS3 and 360 shared the market fairly evenly at approx. 80 million a piece so I don’t think it will be possible for either one to reach the heights of PS2, which was a very lop-sided generation in terms of competitor sales. Mind you, so is this one…

    • Martha Adelman

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