Sony Explains PS Now’s Importance to its Overall Plans

‘PS Now has a very interesting place in the industry.’

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Sony has bet big on streaming, with Playstation Now letting you stream top PlayStation 3 games to your PlayStation devices, Sony TVs, smartphones, and even non Sony branded devices in the future. It also serves as a substitute for backwards compatibility on the PS4, which otherwise has none, and in general, has been pushed as a big deal by Sony, even though most of their target audience has expressed disinterest in any form of streaming solution.

But Sony thinks PS Now is important, and that it will only become more so in the future.

“In the games industry, we’ve been very focused on the first few months after a game is released,” Sony’s Jack Buser, who told A List Daily. “Unlike our friends in the movie and music industries, there wasn’t as much of a long tail for the game industry. I think PlayStation Now has an extremely interesting role to play as the lifecycle of the game industry matures.”

“This gives publishers the chance to rejuvenate the ability of a title to generate revenue,” he added. “When we release a title into the subscription, we create quite a bit of buzz around a title that may not have been advertised for a year or two, even three years in some cases. Now because it’s coming into the subscription, gamers are talking about the title, they’re curious about the title, and it’s like this breath of fresh air into a franchise or even an individual title that previously was very difficult to do in this industry.”

Buserr also talked about the reception to PS Now, which he says has been positive, especially ever since Sony introduced the monthly subscription option.

“Year over year, we’ve seen a 300 percent increase in PS Now users,” he said. “This is largely due to the subscription being so compelling. If you look at usage per week, average usage is going to be about four hours, which is a very high engagement metric. If you look at it per session, we’re looking at about 45 minutes a session, and for popular games over an hour.”

“You can see that people are coming in, playing for very long sessions, and then they’re playing multiple sessions per week to get to that very high average per week of four hours,” he added. “That’s where that new user experience becomes so important, because when you have such a large growth in your user base and they are so engaged in not just one but several games, it’s important to give them a rich user interface to help them more easily transition to other games they might not have otherwise checked out.”

Personally, I am not sold on PS Now, and I don’t see who it is targeted at- I also think that a regular digital store online, or a service like EA Access, would have the same benefits as Sony believes PS Now will, but without the reliance on streaming.

But hey, it’s working for them. They must be doing something right.

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    @Sony Why don’t you explain why you’re still charging PS4 users a rental fee for backward compatibility through PlayStation Now while Microsoft and Nintendo offer backward compatibility for free

    • d0x360

      Simple. Sony is broke and is spending as little money as possible to make as much as possible. that’s why PS now which nobody actually uses exists and why they do so many remakes.

      Unfortunately for Sony the PS now investment was quite large and it will never ever turn a profit.

    • XbotMK1

      Your comment is hilariously stupid. This is why the Xbox brand is dying. Xbox fanboys like yourself create lies that are so hilariously obvious that it shows your desperation.

      First of all, Sony is making profits and they aren’t anywhere near broke. If Sony was broke, they wouldn’t be taking a risk with PS Now (which probably has contributed very much revenue but it is still profitable). You even admitted PS Now is a huge investment.

      Secondly, it costs Sony much more money to make PS Now than it does just to add backwards compatibility (If it were even possible). So your statement that, “Sony is trying to spend as much money to make as much money” is completely false because Sony would make more just by adding backwards compatibility so people can buy PS3 games which still equals profit for Sony.

      Sony didn’t expect people who own PS3s and PS3 games, to pay for those games again on PS Now. That is not why Sony invested billions in the service.

    • d0x360

      Sorry I’m a PC gamers and i just caught at dumb comments maybe by people with little technically focused rants.

      I’ve worked in the industry for…17 years now. Lots of experience lots of experiments. Not everything is cut and dry like on paper…sorry.

    • Fweds

      Ignore “XBotMK1” mate he is total nutjob and will not accept anything negative about Sony in any way,

      Notice how he uses his Multi’ user name “Kinect” to upvote himself

    • Fweds

      Is that why Sony had to put shares and bonds up for sale last week because they are “making money”. Lol, their shares plunged another 8 percent on this news.

      They paid multi millions for servers to “‘rent” you games you already own by the hour ! And now that has been crushed by MS backward compatibility announcement the only thing that will save PS Now is if they charge next to nothing by adding a very small fee to PSN+ users who want it.

      But that would mean it will take years to claw back what they paid for those servers, they have made yet another massively bad business decision of which there is no way out.

    • XbotMK1

      Because PlayStation Now was never made to substitute backwards compatibility. PlayStation Now was made to allow people to access PlayStation games regardless of device.

      Sony can’t include backwards compatibility for PS3 games because the PS3 used the cell processor which can’t be emulated.

      If Sony could’ve included backwards compatibility then they obviously would have because they would’ve know Microsoft could as well.

      But in reality, very few people care about backwards compatibility which was proven by the PS3 which was fully backwards compatibility with the PS1 and PS2.

      Use your brain next time and try not be a moronic piece of sh*t human waste.

  • Mark

    Agreed Pramath


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